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  • [Name] Publications
    [Name] Publications is a Miami-based non-profit platform for book-based projects.
  • 2nd Cannons Publications
    A publishing project by Los Angeles-based artist Brian Kennon. 2nd Cannons Publications produces artists’ books and editions. Beginning November 2011, 2nd Cannons will run a year-long project space / bookshop in the back room of the gallery ltd Los Angeles.
  • A-Jump Books
    A-Jump Books is a small publishing house dedicated to producing photo-based books that challenge convention through understatement and artistic rigor. Using the artists’ book concept as a model, we publish projects that are conceived of and designed as self-contained works.
  • A.R.T. Press (Art Resources Transfer)
    Art Resources Transfer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a more egalitarian access to the arts through publishing (A.R.T. Press) and the free distribution of books to underserved rural and inner-city public libraries and schools nationwide (D.U.C. Library Program).
  • a/b Books
    a/b Books was founded in 2010 by Swiss artist Alexander Bühler as the imprint under which he self-publishes artist’s books in limited editions. a/b Books also presents and collaborates on publications by other artists.
  • Anteism
    Anteism is a Canadian publisher showcasing contemporary and emerging artists through publications such as limited edition artist books and zines, merging traditional book-arts and print media with ‘Print on Demand’ and web-based publishing practices.
    Antic-Ham (Kim Hye Mee) was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, studied 'Play Writing and photography. Since 2004 she makes artist books with photographs, collage, drawings and writing. She lives in Seoul and in Achill Island, Ireland and makes book collaborations with Francis Van Maele.
  • Archive Books / Archive Journal
    Founded in 2007 by Chiara Figone, Archive Books is a publishing house committed to the development of a range of activities that explore contemporary cultural production. With its publications, Archive works to present art publications as a method of bringing art practices into the public discussion. It aims to produce and distribute printed materials, creating and maintaining a dialogue between cultural research and social sphere.
  • argobooks
    argobooks originated from more than fiftteen years of collaborative work on catalogues and books with renowned international artists and institutions for contemporary art. Founded in 2007, argobooks focuses on artists’ books and books on art and theory. We are initiating and co-publishing books with artists and curators, Institutions for Contemporary Art, Museums and private collectors.
  • Artforum / Bookforum
    For nearly 50 years, Artforum has remained the world’s most influential art magazine, exploring contemporary visual culture by the best contributors of our times. Bookforum offers its readers incisive reviews of the latest titles, illuminating author interviews and intelligent commentary.
  • B&D Press
    B&D Press is a micro publisher based in Montreal, Canada. We publish zines and small art books. We are interested in gay stuff, odd stuff, and silkscreened covers.
  • Badlands Unlimited
    Founded in 2010 by artist Paul Chan, Badlands Unlimited publishes and distributes ebooks, paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms. At this year’s Art Book Fair, Badlands will premiere Poems by Yvonne Rainer, a collection of never before published poetry by one of America’s greatest living artists. Badlands will also launch new book works by Chan, new ebooks by Jean Paaulhan, Saddam Hussein, and others.
  • Birch Books
    Birch Books typically sells out-of-print books. In November of 2011 we will be releasing a book cataloguing the library collection of Philip Johnson at the Glass House.
  • Boabooks
    Positioned as a critical platform, Boabooks is involved in developing art editions.
  • Bongout
    Bongout is a Berlin-based independent artist-run space and art publishing company. Under the name Re:Surgo!, Bongout's creative twin, the artist duo Anna Hellsgard & Christian Gfeller operate a design studio, a retail store devoted to innovative creation, and a silkscreen atelier in which they create artists' books and print editions.
  • Book Works
    Established in 1984, with the mission to disseminate visual art practice to as wide and diverse an audience as possible, Book Works is a contemporary visual arts publisher, based in London. In addition to our main activity of book publishing, we also produce text-based works, installations, multiples, videos and new media projects.
