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  • 2nd Cannons Publications
    2nd Cannons Publications is an artists' book publishing project by Los Angeles based artist Brian Kennon. We were recently referred to as an "old school" publisher which is weird. But maybe those new to being old always find it weird. Hardcore artists' books since 2005. Upcoming projects for Fall '13 include books by Carter Mull and Joel Kyack.
  • A-Jump Books
    A-Jump Books is a small publishing house dedicated to producing photo-based books that challenge convention through understatement and artistic rigor. Using the artists’ book concept as a model, we publish projects that are conceived of and designed as self-contained works.
  • A.R.T. Press (Art Resources Transfer)
    Art Resources Transfer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a more egalitarian access to the arts through publishing (A.R.T. Press) and the free distribution of books to underserved rural and inner-city public libraries and schools nationwide (D.U.C. Library Program).
    AKAAKA is a publishing house founded in 2006 by Kimi Himeno, specializing in artbook and photobook, based in Tokyo, Japan. We always try to expand the possibilities of art and photographic expression through our books.
    Antic-Ham (Kim Hye Mee) was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, studied 'Play Writing and photography. Since 2004 she makes artist books with photographs, collage, drawings and writing. She lives in Seoul and in Achill Island, Ireland and makes book collaborations with Francis Van Maele.
  • Archive of Modern Conflict
    Archive of Modern Conflict is an archive/publisher from London. We publish photography books and organise exhibitions from our own collection. Our journal Amc2 is in its 8th issue. Our books include Nein, Onkel, More Cooking with Cooners, LDN, Silvermine and The Holy Bible. We are currently working on projects with Cristina de Meddel and Bruce Gilder.
  • Art Paper Editions
    APE (Art Paper Editions) is an independent publishing studio located in Ghent (Belgium). Founded in 2010 by Jurgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche. APE focuses on the book as an exhibition space.
  • Artforum / Bookforum
    For over 50 years, Artforum has remained the world's most influential art magazine, exploring contemporary visual culture by the best contributors of our times. Bookforum offers incisive reviews of the latest current affairs, fiction and art titles.
  • Arts and Sciences PROJECTS
    Arts & Sciences PROJECTS is a creative laboratory for emerging and established artists, curators, and other collaborators. We aim to provide a production and dissemination platform through independent publishing, an alternative project space, and temporary installations and performances.
  • B&D Press
    B&D Press is a micro publisher based in Montreal, Canada. We publish zines and small art books. We are interested in gay stuff, odd stuff, and silkscreened covers.
  • Badlands Unlimited
    Founded in 2010 by Paul Chan, Badlands Unlimited publishes e-books, limited edition paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms. Historical distinctions between books, files, and artworks are dissolving rapidly. We publish and produce new works by artists and writers that embody the spirit of this emerging dissolution. We make books in an expanded field. At NYABF13, Badlands will premiere a small exhibition of drawings, diagrams and notes made by Hans Ulrich Obrist, accompanied by a limited edition zine which previews the works reproduced in his forthcoming book published by Badlands entitled Think Like Clouds (228 pages, softcover)
  • The B?c Zmiana Foundation
    The B?c Zmiana Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports interdisciplinary events in the field of art, architecture, design, experimental music, and alternative economy. The Foundation also operates as a publisher boasting a high volume of releases, including magazines, books, guides and maps. Participation is made possible by the Polish Cultural Institute New York.
  • Boabooks
    Izet Sheshivari has been making books since 2003. Primarily working as an artist, he founded Boabooks in 2008 to develop a practice of critical engagement with bookworks for our digital age. Boabooks are high end, high quality, industrial and/or hand produced formats, which present a unique research process into the book form. They are created in collaboration with artists who are actively concerned with the renewal of contemporary bookworks, consistently taking a critical and experimental approach. Once created, each book takes on its own identity, referring the reader to countless disciplines, experiences, subjects and themes. Going beyond such postmodernist conceptions of the book format however, Boabooks exists as a distinctive diving board for critical thinking.
  • Bodega
    Bodega is a curatorial and publishing group established in 2010 and based in Philadelphia and New York. From 2010 to July 2013, Bodega operated a gallery in Old City Philadelphia at 253 North 3rd St.
  • Book Works
    Established in 1984, with the mission to disseminate visual art practice to as wide and diverse an audience as possible, Book Works is a contemporary visual arts publisher, based in London. In addition to our main activity of book publishing, we also produce text-based works, installations, multiples, videos and new media projects.
  • Browns Editions
    Founded in 2005 by the British artist Jonathan Ellery, Browns Editions is a London based independent publisher specialising in photography, art and conceptual art books. In today’s world, as the pleasures of print are becoming harder to come by, Browns Editions offers a precious enclave of resistance.
