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  • Australia

    • Perimeter Books
      Perimeter Books is a small bookstore, art space and publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Perimeter stocks a curated selection of local and international small press, art, photography, architecture and design publications, and exhibits contemporary artists and designers with an interest in the printed form. Perimeter also publishes small run artist books under its Perimeter Editions imprint. For the NY Art Book Fair, Perimeter will be representing independent Australian contemporary art, photography and small press publishers, including: M.33, Emblem, Utopian Slumps, Erm Books, Perimeter Editions, Serps Zine, Dawn Press, Smalltime Books, This Is The Same Ocean and Discipline.
    • World Food Books
      World Food Books is an independent art book service (founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia), that operates as a bookshop, online mail-order and curatorial group dedicated to the presentation and distribution of international contemporary art publishing.
  • Austria

    • Camera Austria International
      The topics and artistic positions explored by Camera Austria, both in the artists' books and exhibition projects as well as in the quarterly magazine, address questions that are relevant to the current debate on the artistic, media-political, and societal implications of photography – issues that are time and again subjected to renegotiation in critical discourse on contemporary art.
    • Grazer Kunstverein
    • Mark Pezinger Verlag
      Mark Pezinger Verlag is a collaboration between various artists. We are based in Vienna and Karlsruhe (Germany) and realize artists’ publications ranging from actions and soundworks towards "normal" books.
    • Salon für Kunstbuch
      This salon is an art space on two accounts, a communication system and a dramaturgy, that does not only focus on the production and distribution of art works. Right from the start this place was set up as a model space on a 1:1 scale in which a relational game of its own between objects, people and art works could unfold.
  • Belgium

    • Art Paper Editions
      APE (Art Paper Editions) is an independent publishing studio located in Ghent (Belgium). Founded in 2010 by Jurgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche. APE focusses on the book as an exhibition space. In 2012 they will launch RIOT PAPER, the first issue of the magazine will be curated by Paul Kooiker (nl).
      Gagarin is entirely dedicated to the publication of especially written and unpublished texts by artists who are now working anywhere in the world. The texts are published in their original language and writing, with an overall translation in English added. Gagarin is issued twice a year by GAGAvzw in Antwerp, Belgium.
    • MER. Paper Kunsthalle
      Mer Paper Kunsthalle was founded to examine the possibilities and position of the book medium as a place to exhibit art.
  • Brazil

    • Projecto MULTIPLO
      The Projecto MULTIPLO is based in an exhibition and art fair model, that could work as a plataform for presentation, circulation and commercialization of artist books. This project have focus in expanded idea of artist books and bring together a diversificated collection of Latin America production. As so, the Projecto MULTIPLO have a itinerant structure that can easily be showed at new venues. Our ideia of Artist book include: tradictional format of books, posters, objects and others multiple art books formats.
  • Canada

    • 88Books
      88Books is a Vancouver-based independent press specialized in artist’s books and zines by emerging and lesser-known artists from China. Committed to represent new voices, 88Books provides flexibility and freedom of expression to the participating artists and aims to foster the production of artist’s books, a relatively new concept in China. Each book is conceived and created uniquely by the Chinese artist but produced in our Vancouver studio. Currently our creators are mostly photo-based artists and photographers.
    • Art Metropole
      Art Metropole is an internationally renowned artist-run centre that promotes conceptually based art. We foster a network of artist-initiated publishing in any media, especially those formats pre-disposed to circulation. AM specializes in the contextualization and dissemination of artists' books and multiples with an emphasis on innovative formats and emergent technologies.
    • Artexte / Art Metropole / Dalhousie Art Gallery
      Art Metropole (Toronto), Artexte (Montréal) and Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax) present: *ARTFORUMx* by Michael Maranda *ARTFORUMx* delineates the history of *Artforum* (NYC) magazine in visual form, revealing the number and size of advertisements that have appeared within its pages from June 1962 to the Summer 2010 edition. The corresponding publication *ARTFORUMx Summary* can be found at Art Metropole’s booth. We thank the Canada Council for the Arts for their support.
    • Artspeak
      Artspeak is a non-profit artist run centre established in 1986. Artspeak presents contemporary practices, innovative publications, bookworks, editions, talks and events that encourage a dialogue between visual art and writing.
    • B&D Press
      B&D Press is a micro publisher based in Montreal, Canada. We publish zines and small art books. We are interested in gay stuff, odd stuff, and silkscreened covers.
    • Bad Day
      Bad Day is an arts and culture quarterly that focuses on direct dialogue with today's international artists. Disregarding boundaries between film, video, visual art, music, high & low, Bad Day showcases some of the commonalities we all share in our routines, perspectives and working practice.
    • Bywater Bros. Editions
      Bywater Bros. Editions is an independent publisher producing artists' books and editions
    • Colour Code
      Colour Code is a small press & printing platform based in Toronto, ON. We collaborate with artists to produce limited edition print projects like artist books, posters & zines that combine our passion for printing with the artist's aesthetic & voice. So far we have published 2 projects by Toronto based artists. A short book of poetry/slogans called IDYEAHS by artist & sign maker Jesse Harris and also the 2nd issue in the Hellberta series by screenprinter & poster artist Michael Comeau. Hellberta #1 was recently awarded a Canadian comic award for Best in Experimental & Avant Garde Comics.
    • Contemporary Art Gallery
      Established in 1971, the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver is a non-profit public art gallery dedicated to the exhibition, education and documentation of contemporary visual art. It aspires to generate significant audiences through the initiation and promotion of an innovative and diverse international program of exhibitions, publications, learning and outreach projects.
    • Emily Carr University Press / Charles H. Scott Gallery / Publication Studio Vancouver
      The Charles H. Scott Gallery and Emily Carr University Press publishes artist's books, monographs, selected writing and music projects. Publication Studio Vancouver prints books on demand to produce experimental publications with artists and writers. PSV is part of a network of studios in other cities (see
    • Fantasy Camp
      Independent publisher of artist books and zines based in Toronto, Canada. Committed to producing handmade, archival quality books that serve as both art objects as well as publications that are dedicated to contemporary illustration.
    • Fillip
      Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization formed in 2004 to expand spaces for critical discussions on contemporary art. Through a magazine and publications programme, Fillip provides platforms for examining the relationship between art and society. Fillip will also be showcasing books by New Documents, a Vancouver and Los Angeles-based publishing organization.
    • Fluxlist
      Fluxlist was launched in 1996 by Fluxus co-founder Dick Higgins, along with Allen Bukoff, Ken Friedman, Joe De Marco and Jon Van Oast. The Fluxlist is now maintained primarily by Allan Revich. Fluxlist members produce and publish work in various media, including books, chapbooks, and zines.
    • Halifax INK
      Halifax INK, is a consortium comprising Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University, Centre for Art Tapes, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery and Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. Based in Nova Scotia, Halifax, INK publishes scholarly texts, exhibition catalogues and artists’ books.
    • Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery
      Located in downtown Montreal at Concordia University, the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery is dedicated to reflecting upon the practice of contemporary art. Our publications, produced in English and French, complement our exhibitions in the form of catalogues, brochures, and collections of essays on issues raised in our programming.
    • Or Gallery
      The Or Gallery (Vancouver/Berlin) is an artist-run centre committed to exhibiting work by local, national, and international artists whose art practice is of a critical, conceptual and/or interdisciplinary nature. Since its inception in 1983 the gallery has acted as a space for research, proposition making, conceptual experimentation and documentation.
    • Presentation House Gallery
      Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, is Canada's leading non-profit public gallery devoted to the exhibition of photography, film and video. Bywater Bros. Editions is an independent publisher producing artists’ books and editions. Together, they publish an ongoing series of artist-edited publications titled Lynn Valley. The series was launched in September 2006 with an inaugural issue designed by Richard Prince.
    • Publication Studio Vancouver
      YYZBOOKS is an alternative Canadian press dedicated to critical writing on art and culture. Our mandate is to encourage ideas and critical thinking and to foster appreciation of contemporary Canadian art and culture by producing challenging yet accessible publications that reach diverse audiences.
  • Denmark

    • Pork Salad Press
      Pork Salad Press proudly presents the new publications Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy by David Robbins and Susanne M. Winterling's new book. Plus new 24 Advertisement and Old News editions.
  • France

    • Études Books
      ÉTUDES books is a independant publisher focus on contemporary photography, based in Paris and New York City, founded in 2012. ÉTUDES books curates and publishes books, especially a photographer monograph collection entitled Blue books. ÉTUDES books is the evolution of the publishing house JSBJ - Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes - created in 2007. ÉTUDES books will continue to create and produce his artists’ books on photography as for 5 years now. ÉTUDES books is part of ÉTUDES studio which work as a collective in the fields of fashion, publishing and art.
    • La Bibliothèque Fantastique
    • Le Gros Monsieur
      Le Gros Monsieur is an Art collective that likes to give souvenirs.
    • onestar press / Three Star Books
      onestar press - strictly unedited by the publisher - is dedicated to the production of books, movies, and multiples by artists. Three Star Books are artworks, handmade, highly finished, and luxuriously produced with materials that are globally sourced.
    • Paraguay Press (castillo/corrales)
      Paraguay Press is a Paris based co-operatively run, independent art publishing company, managed by the group of artists, writers and curators behind castillo/corrales and Section 7 Books. Paraguay Press was conceived by this group in order to reclaim control of the means of creation, production and distribution of the books in which their work appear and to create a framework for producing publications with a growing number of artists, writers, and institutions.
    • RVB Books
      RVB Books, an independent publisher specialized in art and photography books, envisions the book as a creative space dedicated to the artists it supports. From the graphics to the crafting, each edition is made in close collaboration with the author and proposes a book that, by its very form, renders his artistic choices.
    • Septembre éditions
  • Germany