  • Bywater Bros. Editions
    Bywater Bros. Editions is an independent publisher producing artists’ books and editions
  • Capricious Publishing
    Capricious handpicks new and unestablished photographic talents, introducing them to a dense and vast market. While doing so, it explores the trends of the current generation of photographers. Each issue is committed to connecting photography communities internationally, thus creating a global network and slowly dissolving borders through our common visual tool, photography.
  • Charles Lane Press
    Charles Lane Press is a newly formed, independent publisher of finely printed books on contemporary photography. Created in 2008 by photographer Richard Renaldi and his partner Seth Boyd, Charles Lane Press was founded on the belief that gorgeously printed monographs are the ultimate expression of a photographer’s vision.
  • Conundrum Press
    Conundrum Press has been publishing genre-bending books out of Montreal since 1996. We split our list between fiction and more graphic work such as collections of zines, art books, and graphic novels. Recently the BDANG imprint was established to publish and promote graphic novels from Québécois artists in translation.
  • Coracle
    Printer-publisher, editor of spaces, employing many of the devices of the small press and the formats of hypothetical publishing.
  • DECODE, Inc.
    Seattle-based publisher DECODE, Inc. focuses on contemporary art and photography, recently producing photography monographs on artists Kelli Connell, Suzanne Opton, Nealy Blau, Bill Jacobson, Ariana Page Russell, and Jesse Burke. Special Collector’s Editions, which consist of a signed, limited edition print and a signed book, are available.
  • Drawn & Quarterly
    Drawn & Quarterly is an internationally renowned publisher of graphic novels & art books. Based in Montreal and active for over twenty years, D&Q has published such luminaries of comics as Dan Clowes, Chris Ware, Lynda Barry and Adrian Tomine, as well as many others. D&Q is distributed by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in the U.S., Raincoast Books in Canada and Publishers’ Group UK in the United Kingdom.
  • edition fink
    edition fink is an independent publishing house for contemporary art, founded in 1994 and based in Zürich, which concentrates on producing artists’ books and art catalogues. edition fink closely collaborates with artists on the design and production of their publications.
  • Edition Patrick Frey
    Edition Patrick Frey works in close collaboration with authors, mainly Swiss but from other countries as well. Its mission is to provide young artists in particular with a platform for their début publication. At present, six to eight books are produced annually, with a focus on photography, art, and studies of everyday and popular culture.
  • Emily Carr University Press / Charles H. Scott Gallery
    The Charles H. Scott Gallery and Emily Carr University Press publishes artist’s books, monographs, selected writing and music projects. Publication Studio Vancouver prints books on demand to produce experimental publications with artists and writers. PSV is part of a network of studios in other cities (see
  • Eric Doeringer
    Books and multiples inspired by your favorite contemporary artists.
  • Etudes Books
    Spread around Paris and New York, the friends Jérémie Egry (b. 1979), Aurélien Arbet (b. 1980), and Nicolas Poillot (b. 1978) get together in JSBJ. These French photographers not only produce their own zines and larger collaborative photographic publications, they also host the portfolio based website where they promote a large number of new and talented photographers.
  • Gagosian
    Gagosian is an international gallery concentrating on modern and contemporary art. Exhibition spaces are located in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Hong Kong.
  • Gottlund Verlag
    We are a small publishing house located outside of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Working primarily with emerging and mid-career artists, our books follow in a lineage while being innovative and forward thinking. We strive to have books communicate with utmost clarity the vision of their source.
  • Gregory R. Miller & Co.
    Gregory R. Miller & Co. publishes high quality books about contemporary art, architecture, and design. Our catalogue is focused primarily on definitive artist monographs. We regularly work with museums. Our books aim to enhance our understanding of art and to contribute to the broader cultural dialogue of which art is an essential part.
  • Halifax INK
    Halifax INK Halifax INK is a consortium comprising Dalhousie Art Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Anna Leonowens Gallery and NSCAD. Based in Nova Scotia, Halifax INK publishes scholarly texts, exhibition catalogues and artists’ books.