  • Bywater Bros. Editions
    Bywater Bros. Editions has been publishing contemporary artworks in limited and unlimited editions since 2000. Based outside of Toronto, Bywater Bros. actively works in collaboration with established and emerging artists to create original artworks for all levels of the collecting community.
  • Chopped Liver Press
    CHOPPED LIVER PRESS publishes limited edition books and posters by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin and other specially commissioned artists books.
  • Colophon
    Colophon is a London- and New York-based independent type foundry and publisher.
  • Container Corps
    Container Corps is a design studio, offset printshop, and bindery in Portland, Oregon that serves as a platform for the creation, distribution, and discussion of new arts publications. The books we seek to publish are collaborations between artists and their ideas and our skills as editors, publication designers, and printmakers. They are works of art in multiple, rather than documentation of works in other media. Our vertically integrated design/build studio allows ideas, materials, and technique to coalesce into a fully realized type of publication that conceptually engages with the form of the book and the processes of book production.
  • Conveyor Arts
    Conveyor Arts is a production house and publishing imprint that specializes in small run editions of artists’ books, zines, and other printed matter related to photography. Under the imprint Conveyor Editions, we commission and publish several new projects annually that reimagine the form and function of the contemporary photobook.
  • Coracle
    Printer-publisher, editor of spaces, employing many of the devices of the small press and the formats of hypothetical publishing.
    DDMMYY is a design studio and publishing label based in Auckland, New Zealand. We create publications and prints in collaboration with like-minded artists, galleries and institution. We also edit, design and publish an arts and culture magazine called 'Le Roy,' launching at the NY Art Book Fair 2013.
  • Deadbeat Club
    Deadbeat Club is an independent publishing group dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications rooted to contemporary photography.
  • Ditto Press
    Ditto Press is an independent publishing house and printing company based in London, specialising in the arts and creative print.Our publishing schedule covers artists' books and literary work.
  • DoPe Press
    DoPe Press is an independent publishing house that was created with the magazine PARIS, LA in 2008, and that since has grown to include the publication of books and artist’s editions. With a background in fashion and a close connexion with artists, we support strong personalities which exert a subtle influence in today’s culture.
  • Draw Down
    Draw Down Books is a small publishing house based in New England producing small and unique books with a focus on photography, graphic design, typography and architecture.
  • edition fink
    edition fink is an independent publishing house for contemporary art, founded in 1994 and based in Zürich, concentrating on producing artists’ books and art catalogues. What distinguishes edition fink is its close collaborations with the artists on the design and production of the publications.
  • Edition Patrick Frey
    Edition Patrick Frey works in close collaboration with authors, mainly Swiss but from other countries as well. Its mission is to provide young artists in particular with a platform for their début publications. At present, six to eight books are produced annually, with a focus on photography, art, and studies of everyday and popular culture.
  • Edition Taube
    Edition Taube is an artist and publisher collective based in Stuttgart, Germany. Taube publishes artist books and editions in small print runs and researches on experimental forms of printed matter in the digital age.
  • Éditions Lutanie
    Éditions Lutanie is an independent publishing house based in Paris. The house was founded by Boris and Manon Lutanie in tribute to their father, Jean-Claude Lutanie. The first book was published in March 2011. The books published by Éditions Lutanie focus on certain currents of contemporary art and photography.
  • Edizioni Corraini
    Corraini Edizioni is a publishing workshop open to Italian and International artists, illustrators and designers: a sort of space where tailor-made books and projects see the light. Among them, Bruno Munari’s works stand out. The eclectic Italian artist and designer with whom Corraini set up a long lasting collaboration created a sort of workshop open to creativity and fantasy.
  • Edizioni Periferia
    The books, editions, videos and DVDs represent an engaging palette of interests addressed by internationally renowned artists. Our publications are self-contained works, issued in small, usually limited and often numbered editions. Their subject matter may be a work of art, an installation, a performance or a theory, which the artists wish to preserve for posterity. Co-designed by the artists, they are works of art in themselves, which - in contrast to works for exhibitions - enjoy the privilege of being analyzed in accompanying theoretical and philosophical essays by renowned writers. It goes without saying that our publications and editions are produced with uncompromising care. In our program you will find- among other- books and editions by Dieter Roth, Erwin Wurm, Urs Lüthi, Markus Raetz, Balthasar Burkhard, Steiner&Lenzlinger, etc.
  • Elisabeth Tonnard
    Elisabeth Tonnard publishes artist's books in which texts and images extracted from the cultural archive are processed and laid out to exhibit their latent messages. The works range in scale and method from a book that is completely invisible, to a book containing a short story that swallowed a novel, to a book that is a portable swimming pool.