    • 032c Workshop
      Founded in 1999 and published biannually, Berlin-based magazine 032c features art, architecture, fashion, and politics. According to The New York Times, 032c “makes one forget how depressing the newsstand has become.” From its origins as humble newspaper print to its current format as high-profile cultural commentary, 032c reflects the vanguard of commercial publishing while remaining determinedly independent.
    • ABC Artists' Books Cooperative
      ABC Artists' Books Cooperative is an international distribution network created by and for artists that make print-on-demand artists' books. Our aim is to help artists deliver their self-published books to the people interested in them.
    • Archive Books / Archive Journal
      Founded in 2007 by Chiara Figone, Archive Books is a publishing house committed to the development of a range of activities that explore contemporary cultural production. With its publications, Archive works to present art publications as a method of bringing art practices into the public discussion. It aims to produce and distribute printed materials, creating and maintaining a dialogue between cultural research and social sphere.
    • Edition Taube
      Edition Taube is an artist and publisher collective based in Stuttgart, Germany. Focus is on contemporary fine arts and texts of international artists. We publish books and zines in small print runs. Edition Taube does exhibitions regularly and shows installations dealing with printed matter and everything beyond!
    • Fukt Magazine
      Fukt, founded in 1999, is dedicated to drawing, inviting the most interesting and adventurous international artists and writers to publish their images and views on contemporary drawing practice. Fukt is in constant transformation with all issues in different sizes and layouts.
    • Green Box
      The Green Box is an independent art book publisher based in Berlin. Founded by Anja Lutz and Axel Lapp in 2005, the company has published over 60 titles in close collaboration with the artists; these books reflect the individual artwork, and explore the creative possibilities offered by the medium.
    • Lost Books
      Lost Books is a publisher of precious art and cultural theory books. It was founded by Juliane Otterbach in 2011 out of a desire to deepen our understanding of the world in its diversity and to contribute to current cultural debates. We are based in London, UK and Stuttgart, Germany, so we publish in both English and German.
    • Lubok Verlag
      Since 2007 Lubok Verlag has published original graphic books with linocuts by international contemporary artists. Printed in large editions from the original plate on old letter press machines, Lubok books try to make graphic art available at affordable prices. More than 150 artists have contributed to the compilations within the Lubok series so far. Since 2009, the publishing program has been enlarged with publications printed in offset, allowing access to the medium of artist's books in the fields of photography, drawing and conceptual art.
    • Michalis Pichler
      If a book paraphrases one explicit historical or contemporary predecessor in title, style and/or content, this technique is what I would call a "œgreatest hit."
    • mono.kultur
      mono.kultur's concept is as beautiful as it is simple: one issue contains one interview with one artist, no more no less.
    • Motto
      Motto started in 2007 as a distribution company for Switzerland, specializing mostly in magazines and fanzines. The number of available publications kept growing and it now comprises more than 400 titles, the catalogue being constantly updated. After establishing a collaboration with major international distributors, the interest in books and smaller self-published items came naturally and it is today constituting a big part of Motto’s focus. In December 2008, Motto opened its first permanent bookshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
    • PogoBooks
      PogoBooks is an independent publisher of limited edition art books and zines in small print runs. We demand and promote talents in the areas of Photography, Painting, Drawing and Contemporary Nonsense. PogoBooks believes in printed matter and in a future printed on paper. PogoBooks was founded by Claudio Pfeifer in 2010 and is based in Berlin, Germany.
    • Re:Surgo!
      Re:Surgo! (former Bongoût) is a Berlin based silkscreen atelier. The Swedish / French artist duo Anna Hellsgćrd & Christian Gfeller create and produce artists' books, graph'zines and prints. Gfeller & Hellsgćrd regularly join forces with artists, illustrators and designers to create collaborative silkscreen limited editions. artists' books and print editions.
    • Spector Books
      Spector Books is based in Leipzig, Germany. The starting point for us was the magazine "spector cut+paste" which we launched in 2001. In 2007 we started to publish books as well. When we decide whether to do a book project or not, we ask ourselves whether its content is important to us: the book we bring forth should both be beautiful and relevant. Ever since the internet has become the book's counterpart, its distinguishing features have clearly emerged: the book enjoys a material consistency, a specific format and grafic treatment. This is the very potential we work with.
    • Sternberg Press
      Sternberg Press grew out of the small publishing house known as Lukas & Sternberg, founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider. Dedicated to an expanded notion of writing on art, Sternberg Press has created a formidable platform in which practitioners from the fields of art and culture (architecture, design, film, politics, literature and philosophy) can engage in a critical discourse. Each book is a special object celebrating creative publishing at its best. Through both commissioned and translated works, Sternberg Press seeks out the blind spots within contemporary discourse and offers a timely response to the related debates.
    • Texte zur Kunst
      Since 1990 Texte zur Kunst shapes the debates on modern and contemporary art. Alongside essays by internationally renowned writers, the quarterly magazine offers interviews, history, theory and politics. Since 2006 the comprehensive main section, each time devoted to a topic, as well as selected review are published in both German and English.
  • Greece

    • DESTE Foundarion for Contemporary Art
    • OMMU Distribution
      OMMU is a bookstore showcasing magazines, books, and artists’ publications specializing on art & design. We publish our own artist books and limited editions and we also stock a range of rare and historic publications, posters, music, furniture and anything else that stands out. OMMU Headquarters is located in a newly renovated space from the fifties in uptown Athens, Greece. The space serves as an interdisciplinary open house for creative professionals and anyone else interested in getting the latest word in international magazines, monographs, exhibition catalogues, pulp novels, vinyls and artworks across media – from illustrations to ceramics. Now and then we also hold launches, readings, talks & shows in a live cutting-edge cross-section of contemporary culture. A second bookshop is located at The Breeder gallery downtown.
  • Ireland

      REDFOXPRESS is run by Francis Van Maele in the West of Ireland since 2000. In his silkscreen studio he prints limited hand printed editions. He makes also his own artist's and publishes since 2007 a very successful collection of visual poetry and fluxus named "C'est mon dada".
  • Israel

    • Picnic Magazine
      Established in 2007, Picnic Magazine is a 100% image-based magazine edited, printed, and published in Tel Aviv and distributed in select libraries, books and magazine stores, boutiques, and museum stores worldwide. Each volume is different in shape, format, content and design, presenting various, wondrous visions and views from new and carefully selected creators from around the universe. Fashion, architecture, hobbies, photography, cinema, photoshop, pretty boys, pretty girls, astronomy, crazy dance, confectionary, bird watching, contemporary archeology, private collections, cosmic 3D renderings, and much more... Picnic Magazine is a visual guide to your new reality, a highly inspiring, envisioning magazine coming from the land of milk and honey.
  • Italy

    • blisterZine
      blisterZine is a collection of little format photographic works on specific topics of our land, Romagna. These monographs are made instinctively, the selecion of the pictures evokes new stories and inevitably images give life to different and unexpected stories. The name of the fanzine is from its packaging which is a transparent envelope. blisterZine is also a publishing project with a focus on art and photography,publishing artist’s projects in limited edition.
    • cura. magazine and books
      Cura is a curatorial project founded in 2009 in Rome that revolves around the production of a quarterly magazine (cura.magazine), a publishing house (cura.books) - both with a worldwide distribution - and an exhibition space, through which it investigates contemporary artistic production and promotes the most current developments in the emerging practice, thanks to the collaboration with international artists and curators, the production of artists books, limited editions, exhibition projects and curatorial consulting.
    • Fantom Photographic Quarterly
      FANTOM with an F, is an international quarterly about the uses and abuses of photography, edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (New York) and Selva Barni (Milan). As FANTOMBOOKS, the book series arising from Fantom magazine, we published Vedove/Widows by Takashi Homma, Fiume/River by Guido Guidi, and Al Lavoro! by Charlotte Dumas.
    • Kaleidoscope
      At the core of a platform that includes an exhibition space and an independent publishing house, KALEIDOSCOPE is an international quarterly of contemporary art and culture founded in 2009 in Milan. Distributed worldwide on a seasonal basis, it has gained widespread recognition as a trusted and timely guide to the present (but also to the past and possible futures) with an interdisciplinary and unconventional approach.
    • Mousse
      Mousse is an independent publishing project. Established in 2006, Mousse magazine is an international bimonthly issue about contemporary art. Mousse Publishing makes books, catalogues, and zines working together with artists, critics, curators, art institutions and initiatives.
    • NERO Magazine
      Born as a quarterly magazine, NERO is a publishing and curatorial project. The team behind NERO works in the curating, art direction, and production of contemporary art events and exhibitions. The publishing department, under the name NERO Publishing, works in the production of artists’ editions, alongside catalogues and books commissioned by museums, foundations, and private collections.
    • Pacifist Library
      The Pacifist Library is an project, a mobile pacifist library constructed from discarded and recycled materials: both the structure itself and its contents–a collection of pacifist texts. It is a comfortable place, a lounge for reading and meeting and exchanging radical ideas. The mobile structure will work its way around New York City and offer a peaceful refuge for the dissemination of pacifist ideas. The books come either from donations or from self-printing of important texts.
  • Japan