  • Harpune Verlag
    A new Vienna-based publisher specializing in illustrated literature and letterpress printed artist books, Harpune Verlag focuses on bringing together text and imagery in all its diversity. With Olaf Breuning, Karin Fisslthaler, Siggi Hofer, Andy Hope 1930, Schorsch Kamerun, Moussa Kone, Aylin Langreuter, Constantin Luser, Moby Dick and more!
  • Hassla
    Hassla is a New York-based publishing house with a focus on artists’ books and catalogues.
    KARMA is a bookstore, gallery and publisher specializing in artists’ publications, located in the West Village of New York City. In addition to its own titles, KARMA stocks periodicals, artworks, artists’ editions, rare and out-of-print items and other in-print titles by noted publishers.
  • Knust / Extrapool
    Established by artists for artists in the 1980s, Knust is Extrapool's famous infamous graphic workshop specialized in stencil (“mimeograph”) print. Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Knust is an essential part of the multi-omniverse of the Extrapool art space, creating an accessible printing and bookmaking workshop where many niches meet, greet, clash & mix.
  • Kodoji Press
    Kodoji Press is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary art and photography based in Baden, Switzerland.
  • LAST
    LAST is specialized in editorial design with visual artist. It functions as an independent platform for editorial, contemporary artistic and design projects.
  • Little Brown Mushroom Books
    Founded in 2008 by Alec Soth, Little Brown Mushroom has published a number of artist books and zines. Little Brown Mushroom recently launched a series of photographic story books for adults and the first title in this series was done by Australian photographer Trent Parke. "Little Brown Mushroom is a DIY affair that blessedly doesn’t have to define itself or, for that matter, make money. LBM is our lemonade stand. It is mostly an excuse to enjoy the pleasures of making and sharing something cool."
  • Lubok Verlag
    Since 2007 Lubok Verlag has published original graphic books with linocuts by international contemporary artists. Printed in large editions from the original plate on old letter press machines, Lubok books try to make graphic art available at affordable prices. More than 150 artists have contributed to the compilations within the Lubok series so far. Since 2009, the publishing program has been enlarged with publications printed in offset, allowing access to the medium of artists’ books in the fields of photography, drawing and conceptual art.
  • Mörel Books
    Mörel Books is a London-based independent publisher specializing in affordable limited edition art books and zines. Working with established artists alongside new and upcoming talents, our books are made in close collaboration with the artist, reducing the distance between the artist’s vision and that of the viewer. Many of our books can be purchased with limited edition prints.
  • Mark Batty Publisher
    An independent publisher making books about street graphics, urban art, pop culture and visual design. Our titles express the power and innovation of contemporary culture through a distinct and unique editorial vision, combined with high quality design and production values. Every book is a special and affordable aesthetic and tactile experience.
  • Mousse
    Mousse is an independent publishing project. Established in 2006, Mousse magazine is an international bimonthly issue about contemporary art. Mousse Publishing makes books, catalogues, and zines working together with artists, critics, curators, art institutions and initiatives.
    NOAH LYON is a multi media artist who lives & works in NYC. Artist books have been part of his repertoire for over 20 years. RETARD RIOT is a punk-rock/hip-hop anarcho artist collective that has been using & abusing copy machines since the early 1990’s to make zines, music, buttons, and other slow moving objects.
  • Paraguay Press (castillo/corrales)
    Paraguay Press is a Paris based co-operatively run, independent art publishing company, managed by the group of artists, writers and curators behind castillo/corrales and Section 7 Books. Paraguay Press was conceived by this group in order to reclaim control of the means of creation, production and distribution of the books in which their work appear and to create a framework for producing publications with a growing number of artists, writers, and institutions.