  • Emily Carr University Press / Charles H. Scott Gallery
    The Charles H. Scott Gallery and Emily Carr University Press publishes artist's books, monographs, selected writing and music projects.
  • Empty Stretch
    Empty Stretch is an independent publisher based out of Washington, DC. Founded in 2010, Aaron Canipe, Jordan Swartz, and Nathaniel Grann work to disperse and expose photography through online curation, gallery exhibitions, and book publications.
  • Études Books
    ÉTUDES books is an independent publisher focused on contemporary photography, based in Paris and New York City, founded in 2012. ÉTUDES books curates and publishes books, such as a photographer monograph collection entitled Blue books. ÉTUDES books evolved out of the publishing house JSBJ - Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes - created in 2007. ÉTUDES books is part of ÉTUDES studio which work as a collective in the fields of fashion, publishing and art.
  • For the Common Good
    For The Common Good produces books, artist editions and multiples, with an interest in making available rare and recondite materials. The primary focuses are photography and fine art.
  • fourteen-nineteen
    fourteen-nineteen is a London based project focused on young photography, founded by Alex F. Webb and Lewis Chaplin. Through publications, events, an online gallery and other projects fourteen-nineteen aims to provide a sincere, engaging platform for interacting with the next generation of image-makers. Recent projects include London's Copeland Book Market.
  • Fw: Books
    Fw: is an independent organisation that initiates projects, publications, exhibitions, lectures and gatherings between photographers, writers and curators. Fw: was founded in 2004, and is based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
  • Gagosian
    Gagosian is an international modern and contemporary art gallery with exhibition spaces in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Hong Kong. In addition to its publishing imprint, Gagosian features specialty books, prints and limited editions by gallery artists.
  • Gottlund
    The Gottlund book house is an independent publishing project based in Los Angeles, California. Dedicated to producing artist books and limited edition multiples, our books follow a lineage while being innovative and forward thinking. Producing editions in house and by hand, we strive to have books communicate with utmost clarity the vision of their source.
  • Gregory R. Miller & Co.
    Gregory R. Miller & Co. publishes high quality books about contemporary art, architecture, and design. Our catalogue is focused primarily on definitive artist monographs. We regularly work with museums. Our books aim to enhance our understanding of art and to contribute to the broader cultural dialogue of which art is an essential part.
  • Hakuin Verlag
    The Hakuin Publishing Company was founded in the year 2009. It's the result of the collaboration between artists from Hamburg (GER) and Zurich (SUI). The company was founded in order to publish independently the collective's and it's friends self-determined own ideas.
  • Halifax INK
    Halifax INK, is a consortium comprising Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University, Centre for Art Tapes, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery and Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. Based in Nova Scotia, Halifax, INK publishes scholarly texts, exhibition catalogues and artists’ books.
  • Hassla
    Hassla is a New York-based publishing house with a focus on artists' books and catalogues.
  • The Ice Plant
    The Ice Plant is a publisher of fine, illustrated books and other printed matter. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept, to design, to tangible object. Specializing in small print run artists’ books, we also produce the popular 5 Year Diary (in conjunction with Shopsin’s General Store).
  • J&L Books
    J&L Books is a non-profit Atlanta/New York-based publisher of artists' books.
  • JRP|Ringier
    With more than 600 titles in active distribution and an exclusive selection of special and limited editions, JRP|Ringier (based in Zurich) is one of the leading contemporary art publishing companies in Europe and the USA, always pursuing ambition to weigh in on the current cultural debates by publishing, the artists, writers, and curators whose works, we believe, will leave their mark on our culture.
    KARMA is a bookstore, gallery and publisher specializing in artists’ publications, located in the West Village of New York City. In addition to its own titles, KARMA stocks periodicals, artworks, artists’ editions, rare and out-of-print items and other in-print titles by noted publishers.
  • Kayrock Screenprinting
    Screen printing fine art editions, books and apparel in Brooklyn since 1998.
  • Knust / Extrapool
    Established by artists for artists in the 1980s, Knust is Extrapool's famous, infamous graphic workshop specializing in stencil (“mimeograph”) print. Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Knust is an essential part of the multi-omniverse of the Extrapool art space, creating an accessible printing and bookmaking workshop where many niches meet, greet, clash & mix.
  • Kodoji Press
    Kodoji Press is an independent publishing project focused on young contemporary art and photography, based in Baden, Switzerland.
  • Kominek Books
    To us, the photo book is a work of art. It is the final form of a photographic work and the actual artwork of a pho- tographer. Kominek Books has published books by photographers such as Alec Soth, Viviane Sassen, Enrique Metinides, Greg Girard, Zoé Beausire, Rinko Kawauchi and Birthe Piontek.