    • Pepper's Gallery
      Since 1998, Pepper's Gallery has organized a number of themed project exhibitions to present the works of young Japanese artists working in a variety of genres and media, as PEPPER'S PROJECT. One of them is YOUNG ARTISTS’ BOOKS PROJECT. Pepper's Gallery has held the YOUNG ARTISTS’ BOOK FAIR each year, at a bookstore and Pepper's Gallery, Kinokuniya in Tokyo and in NY.
    • SO BOOKS
      SO BOOKS is a Tokyo-based used book store, established in 2009, mainly specializing in photography, contemporary art and fashion.
      ZINE'S MATE was established in 2009 by UTRECHT & PAPERBACK MAGAZINE for the purpose of organising THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR. ZINE’S MATE is also an organization which acts as a catalyst and facilitator for artist projects and events.
  • Korea, South

      Antic-Ham (Kim Hye Mee) was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, studied 'Play Writing and photography. Since 2004 she makes artist books with photographs, collage, drawings and writing. She lives in Seoul and in Achill Island, Ireland and makes book collaborations with Francis Van Maele.
  • Mexico

    • COMBO
      COMBO is a mexican fanzine which was born in 2011. It’s made with a strong emphasis on the serendipity of its creative process. At the moment we have released 4 issues, each one with a theme, which is also decided by chance, and our most recent one "Suave", is made with the collaboration from more than 40 people located all over Mexico, Argentina and Chile.
    • MxEditions
      MxEditions is: a space for dissemination of Mexican independent publishing where synergies between Latin American authors / editors and American authors / publishers can be made; it is intended as a link between material published in Spanish and the Hispanic community of New York. MxEditions will present publications for purchase but also workshops, an exhibition, and performance, and an opportunity to meet Mexican and Latina/Latino artists, authors, and publishers in a social context. Presented by Distrito Editorial. Sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Alumnos 47, LA La librería, Taller de ediciones económicas and Cresce Consultores.
  • Netherlands

    • 4478ZINE
      4478zine publishes and promotes all printed matter by Erik van der Weijde. Publications range from zines to books and also include collaborations with other artists and publishers.
    • Boekie Woekie
      For nearly 25 years, Boekie Woekie has been Amsterdam's shop for artists' books. Run by three artists, the shop stocks around 7000 titles from around the world and is open 7 days a week for browsing and buying. We update regularly and publish on a small scale. See you in Amsterdam, New York or cyberspace.
    • Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory
      Casco was founded in 1990 in Utrecht as a platform for experimental art. Since 1996, Casco has developed a critical programme that explores art in the public realm, questioning the relation between art and its physical, social, and political environment. Central to Casco’s approach has been openness and flexibility towards programming, with projects taking multiple forms; be this in public space, a publication, a discussion, a workshop, exhibition, symposium or event. Since its founding, Casco has also sporadically published its own magazine, Casco Issues.
    • Foam Magazine
      Foam Magazine serves as exhibition space that embraces every aspect of photography: from documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical, from world-famous photographers to young talent. Each issue features a specific theme that unites 8 diverse portfolios of 16 pages. Each portfolio is printed on a different type of paper.
    • Fw
      Fw is an independent organization that initiates projects, publications, exhibitions, lectures and gatherings between photographers, writers and curators.
    • Girls Like Us
      Girls Like Us Magazine operates from its HQ in Amsterdam and talks to a worldwide bred of open-minded lesbians & all their friends all looking for an out-of-the-box depiction of their scene.
    • Idea Books
      Founded in 1976, Idea Books is a specialist wholesaler and distributor of books, exhibition catalogues, and DVDs on contemporary architecture, art, photography, design, fashion, and film. Our scope is international. We act as agents for publishers and institutions from many countries, and offer their books throughout the world.
    • Knust / Extrapool
      Established by artists for artists in the 1980s, Knust is Extrapool's famous infamous graphic workshop specialized in stencil (“mimeograph”) print. Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Knust is an essential part of the multi-omniverse of the Extrapool art space, creating an accessible printing and bookmaking workshop where many niches meet, greet, clash & mix.
    • Kunstverein (Amsterdam)
      Kunstverein is a domestic franchise and functioning curatorial office that offers presentations, lectures, screenings and independent publishing. By creating a critical pool and exploring public-private relationships, Kunstverein reflects upon the manner in which cultural practices are traditionally administered. Due to its unconventional make-up it allows alternative methods to be considered in terms of presentation, hosting and exhibition making. Significantly and ultimately, Kunstverein aims to contribute in a novel fashion to the cultural scene in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and abroad.
    • Onomatopee
      Onomatopee is an institution for reflection and communication. The foundation aims to question the parameters of our (designed) culture through research and presentations.
    • Post Editions
      post editions is a Rotterdam based independent publisher dedicated to the task of initiating, producing and distributing special books on contemporary art, photography, graphic design and architecture. post editions works in collaboration with renowned artists, photographers, museums, art institutes, editors, translators, graphic designers and distributors.
    • Roma Publications
      Roma Publications is an independent art publisher, founded by artist Mark Manders and graphic designer Roger Willems. It is used as a platform to produce autonomous publications in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution, varying from house to house papers to exclusive books. Until now the publications have editions between 2 and 150,000. (Exhibitions & Presentations)
    • Valiz
      Valiz is a young company that was established to respond to developments in contemporary art, photography, architecture and design in a broad-based and imaginative way. The driving force behind this effort is the publication of books, on our own initiative or for others. Valiz produces critical, reflective, attractive books that attempt to explore the subject in a way that is fully in tune with it and to provide any possible links with other disciplines. Roughly speaking, the programme consists of two components: Books that are conceived and elaborated in close collaboration with artists, architects, photographers, designers and art institutes. Theory and texts on visual culture (art theory, architecture theory, reflection on everyday images, artists’ texts.
    • van Zoetendaal Collections
      Willem van Zoetendaal is active in contemporary Dutch photography: in curating exhibitions, as a gallery and in designing and publishing photobooks.
    • Werkplaats Typografie
      The Werkplaats Typografie (WT) is part of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. WT is a two-year masters programme centred on practical assignments and self-initiated projects. It also serves as a meeting place for graphic designers with regard to research and dialogue.
    • Witte de With Publishers
      Witte de With Publishers returns to the NYABF with the 10th and last edition in our signature Source Book series on Angela Bulloch, our online publication Powering Down Authority by Avital Ronell, and our richly illustrated catalogue 20+ YEARS WITTE DE WITH. Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam, NL) explores developments in contemporary art worldwide and presents this through exhibitions, publications and educational programs.
  • New Zealand

    • split/fountain
      split/fountain (S/F), located in Auckland, New Zealand, merges at least 3 forms of production and dissemination – art, design, and print – through its operation as a shop, design studio, project space, exhibition venue, niche publishing house and pocket-scaled laboratory for urban aesthetics and collaborative thinking. S/F works with artists as well as designers and architects and has its own publishing imprint, producing publications, newspapers and artists’ editions.
  • Norway

    • Feil forlag
      Feil forlag (translated wrong/fail publishing) is an Oslo based small press, initiated in 2007 by Andreas Delsett and Kjersti Solbakken. Feil forlag publish art projects in various formats. Whether it is a book, a pamphlet, posters or live events and exhibitions, FF aim to create space for projects that tend to end up in between two chairs. Feil forlag release projects at venues as different as empty apartments in Glasgow, barns in the north of Norway, or art institutions. For the NYart book fair FF will launch a new project in addition to bringing their complete catalogue of released projects.
    • Kurt Johannessen
      Norwegian artist who has been making artists' books since 1984. About 60 different books so far. Some books contains only images, others only text, and lately combination of text and image. The texts are often poetic, humoristic or/and philosophical. Most titles are in Norwegian and English editions. Award winner at the London artist book fair (LAB 2004 and 2006).
    • Shadowlab
      Shadowlab, formerly known as Hit Me! Books (a label under Hit Me! Records, legendary record label for the Oslo rock of the 90s), now an independent publisher of photobooks dedicated to the work of norwegian photographer Morten Andersen.
    • Torpedo Press
      Torpedo is a non-profit publisher and bookstore devoted to the promotion and production of artists' books, art theory and critical readers in contemporary art. Torpedo is also a space for producing and hosting different events in connection with book launches, concerts and exhibitions in collaboration with artists, curators and institutions.
  • Poland

    • Worst Magazine Ever
      “IT! The Worst Magazine Ever,” is a self-published art periodical of absurd and grotesque character, founded and run by artist Maryna Tomaszewska. Its contents ranges from short stories, curator’s texts, photo series to illustrations and site-specific projects. Each issue has a different theme and format, and depending on the issue, circulation is between 500 and 2000. The latest issue, GOLD, is a Russian-Polish collaboration. The launch will be held in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Contributors to the magazine are Polish and international artists, critics, journalists. The magazine has been shown at art book fairs in London and Tokyo.
  • Russia

    • Mikhail Pogarsky
      l was born 1963 in Russia. Artist, designer, poet, writer, journalist, photographer, publisher, scientists, curator of artist’s project. Author more then 80 books and more then 100 articles about art. Doctor of Mathematics (1991). Member of Russia Artist’s League (2003). Chief Editor of magazines “Triangular wheel” and “Irregular Park”. Organizer of the Moscow International Artist’s Book Fair. Chief Director of design-studio “Triangular wheel”. Curator and organizer more than 50 artist’s book projects. Participant more than 170 exhibitions in Russia and Europe. His works is kept in many European museums, libraries and private collections
  • Slovenia

    • Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.
      Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is independant cultural producer and publisher, operating for the past eleven years in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2004 we launch a new program focused on artist books and editions and recently collaborate with known local and international artist and artist groups as: Sanja Ivekovic, Mladen Stilinovic, OHO, Temporary Services, Jasper Fabricious. Artist book program is focused on education, presentation and new production of artist books and artst editions.
  • Sweden