  • Paula Cooper Gallery
    Paula Cooper Gallery opened in 1968 in Soho and now maintains two exhibition spaces in Chelsea. Represented artists with recent publications include: Carl Andre, Tauba Auerbach, Sherrie Levine, Christian Marclay, Paul Pfeiffer, Walid Raad, Rudolf Stingel and Kelley Walker. The gallery produced its first publication in 1969 and in 2000 established a CD label, Dog W/A Bone.
  • PictureBox
    PictureBox is a Grammy-award-winning publishing company based in Brooklyn. PictureBox has published books, zines, comic books and prints since 2002 with a focus on documenting contemporary visual culture. Published artists include Ben Jones, Michel Gondry, Gary Panter, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Trinie Dalton, and Brian Chippendale.
  • The Piracy Project / AND Publishing and Andrea Francke
    The Piracy Project explores the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. With talks, workshops and an open call for pirated book projects to add to a Piracy Collection at the Byam Shaw School of Art Library, London, we develop a critical platform for issues raised by cultural piracy.
    POINT D'IRONIE originated in 1997 during a discussion between agnès b., Christian Boltanski, and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Artists are given carte blanche to appropriate the space of an 8-page tabloid format, identical for each artist, offered free of charge at select locations around the world, including all agnès b. locations.
  • Pork Salad Press
    Pork Salad Press proudly presents the new publications Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy by David Robbins and Susanne M. Winterling's new book. Plus new 24 Advertisement and Old News editions.
  • Post Editions
    post editions is a Rotterdam based independent publisher dedicated to the task of initiating, producing and distributing special books on contemporary art, photography, graphic design and architecture. post editions works in collaboration with renowned artists, photographers, museums, art institutes, editors, translators, graphic designers and distributors.
  • Primary Information
    Primary Information is a non-profit organization devoted to printing artists’ books, artists’ writings, out-of-print publications and editions that are vital to contemporary dialogues and artistic practice.
  • Princeton Architectural Press
    In the thirty years since its founding, Princeton Architectural Press has become a world leader in architecture and design publishing. Featuring a backlist of nearly 1,000 titles, the company specializes in books that, in subject matter and design, defy easy categorization. With each new season’s offerings, Princeton Architectural Press continues to surprise, inspire, and inform those curious about the visual world.
  • Publication Studio Portland
    Publication Studio, with 6 sibling studios, is an experiment in sustainable publication. We print + bind original books with writers & authors we admire. We attend to the social life of the book, cultivating a public that cares and is engaged.
  • Publication Studio Vancouver
    REDFOXPRESS is run by Francis Van Maele in the West of Ireland since 2000. In his silkscreen studio he prints limited hand printed editions. He makes also his own artist’s and publishes since 2007 a very successful collection of visual poetry and fluxus named "C'est mon dada".
  • Regency Arts Press
    Created in 2003, Regency Arts Press Ltd is dedicated to publishing artists’ books with American contemporary artists. We are committed to fostering experimentation and innovation outside of the concerns and constraints of the commercial art marketplace.
  • Ridinghouse
    Ridinghouse is an imprint committed to publishing primary documents, art historical research, first monographs, anthologies of interviews and critical writings. Established in 1995, the organisation has been rapidly expanding since 2004 and currently produces 8-10 books a year.
  • Roma Publications
    Roma Publications is an independent art publisher, founded by artist Mark Manders and graphic designer Roger Willems. It is used as a platform to produce autonomous publications in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution, varying from house to house papers to exclusive books. Until now the publications have editions between 2 and 150,000. (Exhibitions & Presentations)
  • Seems
    Seems is an independent publisher of small-run art books based in New York. We publish a hybrid of zine and monograph, with each book in a solo show format: one artist with free reign throughout. Our goal is to produce high-quality, affordable, and challenging books that create an intimate interaction between the viewer and the work.
  • siglio
    siglio is an independent press in Los Angeles publishing uncommon books that live at the intersection of art and literature. We produce trade and limited editions, artist multiples, and small collections of ephemera.