  • Le Gros Monsieur
    Le Gros Monsieur is an Art Collective that likes to give souvenirs.
  • LENDROIT Éditions
    LENDROIT Éditions is an independent publishing nonprofit organisation. Founded and based in Rennes since 2013, it's run by publisher and artist Mathieu Renard.

    Our publishing program focuses on contemporary art, drawings and experimental prints : posters, books, silkscreens, dvd's, stickers and so on.

    LENDROIT Éditions organizes each year various exhibitions and events in order to promote printmaking and artists's editions. LENDROIT is also a resource center (which offers advices about printmaking to professional artists) and a library dedicated to artists's editions.

  • Libraryman
    Libraryman is a Stockholm (SE) based photo book publisher, design studio and producer of short films. Founded in 2008 by Tony Cederteg with the principle of releasing limited edition photo books from the company's own initiative. Up to this point Libraryman has initiated and published books by artists such as Viviane Sassen, Hal Hartley, Ron Jude, Sayo Nagase, Gerry Johansson, Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer, Torbjørn Rødland, Blommers/Schumm, Mikael Olsson, Ola Rindal among others - and screened/been in competition with their short films at prestigious film festivals around the world.
  • Little Brown Mushroom Books
    ?Established in 2008 by Alec Soth, Little Brown Mushroom (LBM) is a small publishing house located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Working closely with photographers, writers and designers, LBM is committed to experimenting with new ways of creating and distributing visual stories.
  • Lodret Vandret
    Founded in Copenhagen 2010 by Johan Rosenmunthe and Flemming Ove Bech, Lodret Vandret is a bicephalous initiative showcasing new, lens based art. Vandret Publications is an independent imprint publishing editioned works, bestowing equal value to the exquisitely produced publications and things light and ephemeral.
  • Luaka Bop
    Luaka Bop is a record label started by David Byrne. Our goal is plumb the line between what is obscure and what is accessible. We are about to release music from William Onyeabor, an African electronic musician who refuses to talk about himself or his work. Who he is is up to the listener.
  • Lugemik
    Lugemik is a small independent publishing initiative in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2010 by graphic designer Indrek Sirkel and artist Anu Vahtra. Lugemik publishes books and other printed matter, working closely together with artists, writers, designers, printers in every step of the publishing process. In 2013 Lugemik opened a bookshop on the premises on Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM).
  • Mörel Books
    Mörel Books is a London-based independent publisher specializing in affordable limited edition art books and zines. Working with established artists alongside new and upcoming talents, our books are made in close collaboration with the artist, reducing the distance between the artist’s vision and that of the viewer. Many of our books can be purchased with limited edition prints.
  • MACK
    Mack is a publisher of fine photography and art books.
  • Mark Pezinger Verlag
    Mark Pezinger Verlag is a collaboration of various artists. We are based in Vienna and Berlin and realize artists’ publications ranging from one-offs to higher editions and from actions and performances to sound works.
  • The MIT Press
    The MIT Press publishes books in contemporary art, architecture, photography, new media and cultural studies.
  • Mousse Publishing
    Mousse is an independent publishing project. Established in 2006, Mousse magazine is a contemporary art journal. Mousse Publishing creates books, catalogues, zines, and digital projects in collaboration with artists, curators, writers, art institutions and initiatives.
  • Nieves
    Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves' focus is on publishing Artist Books and Zines.
    NOAH LYON is a multi media artist who lives & works in NYC. Artist books have been part of his repertoire for over 20 years. RETARD RIOT is a punk-rock/hip-hop anarcho artist collective that has been using & abusing copy machines since the early 1990’s to make zines, music, buttons, and other slow moving objects.
  • onestar press / Three Star Books
    onestar press—strictly unedited by the publisher—is dedicated to the production of books, movies, and multiples by artists. Three Star Books are artworks, handmade, highly finished, and luxuriously produced with materials that are globally sourced.
    OSMOS Books, OSMOS Magazine, and OSMOS Address function as an integrated concept for curatorial and editorial activities, featuring emerging, established and overlooked artists. Recent titles include "Nilbar Güre?: Who is the Subject," "Glen Rubsamen: Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus," and "Marcelo Krasilcic: 1990s." OSMOS is directed by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz.
  • Paraguay Press (castillo/corrales)
    Paraguay Press is a Paris based co-operatively run, independent art publishing company, managed by the group of artists, writers and curators behind castillo/corrales and Section 7 Books. Paraguay Press was conceived by this group in order to reclaim control of the means of creation, production and distribution of the books in which their work appear and to create a framework for producing publications with a growing number of artists, writers, and institutions.