    • Libraryman
      Libraryman is a Stockholm (SE)/London (UK) based publisher founded in 2008 by Tony Cederteg and Linda Berlin with the principle of releasing limited edition photo books, from our own initiative. Up to this point we have initiated and published books by artists such as Viviane Sassen, Hal Hartley, Sayo Nagase, Gerry Johansson, Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer, Torbjűrn Rűdland, Keiko Nomura, Blommers/Schumm, Mikael Olsson, Ola Rindal among others.
    • Publishing as (Part Time) Practice
      Iaspis together with graphic designers and small-scale publishers Matilda Plöjel (Sailor Press) and Mattias Jakobsson & Peter Ström (Konst & Teknik / Andperseand) would like to invite you to take part of a selection of publications from Swedish graphic designers/part-time publishers. Iaspis is the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Program supporting international exchange for practitioners in the areas of visual art, design, craft and architecture. Iaspis' activities aim to enable professionals to develop artistically and improve their working conditions by establishing international contacts between practitioners and professionals such as curators and critics and others active in the field.
  • Switzerland

    • a/b Books
      a/b Books was founded in 2010 by Swiss artist Alexander Buhler as the imprint under which he self-publishes artist's books in limited editions. a/b Books also presents and collaborates on publications by other artists.
    • Boabooks
      Positioned as a critical platform, Boabooks is involved in developing art editions.
    • Centre d’édition contemporaine
      The Centre d’édition contemporaine is an institution dedicated to production and promotion of contemporary editions and exhibitions, bringing together the specific fields of edition and contemporary art. Artists are invited to produce an edition and exhibit: we've worked lately with Oscar Tuazon, Aaron Flint Jamison, Gerard Byrne, Trisha Donnelly, Jeffrey Vallance, Philippe Decrauzat, Pierre Bismuth, and Susanne M. Winterling.
    • edition fink
      edition fink is an independent publishing house for contemporary art, founded in 1994 and based in ZĂŒrich, which concentrates on producing artists’ books and art catalogues. edition fink closely collaborates with artists on the design and production of their publications.
    • Edition Patrick Frey
      Edition Patrick Frey works in close collaboration with authors, mainly Swiss but from other countries as well. Its mission is to provide young artists in particular with a platform for their début publication. At present, six to eight books are produced annually, with a focus on photography, art, and studies of everyday and popular culture.
    • Hard Copy
      Hard copy is an innovative research and publishing platform that aims to reflect on artist books and printmaking, central to emerging artistic, editorial and design practices. Initiated in 2009 by artist, curator and tutor Delphine Bedel, this three-year theory and practice-based project is conceived for the Master of Fine Arts WORK.MASTER at the Geneva University of Art and Design. Hard Copy explores the space of a book and formats of display, extended printing techniques, graphic design and typographic research. By publishing artist books and multiples and curating exhibitions, seminars and lectures series with keynote speakers (Seth Siegelaub, Daniel McClean, Dexter Sinister, etc.), Hard Copy aims to contextualize and expand this research historically and theoretically.
    • I Never Read
      I Never Read, Independent Art Book Fair Basel was launched last June in Basel during the Art Basel week. The Fair aims at offering a platform for all kinds of arts publications and gathering international publishers and book lovers.
    • Kodoji Press
      Kodoji Press is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary art and photography based in Baden, Switzerland.
    • Lars Müller Publishers
      Lars Müller Publishers is an internationally active publishing house. It came into being in Baden, Switzerland, in 1983, as a result of the bibliophile passion of designer Lars Müller. The press has made a worldwide name for itself–and not just in specialist fields–with carefully edited and designed publications on architecture, design, and contemporary art.
    • Nieves
      Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves' focus is on publishing Artist Books and Zines.
    • Rollo Press
      Rollo Pressℱ is a small print studio located in Zurich, operated by Urs Lehni since early 2008. The only printing machine available is an old Risograph GR 3770. Rollo Press aims to produce printed matter with friends and accomplices in a way that includes all steps of the process: from concept on to printing, binding and distribution.
  • Taiwan

    • Lovely Daze
      Lovely Daze is a contemporary art journal founded by Charwei Tsai in 2005 and is published twice a year in limited editions. Past contributors range from Yoko Ono, Vito Acconci, AA Bronson to artists who have never been published previously. In addition to the publication, Lovely Daze produces performances working with artists such as Hisham Bharoocha Japanther, Lizzi Bougatsos and New Humans.
  • United Kingdom

    • Afterall
      Afterall focuses on contemporary art and its relation to a wider artistic, theoretical and social context. Afterall journal includes in-depth analysis of artists' work, along with essays on art history and critical theory, and is published alongside the Critical Readers, Exhibition Histories and One Work series.
    • Bedford Press
      Bedford Press is a private press and imprint of AA Publications Ltd. that develops contemporary models of publication practice, building upon the AA’s renowned legacy of independent publishing.
    • Frieze
      frieze magazine was set up in 1991 and is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. frieze is published eight times a year and includes essays, reviews and columns by today's most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators.
    • Mörel Books
      Mörel Books is a London-based independent publisher specializing in affordable limited edition art books and zines. Working with established artists alongside new and upcoming talents, our books are made in close collaboration with the artist, reducing the distance between the artist’s vision and that of the viewer. Many of our books can be purchased with limited edition prints.
    • MACK
      Mack is a publisher of fine photography and art books.
    • Marcus Campbell Art Books
      We specialize in out of print art books, particularly artists’ books, catalogues and ephemera; our well-stocked shop is situated next to the Tate Modern and is open every day of the week.
    • ottographic
      Otto is a book artist, screen printer and illustrator. He creates and distributes innovative graphics through the medium of the screen printed book. He is interested in taking modern narratives into new directions by exploring unusual ways of constructing a book.
    • Ridinghouse
      Ridinghouse is an imprint committed to publishing primary documents, art historical research, first monographs, anthologies of interviews and critical writings. Established in 1995, the organisation has been rapidly expanding since 2004 and currently produces 8-10 books a year.
    • Self Publish Be Happy
    • Sims Reed
      Rare book dealer specializing in major illustrated books of the twentieth century, livres d’artistes, and contemporary books, editions and prints.
  • United States


    • CrimethInc. Ex-workers' Collective
      CrimethInc. is an internationally active anticapitalist publishing group specializing in the controversial and outré.


    • 2nd Cannons Publications
      A publishing project by Los Angeles-based artist Brian Kennon. 2nd Cannons Publications produces artists’ books and editions. Beginning November 2011, 2nd Cannons will run a year-long project space / bookshop in the back room of the gallery ltd Los Angeles.
    • billy ocallaghan
      By tinkering with an illustrated book during my first year of SFSU’s MFA program, I found my form, redirecting my focus to self-published, full (photographic) color zines as final output for my project-based practice. Over the three year program, I made the templates for three double-sided zines, using humor and craft to report on my investigations around extinction (birds of America 2010 supplement/redacted), queer and sexual politics (the gods sure are queer/perv (local, organic)), and plants (owed to plants).
    • The Ice Plant
      The Ice Plant is a publisher of fine, illustrated books and other printed matter. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept, to design, to tangible object. Specializing in small print run artists' books, we also produce the popular 5 Year Diary (in conjunction with Shopsin's General Store).
    • J&L Books
      J&L Books is a non-profit Atlanta / New York based publisher of artists’ books.
    • JIMMY the zine
      LAND AND SEA is a small press/record label/labor of love based in Oakland, California. LAND AND SEA began during the final breaths of 2009 with the purpose of releasing monographs and records by artists we find vital and interesting. Along with books and records, LAND AND SEA has organized releases and gatherings in many places, from D.I.Y. zine shops to major art institutions.
    • Louis M. Schmidt
      Louis M Schmidt is an artist, zinemaker, and one half of a new artist book publishing project called Gravity and Trajectory. Schmidt currently resides in San Diego, where he’s finishing graduate school at UCSD. He recently curated a small group show at Park Life in San Francisco and held solo solo exhibitions at The Periscope Project and Agitprop in San Diego. Several new zine projects are forthcoming.
    • Needles & Pens
      Needles & Pens is an emporium of zines, independent press, artist books, handmade goods and an art gallery. Based in San Francisco’s Mission District since 2003.
    • Ooga Booga
      Ooga Booga is a shop in Los Angeles specializing in independently-produced artist books, music, design, artwork, and clothing. Since 2004 we have hosted many events, launches, concerts, and projects in our space such as the Reading Room at the Swiss Institute NYC, Nieves library exhibition, and Secondary Market with Art Since the Summer of '69. In 2009 we also created an online database of art book printers as a free resource to independent publishers, which you can access here:
    • RAM Publications U.S.A.
      RAM Publications and Dist. is a publishing and distribution company specializing in architecture, furniture, design, graphics, contemporary art and theory, popular culture, photography, poetry and literature, limited edition and CD-ROMS from Europe, U.S. and Japan.
    • Red Hammer Press / Dale Wittig
    • Red Letter Day
      Red Letter Day promotes a mail art state of mind by offering up a carefully curated collection of zines, postal related ephemera, and correspondence curios
      SCB Distributors' Art Book Collection is a hand-picked selection of our top visual arts titles from 25 independent publishers, incorporating Fine Art, Lowbrow, Urban, Illustration, Design, Music, Photography, and more.
    • siglio
      siglio is an independent press in Los Angeles publishing uncommon books that live at the intersection of art and literature. We produce trade and limited editions, artist multiples, and small collections of ephemera.
    • TBW Books
      TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company founded and run by Paul Schiek in Oakland, California. The company publishes book series featuring four artists as well as individual monographs. Artists published in the series include Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth, Marianne Mueller, Todd Hido, as well as others.
    • The Thing
      THE THING Quarterly is a periodical in the form of an object. ItÊŒs like a magazine except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and then published on a useful object. Past contributors to THE THING have included Miranda July, Allora & Calzadilla, Jonathan Lethem, Starlee Kine, Chris Johanson, Clothing Design Collaborative DOO. RI, Matthew Higgs and Martin Creed. Current and Upcoming contributors include James Franco, MacFadden & Thorpe, Dave Eggers, Shannon Ebner and Mike Mills.
    • X-TRA
      X-TRA is a contemporary art quarterly, published in Los Angeles since 1997. X-TRA is collectively organized by an independent board of artists and writers. Our mission is to provide critical dialogue about contemporary art.


    • Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts
      Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA) is an artist project and membership organization for those who make experimental or conceptual work with obsolete technology. ILSSA functions as a Union, fostering community, solidarity, and peer review, and as a Research Institute, supporting and publishing new ideas, communications, and resources.
    • Yale University Press
      As one of the world’s leading publishers of art and architecture books, Yale University Press has much to offer the general reader, scholar, collector, and student. Our publishing program includes beautiful exhibition catalogues issuing from the world’s finest museums, important and diverse monographs, critical anthologies, catalogues raisonnĂ©s, and much more.

      District of Columbia

    • Nhd
      Nhd is a multidisciplinary design and screen printing studio located in Washington DC. Nhd will exhibit a collection of artist zines, cards, small and large prints and other ephemera. Our publications and prints are a combination of illustration, photography and typography – all reflecting a visual language that celebrates our passion for art & design and everything in between.


    • [Name] Publications
      [Name] Publications is a Miami-based non-profit platform for book-based projects.
    • Ginny Lloyd / TropiChacha Press
      Book and zine artist since late 70s. Available works are about Fluxus projects, visual poetry, Dada, artistamps, art photography, mail art, copy art, Neoism, and performance art.


    • 5x7
    • JAB/Epicenter at Columbia College Chicago
      The Journal of Artists' Books (JAB) is the longest-standing journal devoted exclusively to artists’ books. Founded by Brad Freeman and Johanna Drucker in 1994, JAB has been published by the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago since 2007. The Center's Epicenter imprint also publishes artists' books and exhibition catalogs.
    • Sara Ranchouse Publishing
      We aim to provide opportunities for interaction with art in everyday situations, utilizing books and other printed forms that reside comfortably in ordinary and various venues. We sustain our practice and the material world at large by recycling everything from extant texts to paper cut-offs and coffee grounds.
    • Soberscove Press
      Soberscove is eager to make accessible material that might only be available to specialists and/or that is out of print, as well as previously unpublished material that we find exciting. Art-related subjects are Soberscove's primary focus, but "art-related" will be construed broadly.


    • Reed Altemus
      Tonerworks is a small press publishing booklets and print portfolios of visual poetry, collage & other works from the international mail art network and beyond.


    • brian cassidy, bookseller
      Rare books, ephemera and other cultural detritus, with a focus on the mimeo revolution, little magazines, poetry, art, as well as folk, vernacular, and outsider books.
    • Gary Kachadourian
      I make scale pencil drawings of objects that are then used for Xeroxed and laser printed books and posters. The posters are life-sized reproductions of the objects that are folded and sold at prices according to their size.
    • Open Space Baltimore
      Open Space is an artist-run gallery established in Baltimore, MD in 2009. Open Space exhibits the work of artists ranging from local to international, maintains a small library, and hosts a wide variety of programming including lectures, screenings, and an annual Publications and Multiples Fair.
    • Royal Books
      Royal Books specializes in first editions of literature and the arts. We have a wide selection of modern literature, crime fiction, science fiction, books on film, photography, art and music. We also have a selection of fine, original vintage films posters and other film-related ephemera.
    • Terence Hannum
      Artist and musician Terence Hannum has made publications solo and in collaboration with Scott Treleavan, Elijah Burgher, Alexander Binder and others in various formats. He is also a member of the band Locrian.


    • 21st Editions, Inc.
      21st Editions is committed to the mission of revitalizing the centuries old art of fine bookmaking, with the goal of making each volume an object of beauty that reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistic and cultural significance.
    • The MIT Press
      The MIT Press publishes books in contemporary art, architecture, photography, new media and cultural studies.


    • Little Brown Mushroom Books
      Founded in 2008 by Alec Soth, Little Brown Mushroom has published a number of artist books and zines. Little Brown Mushroom recently launched a series of photographic story books for adults and the first title in this series was done by Australian photographer Trent Parke. "Little Brown Mushroom is a DIY affair that blessedly doesn’t have to define itself or, for that matter, make money. LBM is our lemonade stand. It is mostly an excuse to enjoy the pleasures of making and sharing something cool."