  • Silverbridge Editions
    Silverbridge Editions has dedicated itself to digging out the relics of tomorrow. The discoveries are published as artists’ books or shown as exhibitions. Collaborations are made with Jason Rhoades, Raymond Pettibon, Jonathan Meese, Charlet Kugel, Andy Hope 1930, Dr. Dou, Andre Butzer, Veronique Bourgoin, Jochen Lempert, Daniel Johnston, and others.
  • Soberscove Press
    Soberscove is eager to make accessible material that might only be available to specialists and/or that is out of print, as well as previously unpublished material that we find exciting. Art-related subjects are Soberscove's primary focus, but "art-related" will be construed broadly.
  • Spector Books
    Spector Books is based in Leipzig, Germany. The starting point for us was the magazine "spector cut+paste" which we launched in 2001. In 2007 we started to publish books as well. When we decide whether to do a book project or not, we ask ourselves whether its content is important to us: the book we bring forth should both be beautiful and relevant. Ever since the internet has become the book's counterpart, its distinguishing features have clearly emerged: the book enjoys a material consistency, a specific format and grafic treatment. This is the very potential we work with.
  • Steidl + Mack
    Steidl + Mack are two publishers of the finest photography and art books.
  • Sternberg Press
    Sternberg Press grew out of the small publishing house known as Lukas & Sternberg, founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider. Dedicated to an expanded notion of writing on art, Sternberg Press has created a formidable platform in which practitioners from the fields of art and culture (architecture, design, film, politics, literature and philosophy) can engage in a critical discourse. Each book is a special object celebrating creative publishing at its best. Through both commissioned and translated works, Sternberg Press seeks out the blind spots within contemporary discourse and offers a timely response to the related debates.
  • steven harvey fine art projects llc
    SHFAP presents exhibitions of contemporary and post-war art in our new gallery space in the lower east side. We represent a number of painters and artist estates and produce publications by and about artists. The gallery is run by Steven Harvey and Jennifer Samet. At the NYABF 2011 we will present recent publications and original works by and about Bill Rice, Gideon Bok and Chuck Bowdish.
  • Stichting Archis
    Archis is a (non profit) cultural think tank devoted to the process of spatial and cultural reflexivity. Archis explores themes through research, publications, workshops, lectures, debates and exhibitions. Our main publication is the quarterly VOLUME, which sets the agenda for architecture and design. Check and for all our activities!
  • Stop Over Press
    SSOP/Stop Over Press is currently a vehicle for the artist skúta to publish one-of-a-kind and open-ended edition books, using any means possible.
  • Susan Mills
    Susan Mills' books reflect an interest in language that is not written for publication; language that cannot meaningfully be typeset or scanned or reproduced. Her work references historical 'blank' books. She is drawn to a tabula rasa quality and to what is found, historically and con-temporarily, tucked into the hem.
  • TBW Books
    TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company founded and run by Paul Schiek in Oakland, California. The company publishes book series featuring four artists as well as individual monographs. Artists published in the series include Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth, Marianne Mueller, Todd Hido, as well as others.
  • The Green Box
    The Green Box is an independent art book publisher based in Berlin. Founded by Anja Lutz and Axel Lapp in 2005, the company has published over 50 titles in close collaboration with the artists; these books not only reflect the artwork, but also explore the creative possibilities offered by the medium.
  • The Ice Plant
    The Ice Plant is a publisher of fine, illustrated books and other printed matter. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept, to design, to tangible object. Specializing in small print run artists’ books, we also produce the popular 5 Year Diary (in conjunction with Shopsin’s General Store).
  • The MIT Press
    The MIT Press publishes books in contemporary art, architecture, photography, new media and cultural studies.
  • Torpedo Press
    Torpedo is a non-profit publisher and bookstore devoted to the promotion and production of artists' books, art theory and critical readers in contemporary art. Torpedo is also a space for producing and hosting different events in connection with book launches, concerts and exhibitions in collaboration with artists, curators and institutions.