  • Parts & Labor Books
    Parts & Labor Books, established in 2012, is a small art book publisher based out of Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY. The Parts & Labor team is Jenny Tondera, Charlie B. Ward and Jason Polan.
  • Peradam
    Peradam is a publishing group specializing in small-run artist books. Each book is designed and produced in collaboration with the artist.
  • Perish Publishing
    A new publishing venture based in Toronto, Canada with a focus on original works in book form and adventurous, quality printing. They are launching their first four titles at the fair, all of which were printed on risographs. Publish or perish. Make books or die.
  • PictureBox
    PictureBox is a Grammy-award-winning publishing company based in Brooklyn. PictureBox has published books, zines, comic books and prints since 2002 with a focus on documenting contemporary visual culture. Recent books include "Drawings" by Chris Martin, "Nudity Today", and "Contact High". Debuting at NYABF this year is "Thought Process", a collection of images by Carroll Dunham.
  • Post Editions
    post editions is a small independent publisher focusing on books that stand out through a daring graphic design component or something unexpected. post editions works in collaboration with artists, photographers, museums, art institutes, editors and graphic designers. The catalogue includes autonomous publications, theory books, magazines, artist's books and special editions.
  • Prelibri
    ??We publish books and products around printing independently, based in Tokyo.
  • Primary Information
    Primary Information is a non-profit organization specializing in the publication of historical and contemporary artists' books and writings.
  • Publication Studio Vancouver
    Publication Studio Vancouver prints books on demand to produce experimental publications with artists and writers. PSV is part of a network of studios in other cities.
  • REDFOXPRESS + Antic-Ham
    Francis Van Maele and Antic-Ham run Redfoxpress in Achill Island, Ireland since 2002. They make own artist’s books using all possible techniques: collage, photography, laserprinting, solvent transfer, monoprints, stencils, rubberstamping, drawing, frottages, found objects, ephemera.... They work intensively in collaboration : publishing artists' books and screen printed editions. In their silkscreen studio on the edge of the Atlantic he prints and publishes collaboration works with artists and authors in limited hand printed editions. Redfoxpress publish also a collection named "C'est mon dada" with works of visual poetry and Fluxus. Yearly they are attending art book fairs in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Seoul and New York and others in Germany and UK.
  • rhein-verlag
    rhein-verlag is a small publishing company from düsseldorf, germany, specializing in artist's books. we are a loose collective of artists, who share a common interest in the book as an artistic medium. each book is considered an independent and self-contained piece of art and is devised and produced as such.
  • Ridinghouse
    Ridinghouse is dedicated to publishing first monographs, artist projects, exhibition catalogues and anthologies of artist and critical writings. Established in 1995, the company currently publishes 14–16 books a year, which are distributed by Cornerhouse in the UK, Europe and Australasia and by RAM Publications + Distribution, Inc in the US.
  • Roma Publications
    Independent art publisher, founded in 1998 by artist Mark Manders and graphic designer Roger Willems used as a platform to produce publications in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers.
  • RVB Books
    RVB BOOKS is both an independent publisher dedicated to designing unique fine arts books and a gallery featuring exhibitions on new editorial practices. Artists: Ruth Van Beek Vincent Bergerat Geoffroy de Boismenu Olivier Cablat Marina Gadonneix Erik Kessels Thomas Mailaender Òscar Monzòn Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine Stéphanie Solinas Jaap Scheeren & Harry Bloch
  • Sequence Press
    Sequence Press was established in 2010 to nurture potent, yet under-recognized voices in contemporary philosophy and the arts. Through collaborations with other publishers, and our unique partnership with UK-based Urbanomic, we strive to activate the conceptual and aesthetic sensibility of our books through lectures and other encounters. Our catalogue includes artist books by Sam Lewitt, R. H. Quaytman, and Jimmy Raskin and editions by Lewitt, Raskin and Robert Ashley. Our paperback series includes philosophical journal Collapse, and titles by François Laruelle, Quentin Meillassoux, Fernando Zalamea and Nick Land.
  • siglio
    siglio is an independent press in Los Angeles publishing uncommon books that live at the intersection of art and literature. We produce trade and limited editions, artist multiples, and small collections of ephemera.
  • Social Malpractice Publishing
    Social Malpractice Publishing is an artist-run label founded in 2009 by Sean Joseph Patrick Carney in Portland, OR.
  • Spector Books
    Spector Books is based in Leipzig, Germany. We began in 2001 as a magazine, “spector cut+paste”, and began publishing books in 2007. We believe our books should both be beautiful and relevant, and see potential in continuing to invest in the materiality, graphic design and format of books in the face of the Internet.