      New York

      Established in 1998, 'SUP MAGAZINE intimately documents music culture. Each issue is a digest of what's happening in contemporary music from around the world. The casual Q&A interview style invites the reader to participate in the conversation, and the partnership between editorial and art direction lends the magazine its own aesthetic.
    • 100% Biz LLC / Pet Cemetery Industries / Sex Magazine
    • 6 Decades Books
      6 Decades Books deals in rare artists’ books and related material from 1960 to present.
    • A-Jump Books
      A-Jump Books is a small publishing house dedicated to producing photo-based books that challenge convention through understatement and artistic rigor. Using the artists’ book concept as a model, we publish projects that are conceived of and designed as self-contained works.
    • A.R.T. Press (Art Resources Transfer)
      Art Resources Transfer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a more egalitarian access to the arts through publishing (A.R.T. Press) and the free distribution of books to underserved rural and inner-city public libraries and schools nationwide (D.U.C. Library Program).
    • Aaron Krach
      Aaron Krach is a NY-based artist and writer who works with ephemeral materials and existing distribution methods to create projects that require participation and collaboration. His books include “100 New York Mysteries” and “Wanting Everything More,” (both photo-based) and “Half-Life” (a novel).
    • Alden Projects
      Alden Projects presents a selection of rare Pop, Conceptual and other books, prints, multiples, and ephemera.
    • Alfred Planco
      Alfred Planco is a local art-zine, children’s book, and print maker. His work ranges from a photo story about water towers, to altering the meaning of canonical works through graphic collage. He is also exhibiting art-books by NYC youth involved in the juvenile justice system, proceeds donated to Artistic Noise.
    • alLuPiNiT
    • Anartist
      Anartist specializes in books on 20th century art, photography, architecture and design with an emphasis on the post 1945 avant-garde including: Artist Books, Conceptual Art, Pop, Minimalism, Fluxus, Performance, Video, Exhibition Catalogs, Journals and Ephemera. Collections wanted. Open by appointment only.
    • Andrew Roth
      PPP Editions will launch Out To Lunch, a signed and numbered, limited-edition book by Ari Marcopoulos (8.5 x 11 inches, 368 pages). An index of sorts, Out To Lunch presents Marcopoulos’ earliest and most recent black-and white photographs (we nixed the middle years) in various formats: 256 matte black-and-white images; dozens of high-gloss contact sheets; hundreds of vinyl stickers; eight oversized, glossy pull-out posters, and a 32-page screenplay written together with his son Cairo, all bound together with black binder’s gauze and housed in an illustrated plastic bag. Edition of 350 plus 20 deluxe copies housed in a specially made cardboard box with added silver prints and ephemera. Our project room will also feature a series of newly editioned silkscreens, newsprint posters, loose sticker-sheets and more Marcopoulos for those who just can’t get enough!
    • Aperture Foundation
      Aperture is a world-renowned non-profit publisher, magazine and exhibition space dedicated to promoting photography in all its forms, founded in 1952. Programs include artists lectures and panel discussions, limited-edition books and photographs, and traveling exhibitions.
    • Art Book Club
      Art Book Club is an artist collective that reads and discusses books about art and artists. The club also creates shows and projects inspired by the books they read. For the Book Fair, they are presenting zines and editions created by a collective or as a collaboration between artists and or curators.
    • Art in General
      Art in General is a nonprofit organization that assists artists with the production and presentation of new work. It changes in response to the needs of artists and engages the public with their work. Art in General is devoted to supporting and stimulating the creation of contemporary art along with providing an environment in which artists may exhibit unconventional work and exchange ideas with their peers.
    • ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1
      ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 is a destination for devotees of contemporary culture and those who seek discovery. Browse thousands of books by the world’s most exciting, important and obscure publishers of critical theory, art, design, children's books, literature and more! Located on the ground floor beside the museum cafĂ©, we offer a diverse selection of DVDs, CDs and postcards. Please also visit the ARTBOOK | D.A.P. booth, featuring Maurizio Cattelan’s Toilet Paper, and other new and forthcoming titles.
    • ARTBOOK | D.A.P.
      ARTBOOK | D.A.P. presents a special installation of the “dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts” publishing project, and a panel discussion featuring editor Bettina Funcke on Sunday, September 30 at 2pm in the Dome. All 100 dOCUMENTA (13) Notebooks will be available in our booth, individually or as a boxed set, alongside related titles and a selection of rare and limited editions from the ARTBOOK | D.A.P. archives.
    • Artforum / Bookforum
      For nearly 50 years, Artforum has remained the world’s most influential art magazine, exploring contemporary visual culture by the best contributors of our times. Bookforum offers its readers incisive reviews of the latest titles, illuminating author interviews and intelligent commentary.
    • Arts and Sciences PROJECTS
      Arts & Sciences PROJECTS is a creative laboratory for emerging and established artists, curators, and other collaborators. We aim to provide a production and dissemination platform through independent publishing, an alternative project space, and temporary installations and performances.
    • Autonomedia
      Autonomedia is an autonomous zone for arts radicals in both old and new media. We publish books on radical media, politics and the arts that seek to transcend party lines, bottom lines and straight lines. We also maintain the Interactivist Info Exchange, an online forum for discourse and debate on themes relevant to the books we publish.
    • Badlands Unlimited
      Founded in 2010 by artist Paul Chan, Badlands Unlimited publishes and distributes ebooks, paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms. Badlands Unlimited will premiere On Democracy by Saddam Hussein, co-published by Deste Foundation; Made in USA, an e-book of Bernadette Corporation magazines produced in 1999-2001; Holiday by Paul Chan, published in an edition of one on a stone slab; a preview of upcoming Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews by Calvin Tomkins; and artist editions by Petra Cortright, Josh Kline, Brenna Murphy, Travess Smalley, among others. Deste will also have a special display on top of the Badlands table.
    • Bidoun Magazine
      Bidoun is an international art and culture quarterly with a focus on the Middle East. Bidoun means “without” in Farsi and Arabic. It was created as a platform for ideas and an open forum for exchange, dialogue, and opinions through the art and culture of the Middle East and beyond.
    • Blind Spot
      Blind Spot Magazine is a semi-annual journal that publishes unseen work by living photographers. Our mission is to explore the evolution of photography-based visual art, and to provide a critical reading of what is arguably our culture's most pervasive medium. Images are given primacy and published collaboratively, unaccompanied by introductory, biographical or explanatory text. Blind Spot Series is a new series of books that presents a suite of images from a single body of work.
    • BOMB Magazine
      BOMB has been delivering the artist’s voice by publishing conversations between artists, writers, actors, directors, and musicians since 1981. Outspoken. Intimate. Legendary.
    • Boo-Hooray
    • Booklyn Artists Alliance
      Booklyn is an artist-run, non-profit organization that publishes, distributes and curates exhibitions of provocative unique and limited edition artist books and works on paper worldwide. Currently showing Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Stephen Dupont, Kiki Smith, David Hammons, Justseeds / IVAW, and prints from Occupy Wall Street and the Zapatistas (EZLN).
    • Bureau of General Services—Queer Division
      Bureau of General Services—Queer Division is a queer bookstore-event space opening soon in New York City. We aim to foster a community invested in the values of mindfulness, intellectual curiosity, justice, compassion, and playfulness by offering books, publications, and art and by hosting reading groups, authors’ talks, and performances.
    • Cabinet
      Cabinet is a non-profit arts and culture organization based in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to its quarterly magazine, Cabinet publishes books, produces limited and unlimited editions, and organizes exhibitions, symposia, and other events.
    • Center for Book Arts
      The Center for Book Arts is dedicated to encouraging contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object, as well as reinvigorating traditional artistic practices of bookmaking.
    • The Center for Urban Pedagogy
      The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve civic engagement. CUP projects demystify the urban policy planning issues that impact our communities, so that more individuals can better participate in shaping them.
    • Chambers Fine Art
      Chambers Fine Art is a prominent international gallery specializing in Chinese contemporary art. Established in 2000 by Christophe W. Mao, the New York and Beijing based gallery introduces work from Chinese artists including Ai Weiwei, Feng Mengbo, Hong Hao, Hong Lei, Rong Rong and Wu Jian’an to an international audience.
    • Christine Burgin
    • Cinders
      Cinders is an artist-run gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn that has held over 60 exhibitions, countless performances, and curated group shows internationally since its inception in 2004. We also self publish art zines and have a section in the gallery dedicated to handmade artist books.
    • Dashwood Books
      Dashwood Books is New York City’s only independent bookstore devoted entirely to photography.
    • Desert Island
      Desert Island is a small shop in Brooklyn specializing in comics, zines, and artist's books. We publish the free quarterly newsprint comix anthology Smoke Signal, as well as limited edition prints with comic artists and illustrators. Our store is a kaleidoscopic environment of visual books and printed material.
    • Dia Art Foundation
      A nonprofit institution founded in 1974, Dia Art Foundation is internationally renowned for initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving art projects.
    • Dispatch
      Dispatch offers a model for curatorial production: an office for receiving and originating exhibitions, projects, and concepts. This year, in addition to Dispatch's limited edition artist Portfolio Projects, Dispatch will feature presentations by Halmos and Table of Contents.
    • Domino Books
    • e-flux
      Initiated in late 2008, e-flux journal is an online publication on art and theory, available in a self-published, print-on-demand format, and through a series of books co-published with Sternberg Press, Berlin. Recent titles in its reader series include Boris Groys, Going Public; What Is Contemporary Art?; and Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art.
    • e(L) (P)aper Magazine
      e(L) (P)aper is an independent publication with a handmade aesthetic that strives to create an open, creative dialogue between visual artists, writers and the public at large. Published by Local Project non-profit for the arts—a platform for artists based in Long Island City, NY—the magazine was born in 2009. Issue number 0 was part of the Alternative Histories exhibition, at Exit Art in Chelsea last year. Issue number 1 was published last year and distributed by hand in Long Island City, Brooklyn, Mexico and Chile. Now, we have the support of Brrooklyn Arts Council to continue the publication on a regular basis.
    • EAI (Electronic Arts Intermix)
      Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is the leading nonprofit resource for video art. EAI’s core program is the international distribution of a major collection of over 3,500 new and historical media works by artists. EAI fosters the creation, exhibition, distribution and preservation of video art and digital art.
    • Ed. Varie
      Once home to one of the first anarchist bookstores in Manhattan, then followed by nearly a decade acting as gallery and studio to East Village artists, the storefront that Ed. Varie occupies is a seasoned alternative art venue. Ed. Varie is an independently owned and operated non-profit artists' space that hosts a contemporary artists' book shop, gallery shows, creative offices, installations, and programming that includes publication launches, creative meetings, and community based events. Our book stock is focused on recent contemporary artists' publications from New York and around the world.
    • Eric Doeringer / Copycat Publications
      Eric Doeringer is an artist who creates contemporary re-makes of classic artists’ books by Ed Ruscha, Sol LeWitt, John Baldessari, and others.
    • FAQNP
      FAQNP's A Queer Nerd Publication is a magazine about and for queer nerds, who feel outside the mainstreaming of queer culture. The issue "A Queer Nerd Travel Guide" will be featured at this year's NY ArtBook Fair.
    • Fluens Forlag
      Fluens Forlag is a publisher of artist books and catalogues based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1994 by artist Jasper Sebasian StĂŒrup, "the fly's publishing company" continues to publish the work of StĂŒrup as well as occasional collaborations with other artists.
    • For the Common Good
    • Fulton Ryder
      Fulton Ryder is a bookshop, gallery, and publisher. Our emphasis and focus is on the collectible paperback as book form and cultural artifact.
    • Futurepoem Books
      Futurepoem is an ward-winning small press publishing innovative poetry and cross-genre writing. This year, we invited noted artists, poets and curators to send us a postcard articulating their unique "instructions for the future." We present a series of metal boxes, each containing an original selection of these one-of-a-kind responses.
    • Gagosian
      Gagosian is an international gallery concentrating on modern and contemporary art. Exhibition spaces are located in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Hong Kong.
    • Gregory R. Miller & Co.
      Gregory R. Miller & Co. publishes high quality books about contemporary art, architecture, and design. Our catalogue is focused primarily on definitive artist monographs. We regularly work with museums. Our books aim to enhance our understanding of art and to contribute to the broader cultural dialogue of which art is an essential part.
    • Harper's Books
      Harper's Books specializes in rare photographic literature, with an emphasis on association copies, landmark works in exceptional condition, and Japanese photobooks . We are members of the ABAA, and the only rare book dealer selected to exhibit at both AIPAD and Paris Photo.
    • Hassla
      Hassla is a New York-based publishing house with a focus on artists’ books and catalogues.
    • Horse in a Storm Press / Miranda Maher
    • ICP/Bard MFA Program
      Founded in 2003, the program trains photographers not only in the making of images but also how to support and foster the work of themselves and their peers through writing, curating, and publishing. It combines the best aspects of apprenticeship, fieldwork and classroom training into an MFA experience unlike any other.
    • ilikemystyle Quarterly / PIN-UP
      Ilikemystyle Quarterly turns the users of into contributors who showcase their styles, designs, makeup, photography, artwork or writing in a unique way. The magazine is a 300-page collectible vault of the most interesting, experimental and memorable fashion that defines a moment and reflects the genuine love people have for expressing themselves aesthetically. PIN-UP is the only biannual magazine for architectural entertainment.
    • Independent Curators International (ICI)
      Independent Curators International (ICI) produces exhibitions, events, publications, and training opportunities for diverse audiences around the world. A catalyst for independent thinking, ICI connects emerging and established curators, artists, and institutions, to forge international networks and generate new forms of collaboration. Working across disciplines and historical precedents, the organization is a hub that provides access to the people, ideas, and practices that are key to current developments in the field, inspiring fresh ways of seeing and contextualizing contemporary art.
    • Indoor Activity
      Heather & Laurel are both members of a generation maturing at a transitional moment in the “information age.” The work of Interior Users' Group comes out of our reconciliation of digital & physical environments. This is done not only via content, but also via medium: we will each present one corresponding digital (ebook/app) & printed work (zine). Each will communicate modes of exploring, experiencing, & creating tangible & cyber “space” through images & text.
    • Instigator
      Instigator produces zines, editions and objects. Influenced by Dada, Pop and the New York Post, Instigator wants to urge, start, ignite, advocate and goad the viewer to stop, drop and laugh. Operated by Paul Weston.
    • j. morrison
      Brooklyn-based artist's new screenprints, multiples, and ephemera.
    • James Prez / Back East Press
      Back East Press / James Prez making books, one page at a time since 1987 (in Brooklyn) (since 1988 200 book works completed). LOW BUDGET / HIGH END (sort of) books.
    • Jason Polan
    • K48
      K48 magazine (Scott Hug, editor/publisher), AK-47 Artist’s zine (Scott Hug), and other miscellaneous artist’s zines (by Scott Hug).
    • KARMA
      KARMA is a bookstore, gallery and publisher specializing in artists’ publications, located in the West Village of New York City. In addition to its own titles, KARMA stocks periodicals, artworks, artists’ editions, rare and out-of-print items and other in-print titles by noted publishers.
    • Kayrock Screenprinting
      Kayrock Screenprinting, Inc. is a barely organized group of raggedy artisans and musicians. They focus on favors for friends and occasionally print limited edition prints and books. The works reflects their varied interests and intellects.