  • Ugly Duckling Presse
    Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing collective producing small to mid-size editions of new poetry, translations, lost works, essays, and artist's books. The Presse favors emerging, international, and "forgotten" writers with well-defined formal or conceptual projects that are difficult to place at other presses.
  • VisualBooks
    VisualBooks = books by Scott McCarney (mostly with pictures [some words] usually showing traces of his hand as well as his mind) thoughtfully interfacing with the world (from a distance) in small editions.
    Westphalie Verlag is an artists' project dedicated to publishing artists' books, founded in Vienna, 2007, by Lisa Holzer and David Jourdan. Westphalie's very interest and specificity lie in artist's books that address language: text-oriented publications, including in a wide extent any play with letters and tongues.
  • Witte de With Publishers
    Publications are integral to the cultural activity of Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam. Witte de With Publishers returns to the NYABF with the latest in our signature Source Book series - on Cosima von Bonin. We are also premiering the limited edition print version of the online publication The End of Money (Juan Gaitán, ed.), featuring an image section by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.
  • Yale University Press
    As one of the world’s leading publishers of art and architecture books, Yale University Press has much to offer the general reader, scholar, collector, and student. Our publishing program includes beautiful exhibition catalogues issuing from the world’s finest museums, important and diverse monographs, critical anthologies, catalogues raisonnés, and much more.
  • Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.
    Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is independant cultural producer and publisher, operating for the past eleven years in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2004 we launch a new program focused on artist books and editions and recently collaborate with known local and international artist and artist groups as: Sanja Ivekovic, Mladen Stilinovic, OHO, Temporary Services, Jasper Fabricious. Artist book program is focused on education, presentation and new production of artist books and artst editions.


  • And Press
    And Press is a small, independently owned publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. We concentrate on small to medium editions of books and zines from painters, photographers, illustrators and creatives. The aim is for each publication to be unique and reflect the artists and their work through the detail of the books.
  • Art Book Club
    Art Book Club is an artist collective that reads and discusses books about art and artists. The club also creates shows and projects inspired by the books they read. For the Book Fair, they have created zines and editions influenced by their readings as well as their individual practices.
  • Brown Griffin
    Best-known for the biannual “Afterzine” arts and culture zine, Brown Griffin is an independent publisher of printed editions and art prints operated by Hamish Robertson in Brooklyn, New York.
  • BUTT
    Since 2001, Butt Magazine has been profiling the most interesting homosexual artists, musicians, designers, garbage men, construction workers, filmmakers and dj's from all around the world. At this year’s book fair we will debut our 2012 calendar. This time around we invited our twelve favorite photographers, including David Benjamin Sherry, Marcelo Krasilcic, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Benjamin Fredrickson, each took a month photographing one fantastic man per week. In addition to the calendar Mr. Fredrickson has also created a limited edition five print collection that will be featured at our booth. Besides this, expect to find rare back issues, towels, and we may even have a sneak peak of the long awaited re-launch of our printed edition, which will be officially released this November.
  • Cinders
    Cinders is an artist-run gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn that has held over 60 exhibitions, countless performances, and curated group shows internationally since its inception in 2004. We also self publish art zines and have a section in the gallery dedicated to handmade artist books.
  • Corrugated Press
  • Craig Rothfuss
    Craig Rothfuss is a photographer, photojournalist, and independent publisher.
  • Desert Island
    Desert Island is a small shop in Brooklyn specializing in comics, zines, and artist's books. We publish the free quarterly newsprint comix anthology Smoke Signal, as well as limited edition prints with comic artists and illustrators. Our store is a kaleidoscopic environment of visual books and printed material.
  • Fantasy Camp
    Fantasy Camp is an independent publisher of artist books and zines. We are committed to producing hand-made, archival quality books that serve as both art objects and as well as publication that is dedicated to contemporary illustration.
    FAQNP's A Queer Nerd Publication is a magazine about and for queer nerds, who feel outside the mainstreaming of queer culture. The issue "A Queer Nerd Travel Guide" will be featured at this year's NY ArtBook Fair.