  • Sternberg
    ?Sternberg Press grew out of the small publishing house known as Lukas & Sternberg, founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider. Dedicated to an expanded notion of writing on art, Sternberg Press has created a formidable platform in which practitioners from the fields of art and culture (architecture, design, film, politics, literature and philosophy) can engage in a critical discourse. Each book is a special object celebrating creative publishing at its best. Through both commissioned and translated works, Sternberg Press seeks out the blind spots within contemporary discourse and offers a timely response to the related debates.
  • TBW Books
    TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company founded and run by Paul Schiek in Oakland, California. The company publishes book series featuring four artists as well as individual monographs. Artists published in the series include Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth, Marianne Mueller, Todd Hido, as well as others.
  • The THING Quarterly
    THE THING Quarterly is a periodical in the form of an object. It's like a Magazine except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and then published on a useful object. Past contributors to THE THING have included Miranda July, Allora & Calzadilla, Jonathan Lethem, Starlee Kine, Chris Johanson, James Franco, Dave Eggers, Mike Mills, and David Shrigley. Current and upcoming contributors include Tauba Auerbach, Ben Marcus, John Baldessari, and David Korty.
  • thingsthatfall
    thingsthatfall is an artists' collective dedicated to investigating the political economy of art, and celebrating the vital role that direct commerce plays in making contemporary art more pleasurable, more accessible, and more subversive.
  • Trolley Books
    Trolley Books is an independent publishing house in the UK. We publish books of a diverse range of subjects, told through photography, photojournalism, contemporary art and fiction.
  • TTC
    TTC Books is a Danish publishing house from Copenhagen, run by the artist group "Telefon Til Chefen" (TTC) Starting out making zines, TTC in 2006 established TTC Books and TTC Gallery as platforms to facilitate and exhibit artist and art projects related to their own fields of interest. TTC Books also publish TTC's own work in the form of artistbooks, handmade zines, catalogues, silkscreened posters ect.
  • Ugly Duckling Presse
    Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing concern whose mission is to produce artisanal and trade editions of new poetry, translation, experimental prose, performance texts, and books by artists. UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility.
  • Valiz
    Valiz is an independent international publisher on contemporary art, theory, critique, architecture, design, typography, and fashion. Valiz develops and produces critical, reflective books that attempt to explore the subject in a way that is fully in tune with it and to provide possible links with other disciplines.reflective, attractive books that attempt to explore the subject in a way that is fully in tune with it and to provide any possible links with other disciplines. Roughly speaking, the programme consists of two components: Books that are conceived and elaborated in close collaboration with artists, architects, photographers, designers and art institutes. Theory and texts on visual culture (art theory, architecture theory, reflection on everyday images, artists’ texts.
  • Visual Studies Workshop Press
    Visual Studies Workshop Press was founded by Joan Lyons in 1971. Since then, VSW has published around 500 artists' books and critical titles in photography, film and video, and artists' books. Each year VSW Press invites several artists to be residents and create a book for publication.
  • VUU
    VUU is an independent artist collective + publisher based in Brooklyn, New York, with an emphasis on photography.
  • Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
    Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam, NL) explores developments in contemporary art worldwide and presents this through exhibitions, publications and educational programs. This year's feature is WdW Review (eds. Adam Kleinman, Defne Ayas, Virginie Bobin, Amira Gad), our new online platform ( organized around several international Desks; a series of framed debates; critical essays, and speculative image readings.
  • Yale School of Architecture
    Yale School of Architecture (New Haven) presents 16,392 Images That Matter to Architecture, a presentation of work from the 2008–12 seminar “Books and Architecture” organized by Luke Bulman.
  • Yale University Press
    As one of the world's leading publishers of art and architecture books, Yale University Press has much to offer the general reader, scholar, collector, and student. Our publishing program includes beautiful exhibition catalogues issuing from the world's finest museums, important and diverse monographs, critical anthologies, catalogues raisonnés, and much more.
  • Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.
    Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is an independent cultural producer and publisher, operating for the past 16 years in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2004 we launched a new program focused on artist books and editions and recently collaborated with known local and international artist and artist group as: Sanja Ivekovic, Mladen Stilinovic, OHO, Temporary Services, Jasper Fabricious...Our artist book program is focused on education, presentation and new production of artist books and artist editions.


  • & amp ;
    The micro-press & amp ; archives and re-contextualizes fixed sets of cultural detritus—census data, abandoned paraphernalia, digital phlegm, etc.—into monthly pairings of print- and audio-zines.
  • 0_100
    0_100 focuses on contemporary photography. We tell small stories without the help of any words.
  • 4478ZINE
    4478zine publishes and promotes all printed matter by Erik van der Weijde. Publications range from zines to books and also include collaborations with other artists and publishers.