    • Kingsboro Press
      The Kingsboro Press runs out of New York and is helmed by Daniel Wagner, Megan Plunkett, and Jordan Awan. It is raw art, theory, and literature. It is non-thematic and without a scheme, and publishes unique, entirely self-produced objects and journals.
    • Little Big Man
      Little Big Man is a New York based publishing house specializing in the creation of of unique and strictly controlled editions of artist books and projects. From shorter experimental editions to fully formed publications, Little Big Man is dedicated to exploring the intersection where photography and contemporary art meet.
    • Marlborough Chelsea
      Since 1997, Marlborough Chelsea has presented major exhibitions of international contemporary artists working across a wide spectrum of media. Recently the gallery has refocused its program around a core group of innovative and dynamic young artists including: Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Rashaad Newsome, Andrew Kuo, Ari Marcopoulos, and Robert Lazzarini.
    • Miniature Garden
      Miniature Garden is a small publishing project that focuses on collaborative artist books, zines, and posters.
    • Miranda Maher
      Horse in a Storm Press is the artist book imprint for the work of Miranda Maher. Small editions (200-500), priced as affordable as possible, address human violence and our discomfort with its ubiquity.
    • MOMMY
      MOMMY is a celebration of women artists in the form of a blog launched by artists Chryanne Stathacos and Susan Silas in 2012. We present serious and important women artists who have been working for 20 years and focus attention on their work. Our inaugural post was A Letter from Ida Applebroog and our first full length interview is A Conversation with Linda Montano. In keeping with our mission to create visibility for mid-career women, we will be presenting our books along with those of Cathy Busby, Maxine Henryson, Claudia Hart, Linda Montano and Vera Frenkel.
    • Mossless
      Mossless is an experimental photography magazine. Issue 1, which debuted at Printed Matter in January, will be on sale here as well as 3 new photo books and a selection of semi-gloss posters. Issue 2 will be released at the fair.
    • No Kings Press
      No Kings Press moves between Vancouver and Montreal. We publish artists zines and editions in small, unlimited runs. The books are distributed through shops, zine and book fairs, and person-to-person by hand or mail. Each artist asked to make a book for No Kings is completely free to make whatever they want. The press has no deadlines: artists finish their books when they do, the press prints the books when it does. No Kings asks artists to make books opportunistically, based on personal contact, artworks seen, friendships made. As a collection the books trace out a widening network of social relationships, a scene or a field of energy.
    • No Now
      We make and make available carefully constructed publications because we believe in something: architecture, urbanism, history, art, literature, libraries and long walks on the beach.
      NOAH LYON is a multi media artist who lives & works in NYC. Artist books have been part of his repertoire for over 20 years. RETARD RIOT is a punk-rock/hip-hop anarcho artist collective that has been using & abusing copy machines since the early 1990’s to make zines, music, buttons, and other slow moving objects.
    • NOWORK
      NOWORK publishes anonymous, collaborative projects relating to New York City. We focus on photographic material taken, found and recirculated in public space.
    • NP
      NP, (est. 2010) is a curatorial organization concerned with the preservation and presentation of new media art’s past, present and future. Focusing on the emerging cybernetic genealogy of cultures both high and low, NP attempts to highlight a diverse selection of cultural creators. Our past exhibitions have included such artists and musicians as Laura Brothers, Travess Smalley, Tom Ellard and Light Asylum.
    • Ofer Wolberger / Horses Think Press
      Ofer Wolberger (b. 1976) lives and works in New York City where he publishes books under his own Horses Think Press. He is presently working on a series of 12 self-published artists books collectively known as The Photographic Book Project. Most recently his books Visitor and Covers were exhibited as part of Le Garage at the Rencontres d’Arles Festival 2011 as well as at Voorkamer Gallery in Lier, Belgium as part of the exhibition In- and Outside - Writing. He is currently a finalist for The Royal Monceau Photography Competition in Paris, France.
    • One Page Productions
      One Page Productions is the printing press of artist Woody Leslie located in Brooklyn, NY. While 1Pp designs, prints, and binds artist books of all different shapes and sizes, the main output is a series of tiny books all made from a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. The genres of the different books span from poetry to pornography, and their lengths are all directly proportional to their size—the smaller the book, the more pages it has—but the unifying feature about all of them is their 187 square inch beginnings.
    • Original Plumbing
      Original Plumbing is the premier magazine for FTM transsexuals. OP documents diversity within trans male culture and lifestyles through photographic portraits + essays, personal narratives + interviews.
    • Pantheon Projects
      Pantheon Projects is a curatorial and publishing partnership between Daniel Feral and Joyce Manalo. PP focuses on graffiti and street art, being born from their co-curatorial debut exhibition, PANTHEON: A history of art from the streets of NYC. PP will be carrying the GRAFFITI AND STREET ART diagram poster, zine, and the 426 pp catalog from the exhibition.
    • Paper Monument
      Paper Monument is a print journal of contemporary art published in association with n+1 and designed by Project Projects.
    • Pau Wau Publications
      Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing collective dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications of contemporary photography. Our handmade process invokes a craft-based tradition but also employs modern technology to create publications which not only look different but are constructed differently.
    • Paul Mpagi Sepuya
    • Paul Windle
      I'm an artist and Illustrator from Arlington, TX, now living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I do regular freelance work for The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Grantland Quarterly, among others. Recently, I’ve been turning baseball players, dinosaurs, and imaginary realms into screen prints, digital prints, books, and zines.
    • Paula Cooper Gallery
      Paula Cooper Gallery opened in 1968 in Soho and now maintains two exhibition spaces in Chelsea. Represented artists with recent publications include: Carl Andre, Tauba Auerbach, Sherrie Levine, Christian Marclay, Paul Pfeiffer, Walid Raad, Rudolf Stingel and Kelley Walker. The gallery produced its first publication in 1969 and in 2000 established a CD label, Dog W/A Bone.
    • Perro Verlag
      Established in 2005, Perro Verlag is an idea that grew out of collaborative drawing sessions, comics exhibitions and barbecues at Lucky’s Comics in Vancouver. Perro Verlag’s roots go back to the energy of 1970s artist’s mimeo magazines in which the page became an alternative exhibition space for artists to work in. As Edit deAk, a founding editor of Art-Rite, said about that magazine’s run: it was “a restless but friendly, constantly evolving entity.” This is an editorial vision that Perro Verlag strives to emulate, working as we do without the constraining net of government funding requiring stability of intent and focus, and sound budgets expressed in spreadsheets. We recognize the importance of unstable thoughts and impractical, possibly visionary intentions. Our studio is a laboratory of disruptions, our print shop a stage for timely, unbalancing acts. “Doubt,” wrote Voltaire, “is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” We would most certainly concur.
    • PictureBox
      PictureBox is a Grammy-award-winning publishing company based in Brooklyn. PictureBox has published books, zines, comic books and prints since 2002 with a focus on documenting contemporary visual culture. Published artists include Ben Jones, Michel Gondry, Gary Panter, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Trinie Dalton, and Brian Chippendale.
    • PINUPS
      Pinups is a periodical transformable from book to poster. Each issue consists of images from a single male nude pictorial. A large halftone portrait is divided by page size and scattered among full-page images throughout the pagination. Large dot patterns appear abstract in book form but coalesce to reveal a giant portrait in poster form. Created by Christopher Schultz.
      POINT D'IRONIE originated in 1997 during a discussion between agnĂšs b., Christian Boltanski, and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Artists are given carte blanche to appropriate the space of an 8-page tabloid format, identical for each artist, offered free of charge at select locations around the world, including all agnĂšs b. locations.
    • Point of Contact
      Point of Contact (PUNTO DE CONTACTO) was founded in 1975 to publish creative scholarship and original art, providing a cross-disciplinary space for new and world-renown writers, artists and scholars.
    • Primary Information
      Primary Information is a non-profit organization devoted to printing artists’ books, artists’ writings, out-of-print publications and editions that are vital to contemporary dialogues and artistic practice.
    • Princeton Architectural Press
      In the thirty years since its founding, Princeton Architectural Press has become a world leader in architecture and design publishing. Featuring a backlist of nearly 1,000 titles, the company specializes in books that, in subject matter and design, defy easy categorization. With each new season’s offerings, Princeton Architectural Press continues to surprise, inspire, and inform those curious about the visual world.
    • Printed Matter, Inc.
      Now in it’s thirty-fifth year, Printed Matter, Inc. is the world’s largest organization dedicated to artists’ publications. We offer over 18,000 titles by 6,000 artists, including new and vintage books, periodicals, audio, multiples, ephemera and other primary materials by artists. Our programming includes exhibitions, launches, special events, publishing, and the NY Art Book Fair.
    • Project Projects
      Project Projects is a design studio focusing on print, identity, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture.
    • Purchase College, SUNY: Center for Editions
      The Center for Editions enables the creation of new print work by artists-in-residence, faculty, staff, and students. In addition to traditional printmaking and photographic processes, the Center supports offset and letterpress printing, houses the Pforzheimer collection of historic type, and provides a vast array of digital technology for large-format printing, digital publishing, and experimental work.
    • Randy
      Randy is a Brooklyn-based queer arts magazine printed by Capricious Publishing. Its mission is to celebrate and critique the queer arts in its myriad forms from the visual to the literary. Initiated by A.K. Burns and Sophie Morner in 2009 with the addition of Clark Solack as co-editor in 2011, Randy engages inter-generational dialogue as a means to examine multiple perspectives on queer identity and gender. In bringing together under-represented voices in a collaborative discussion, Randy expands the politics of art, sexuality and aesthetics. Intent on fostering un-trodden affiliations, Randy publishes both emerging and established artists and writers. We believe that through printed content, special events and curated shows, Randy produces an urgently needed genealogy of international queer artists and thinkers alike.
    • Richardson Magazine
      Richardson is annual publication based out of New York City. The magazine explores the intersection of art, culture and sexuality. It features art and writing from a wide range of contributors including: Harmony Korine, Dash Snow, Michael Schmidt, Carolee Schneemann, Richard Prince, Terry Richardson, Nate Lowman, Bruce LaBruce, Annie Sprinkle, Jim Goad, Dan Colen, Steven Klein, Jenny Saville, Takashi Homma, Otto Muehl, Katherine Dunn and many others.
    • Robin Kahn / Kirby Gookin
      Robin Kahn and Kirby Gookin present Art as a Weapon, a selection of artist publications by: La Cooperativa Union Nacionale Mujeres Saharauis, DAM, Eating in Public, Mary Beth Edelson, Victoria Gil, Federico Guzmán, Mis Dias Press, Sahara Libre Wear, Jackie Salloum, SOS Int’l, Michael Taussig, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Mouloud Yeslem.
    • Seems
      Seems is an independent publisher of small-run art books based in New York. We publish a hybrid of zine and monograph, with each book in a solo show format: one artist with free reign throughout. Our goal is to produce high-quality, affordable, and challenging books that create an intimate interaction between the viewer and the work.
    • Shifter
      Shifter is a topical magazine that was founded in 2004 and published its 18th issue in April 2012. Shifter's co-editors, Sreshta Rit Premnath and Matthew Metzger, strive to create a platform that remains thematically relevant to contemporary artistic, political and theoretical issues. Shifter uses multiple formats including printed magazines, public dialogues and exhibitions, thus allowing for an increased approachability for extended discourse as well as additional accessibility to for diverse audiences.
    • Showpaper
      Showpaper is a nonprofit, volunteer-run newsprint publication that promotes upcoming all-ages music events in the Tri-State Area, encompassing the exploding underground and DIY show scene. In addition, each issue features full-color artwork, doubling as a fold-out poster, as well as an informational object.
    • Soner Ön
      Soner Ön is a Turkish-American artist born and raised in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Ön’s work is rooted in the cultural symbolism of his urban-ghetto upbringing as well as the mystic traditions of magic from his native ancestry.
    • Stop Over Press
      SSOP/Stop Over Press is currently a vehicle for the artist skĂșta to publish one-of-a-kind and open-ended edition books, using any means possible.
    • Susan Mills
      Susan Mills' books reflect an interest in language that is not written for publication; language that cannot meaningfully be typeset or scanned or reproduced. She is drawn to a tabula rasa quality and to what is found, historically and con-temporarily, tucked into the hem.
    • Swill Children
      Swill Children is an umbrella encompassing physical and internet based projects in one place. Positivity, creation, community, loss, destruction and sadness are all addressed within the individual works, be it a hand-made zine, short run vinyl record series, or anonymously submitted book interventions. Swill Children unites these forms and approaches under one heading.
    • Swiss Institute
      Swiss Institute / Contemporary Art is a not-for-profit contemporary art gallery operating in New York City since 1986. As a truly international space for contemporary art, we occupy an ambitious, boundary-crossing role in NYC, fostering interaction between American, Swiss and European artists and audiences. Our institution works like a European Kunsthalle, presenting cutting-edge art within a forward-thinking intellectual framework.
    • thingsthatfall
      Thingsthatfall is an artists' collective dedicated to investigating the political economy of contemporary art. Its website and publications take a skeptical view of such standard constructs as institutional critique, appropriation theory, and collective authorship to reveal their underlying allegiances to the status quo.
    • Tomota Ikawa / Yunmi Nam
      Tomota Ikawa is a documentary director, working based in New York and Tokyo. He films and takes photos of peoples’ daily life. Yunmi Nam is an artisan/designer, working based in New York.
    • Triple Canopy
      Triple Canopy is an online magazine, workspace, and platform for editorial and curatorial activities. Working collaboratively with writers, artists, and researchers, Triple Canopy facilitates projects that engage the Internet’s specific characteristics as a public forum and as a medium, one with its own evolving practices of reading and viewing, economies of attention, and modes of interaction. In doing so, Triple Canopy is charting an expanded field of publication, drawing on the history of print culture while acting as a hub for the exploration of emerging forms and the public spaces constituted around them.
    • Ugly Duckling Presse
      Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing collective producing small to mid-size editions of new poetry, translations, lost works, essays, and artist's books. The Presse favors emerging, international, and "forgotten" writers with well-defined formal or conceptual projects that are difficult to place at other presses.
    • Visual Field Press
      We are small collective of artist than focus on contemporary visual art that mostly stand without words (with an emphasis on drawing).
    • VisualBooks
      VisualBooks = books by Scott McCarney (mostly with pictures [some words] usually showing traces of his hand as well as his mind) thoughtfully interfacing with the world (from a distance) in small editions.
    • White Columns
      White Columns is New York’s oldest alternative art space. In 2010, it celebrated its 40th year of continuous activities.
    • Working Class
      Working Class represents a community of local artists in New York. We are a Brooklyn-based, web and print ‘zine showcasing talent from all corners of the art world: writers, photographers, poets, illustrators, street artists, small business owners, and musicians. With New York as our vibrant – and sometimes brutal – backdrop, Working Class taps the pulse of the art world and discusses why we all stick around.
    • World War 3 Illustrated
      WW3 Illustrated has served as a document of our collective history – from the shadow cast by Ronald Reagan to Iran-Contras, the Tompkins Sq. Riot, the Gulf War, the corrupt Bush administration. We’ve illustrated personal subjects from race to religion to sexual relations and drawn our dreams, real and imagined. And we’re just getting started.