  • Fluens Forlag
    Fluens Forlag is a publisher of artist books and catalogues based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1994 by artist Jasper Sebasian Stürup, "the fly's publishing company" continues to publish the work of Stürup as well as occasional collaborations with other artists.
  • Garmento
    Garmento is a biannual fashion zine printed and published out of New York. Its focus is on the contemporary and the historical, insisting that the two are one and the same. In the midst of a saturated fashion culture and flagrant consumerism, Garmento ponders beyond it all: what more can there be to clothes? Garmento’s second issue debuts at this year’s fair.
  • Girls Like Us
    Girls Like Us Magazine operates from its HQ in Amsterdam and talks to a worldwide bred of open-minded lesbians & all their friends all looking for an out-of-the-box depiction of their scene.
  • Golden Age
    Golden Age is a project space in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to sharing ideas through exhibitions, performances and printed matter. Golden Age operates a dynamic, collaborative workshop to engage an international community of artists, designers, writers and other passionate obsessives.
  • Goteblud
    Goteblud is a dealer of vintage fanzines and underground magazines, and publishers of Wuvable Oaf comic series.
  • Instigator
    Instigator produces zines, editions and objects. Influenced by Dada, Pop and the New York Post, Instigator wants to urge, start, ignite, advocate and goad the viewer to stop, drop and laugh. Operated by Paul Weston.
  • j. morrison
    Brooklyn-based artist's new screenprints, multiples, and ephemera.
  • Jason Polan
  • Jesjit Gill
    Jesjit is a recent graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since 2008 he has published a quarterly newspaper called Free Drawings. It has featured over 100 artists in 8 issues and was distributed regularly across Canada. Currently he co-organizes an annual small press fair called Zine Dream.
  • K48
    K48 magazine (Scott Hug, editor/publisher), AK-47 Artist’s zine (Scott Hug), and other miscellaneous artist’s zines (by Scott Hug).
  • Kingsboro Press
    The Kingsboro Press runs out of New York and is helmed by Daniel Wagner, Megan Plunkett, and Jordan Awan. It is raw art, theory, and literature. It is non-thematic and without a scheme, and publishes unique, entirely self-produced objects and journals.
  • La Bibliothèque Fantastique
  • Louis M. Schmidt
    Louis M Schmidt is an artist, zinemaker, and one half of a new artist book publishing project called Gravity and Trajectory. Schmidt currently resides in San Diego, where he’s finishing graduate school at UCSD. He recently curated a small group show at Park Life in San Francisco and held solo solo exhibitions at The Periscope Project and Agitprop in San Diego. Several new zine projects are forthcoming.
  • Miniature Garden
    Miniature Garden is a small publishing project that focuses on collaborative artist books, zines, and posters.
  • Needles & Pens
    Needles & Pens is an emporium of zines, independent press, artist books, handmade goods and an art gallery. Based in San Francisco’s Mission District since 2003.
  • New Observations
    The seminal periodical, started in the early 1980s art scene of downtown New York, is beginning its’ 3rd incarnation. New Observations has 128 back issues on the shelves at Printed Matter bookstore. Back in the hands of artists, the publication continues scouting guest editors and contributors covering today's viewpoints!
  • Nieves
    Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves' focus is on publishing Artist Books and Zines.
  • No Now
    We make and make available carefully constructed publications because we believe in something: architecture, urbanism, history, art, literature, libraries and long walks on the beach.
  • Ofer Wolberger / Horses Think Press
    Ofer Wolberger (b. 1976) lives and works in New York City where he publishes books under his own Horses Think Press. He is presently working on a series of 12 self-published artists books collectively known as The Photographic Book Project. Most recently his books Visitor and Covers were exhibited as part of Le Garage at the Rencontres d’Arles Festival 2011 as well as at Voorkamer Gallery in Lier, Belgium as part of the exhibition In- and Outside - Writing. He is currently a finalist for The Royal Monceau Photography Competition in Paris, France.