  • billy ocallaghan
    san francisco project-based artist self-publishing visual reports investigating some of the critical issues of our times (birds of america redacted, the gods sure are queer, owed to plants). & magical objects (rainbow accordions & introducing Hilary Pecis’ explosion(s)). & other zines (debut of hairlines/stupid hair). & notecards (with my mom).
  • Burnaway
    BURNAWAY is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing critical dialogue about the arts in Atlanta and the Southeast. BURNAWAY's mission is to champion these locations as vibrant creative communities through our online publication, annual print issue, critics residency program, and writing workshops. We're debuting our inaugural print issue, INTERIOR.
  • BUTT Magazine
    Since 2001, BUTT Magazine has been profiling the most interesting homosexual artists, musicians, designers, garbage men, construction workers, filmmakers and dj's from all around the world.
    CCOOLL is a California-based creative duo and part-time design studio focusing on collaborative projects and publications with a community of mysterious connections.
  • Christopher Kardambikis
    Christopher Kardambikis is exploring a science fiction mythology through drawings, prints and artist books. He has co-founded two artist book projects: Encyclopedia Destructica in Pittsburch and Gravity and Trajectory in Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles.
  • Cinders
    Cinders is a project-based, nomadic non-profit art gallery from Brooklyn, NY. Since its inception in 2004, Cinders has curated countless exhibitions and has carried a carefully selected group of handmade zines and artist books in addition to publishing books and prints under their own Cinders Press Imprint.
  • Colour Code
    Colour Code is an independant publisher and printing service based in Toronto, ON Canada. We specialize in the use of a Risograph Stencil Duplicator and Screenprinting to create artist books, comics, zines and other printed matter.
    COMBO is a mexican fanzine which was born in 2011. It’s made with a strong emphasis on the serendipity of its creative process.
  • Daily Life Storage
  • Dale Wittig
    Dale Wittig has been publishing Artist Books under his own and various fictitious names for the last quarter of a century. These works often deal with sex and politics and the politics of sex. He has worked with various artist groups, primarily with Cheap Art and the Small Free Inn.
  • Darin Klein & Friends
    Darin Klein & Friends present collaboratively produced, handmade, handsome book projects for your perusal and pleasure. 23 all-new artists' books are gathered in Box of Books, Vol. VI (edition of 150). KTCHN Cookbook is multi-format publication pack made in conjunction with Ryan Heffington's recent KTCHN performance in Los Angeles (edition of 200). Multiple issues of 21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves each include approximately 50 participants who sent in 100 copies of their own texts and images (editions of 100 ea.).
  • Desert Island
    Desert Island is a bookstore and publisher in Brooklyn focused on illustrated books. Through our imprint we have published books by Kate Beaton, Heather Benjamin, Tony Millionaire, and many others. We also produce a free quarterly newsprint comics anthology called Smoke Signal, which is widely available in the New York area (and through our website).
  • Dirty Looks NYC
    Dirty Looks NYC is a platform for queer experimental film and video based in New York City. In addition to staging regular screenings, Dirty Looks contributes to the publication and dissemination of scholarly work addressing issues of queer representation, historiography and moving image culture.
  • Edie Fake
    Edie Fake is an artist and zine-maker living in Chicago.
  • Empty Purse
  • Family Friend
    A person whom your parents know, from that job they had back in the day, whom they've never been able to shake off. This person continually reappears at social gatherings involving other family friends, who all seem to just orbit the periphery of your parents' lives for years and years.
  • Fantasy Camp
    Fantasy Camp is a Canadian independent publisher of artist books, zines and limited edition prints. Committed to producing and distributing compelling printed matter that serves as both art objects and publications dedicated to contemporary illustration.
    FAQNP's A Queer Nerd Publication is a magazine about and for queer nerds, who feel outside the mainstreaming of queer culture.
  • FIST
    FIST is an advocate for positive social and cultural, individual and group empowerment. FIST works with book design, photography, dance—movement, sculpture and technology. FIST is 100% independently operated by founder, artist, graphic designer, photographer, dancer and publisher — Way Wza (b. 1986).
  • Fluens Forlag
    Fluens Forlag is a publisher of artist books and catalogues based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1994 by artist Jasper Sebastian Stuerup, "the fly's publishing company" continues to publish the work of Stürup as well as occasional collaborations with other artists.
  • Gary Kachadourian
    I make scale pencil drawings of objects that are then used for Xeroxed and laser printed books and posters. The posters are life-sized reproductions of the objects that are folded and sold at prices according to their size.