    • Division Leap
      Division Leap is a gallery in Portland, Oregon, devoted to the past and future of independent publications by artists. We exhibit historical and contemporary material and also publish artists' books and a magazine.
    • Hazel Newlevant
      I'm a cartoonist and self-publisher, making mini-comics about my life, philosophy, relationships, and black humor. My comics emphasize the beauty of the object, with hand-sewn bindings, unusual folding shapes, die cut covers, and interesting papers.
    • Red76
      Red76, a collaborative grouping with its origins in Portland, Oregon, creates activities which often investigate the intersection between education, social and political histories, and the use of media to manifest new affinities and transparent, accessible, political nodes. The group in one form or another has been active since 2000.
    • Social Malpractice Publishing
      Social Malpractice Publishing is an artist-run label founded in 2009 by Sean Joseph Patrick Carney in Portland, OR.


    • Gottlund
      The Gottlund book house is an independent publishing project based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Dedicated to producing artist books and limited edition multiples, our books follow a lineage while being innovative and forward thinking. Producing editions in house and by hand, we strive to have books communicate with utmost clarity the vision of their source.
    • Justseeds Artists' Cooperative
      Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a collective of artists with members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico creating print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. We believe in the transformative power of individual expression in concert with collective action.
    • Marginal Utility
      is a non-profit gallery based in Philadelphia that presents the work of local and internationally recognized artists. Marginal Utility also prints and distributes the Machete ‘zine. Through the lenses of philosophy and critical theory, Machete ‘zine provides thoughtful reviews of exhibitions, films and events that can be found within the region. Machete ‘zine has done projects with artists such as Gareth James, Daniel Lefcourt, Joan Jonas, Justin Matherly, Jayson Musson and Adam Pendleton.


    • Bread and Puppet Press
      Bread & Puppet Press publishes the booklets, programs, manifestos, calendars, posters and postcards of Bread & Puppet Theater’s founder, director and artist Peter Schumann, and prints, by hand, graphics, banners and letterpress books. The income helps support the work of Bread & Puppet Theater.


    • DECODE, Inc.
      Seattle-based publisher DECODE, Inc. focuses on contemporary art and photography, recently producing photography monographs on artists Brian Finke, Amy Stein and Stacey Arezou Mehrfar, Kelli Connell, Suzanne Opton, and Bill Jacobson. Special Collector's Editions, which consist of a signed, limited edition print and a signed book, are available.