  • Pantheon Projects
    Pantheon Projects is a curatorial and publishing partnership between Daniel Feral and Joyce Manalo. PP focuses on graffiti and street art, being born from their co-curatorial debut exhibition, PANTHEON: A history of art from the streets of NYC. PP will be carrying the GRAFFITI AND STREET ART diagram poster, zine, and the 426 pp catalog from the exhibition.
  • Patrick Kyle
    Patrick Kyle is an artist and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Patrick's Illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Transworld Skateboarding and VICE. His fine artwork has been exhibited in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. Patrick started Mother Books, a small publishing effort, in 2010.
  • Pau Wau Publications
    Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing collective dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications of contemporary photography. Our handmade process invokes a craft-based tradition but also employs modern technology to create publications which not only look different but are constructed differently.
  • Pickled City
    Radical art zines and other fine things! Born and raised New Yorkers independently making books, zines, and prints about water towers, a peacock in Central Park, reworking canonical books to give the words new meaning and more!
  • PIN-UP
    Magazine for Architectural Entertainment.
  • The Present Group
    The Present Group is an organization devoted to finding new ways to fund and distribute artist projects. Founded in 2006, their triannual art subscription enables a community of subscibers to fund contemporary artist projects and receive limited editions in return.
  • Red Letter Day
  • Rollo Press
    Rollo Press™ is a small print studio located in Zürich, operated by Urs Lehni since early 2008. The only printing machine available is an old Risograph GR 3770. Rollo Press™ aims to produce printed matter with friends and accomplices in a way that includes all steps of the process: from concept on to printing, binding and distribution.
  • Ryan Dodgson
    Ryan Dodgson is a graduate of the illustration program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. His illustrations have won awards from Creative Quarterly, 3x3, Communications Arts and American Illustration. He is currently living and working across from a chocolate factory in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Sam Ita
    Sam Ita is the inventor of the pop-up classic graphic novel genre. His books have been translated into seven languages and have earned international acclaim.
  • Scott Blake
    While best known for his Barcode Art, Scott Blake has created new works that are scandalous, witty, fun, and even pornographic. He mows over conceptual and visual boundaries to make work that is as thought provoking as it is entertainingly tongue-in-cheek.
  • Showpaper
    Showpaper is a nonprofit, volunteer-run newsprint publication that promotes upcoming all-ages music events in the Tri-State Area, encompassing the exploding underground and DIY show scene. In addition, each issue features full-color artwork, doubling as a fold-out poster, as well as an informational object.
  • Soner Ön
    Soner Ön (of The Holster) is a Turkish-American artist born and raised in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Ön's work is rooted in the cultural symbolism of his urban-ghetto upbringing as well as the mystic traditions of magic from his native ancestry.
  • Swill Children
    Swill Children is an umbrella encompassing physical and internet based projects in one place. Positivity, creation, community, loss, destruction and sadness are all addressed within the individual works, be it a hand-made zine, short run vinyl record series, or anonymously submitted book interventions. Swill Children unites these forms and approaches under one heading.
  • The Present Group
  • Working Class Magazine
    Working Class represents a community of local artists in New York. We are a Brooklyn-based, web and print ‘zine showcasing talent from all corners of the art world: writers, photographers, poets, illustrators, street artists, small business owners, and musicians. With New York as our vibrant – and sometimes brutal – backdrop, Working Class taps the pulse of the art world and discusses why we all stick around.
  • Zine Of The Month
    A project started in 2009 to release limited edition and hand made artist zines focusing on artists working in Philadelphia. Each month a new zine is printed and produced by Mark Price Is A Factory and friends. Issues are available individually or as part of a year subscription.
    ZINE\'S MATE was established in 2009 by UTRECHT & PAPERBACK MAGAZINE for the purpose of organising THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR. ZINE’S MATE is also an organization which acts as a catalyst and facilitator for artist projects and events.