  • Gigantic
    Founded in 2008, Gigantic is a Brooklyn-based magazine of short prose, art, and interviews. Featuring unique formats for every issue, Gigantic is an annual periodical that is also a coherent object: thematic, artful, surprising, as well as highly affordable, costing between three and eight dollars an issue.
  • Girls Like Us
    GIRLS LIKE US is an independent journal turning the spotlight on an international expanding community of women from all genders within arts, culture and activism. Through personal stories, essays and vanguard visuals GIRLS LIKE US unfolds feminist legacies in arts and writing. Mixing politics with pleasure, the magazine is mapping new routes towards a feminist, post-gender future.
  • Golden Spike Press
    Golden Spike Press is a collaborative publishing project founded and operated in Los Angeles, California. We make small-run artists' books and multiples, largely produced with digital duplicators.
  • Goodbye Ranch
    Goodbye Ranch is the D.I.Y. publishing label of photographer Michael Max McLeod.
  • Goteblud
    Goteblud is a dealer of vintage fanzines and underground magazines, and publishers of Wuvable Oaf comic series.
  • Gypsé Eyes
    Gypsé Eyes is a publication that explores love and sex through art, design, photography and writing. Published in limited runs, with and an emphasis on theme, design and curation we strive to make each issue a unique printed object.
  • Hamburger Eyes
    Hamburger Eyes started as a small zine in 2001 and has evolved into publishing zines, magazines, and books showcasing the work of photographers worldwide.
  • Hannah Mandel
    Hannah Mandel is an artist and writer, making publications in New york about the limitations and nuances of language, memorialization, and imagery.
  • Hassan Rahim
    Hassan Rahim presents a showcase of recent publications by his artist book imprint Shabazz Projects and publications of various friends and collaborators
  • Heather Benjamin
    Heather Benjamin is a Brooklyn-based artist. She has been self-publishing numerous zines and publications of her own work for years, and has had her first two paperback collections of work published by outside publishers in the past year, entitled "Sad Sex" and "Exorcise Book". She is currently working on producing a new body of work for a few upcoming exhibitions, including her solo debut in Brooklyn this Fall, as well as several new book projects for various publishers.
  • Heaven's Favorite Man + Wizard Skull
    We create zines and comics in many different styles that are all at once disgusting, sexy, heartbreaking, and enlightening. We believe that the accessibility and affordability of small press art books is essential in the de-alienation of the average person and their acceptance of art in general. We will have a wide selection of zines covering everything from beasts reflecting upon their existence in bathroom mirrors to sexualized fast food icons.
  • Horses Think Press
    Horses Think Press is a Brooklyn based publisher founded by Ofer Wolberger in 2010. The press works directly with artists to create high quality books, multiples and editions that expand the field of image and object making. Forthcoming titles include Forest Hills by Bill Sullivan and Justin James Reed's second HTP publication, Mystic Places.
  • IIIII Columns
    IIIII Columns is a framework to develop & proliferate expanded notions of architectural thought & practice. It is about going beyond contemporary venerations of novelty & power, examining architecture & architecture making as an element of our wider collective and political lives.
  • Instigator
    Instigator produces zines, editions and objects. Influenced by Dada, Pop and the New York Post, Instigator wants to urge, start, ignite, advocate and goad the viewer to stop, drop and laugh. Operated by Paul Weston.
  • Issue Press
    Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • j. morrison
    Brooklyn based artist's new screenprints, multiples and ephemera.
  • James Prez
    Back East Press / James Prez making books, one page at a time since 1987 (in Brooklyn) (since 1988 200 book works completed). LOW BUDGET / HIGH END (sort of) books.
  • Journal of Aesthetics and Protest / Sound & Language Distribution
    The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest was founded around 2000 in Los Angeles as a collaborative, interdisciplinary, activist art and media project. The Journal publishes the eponymous periodical as well as books, organizes exhibitions and events. Since moving to Germany in 2009, the Journal and JOAAP press have been distributed in North America by Sound and Language Distribution, an online bookstore and distribution for printed matter and recordings, owned and operated by Alexis Bhagat, and based in Richard Kostelanetz's Wordship II.
  • K48 / Scott Hug
    K48 (Scott Hug, editor/publisher) and other miscellaneous artist's books (by Scott Hug).
  • Kingsboro Press
    The Kingsboro Press runs out of New York and Los Angeles, and is helmed by Daniel Wagner and Megan Plunkett. It focuses on raw art, theory, and literature. It is non-thematic and publishes unique, self-produced records, books, tapes, and journals, and exhibits internationally.
  • Limited Time Only
    LIMITED TIME ONLY invites you to join them for the next installment of the popular "choose-your-own-adventure" book arts event hosted as part of the MoMA PS1 Book Fair September 20-22, 2013 in Long Island City, New York. In the fourth edition of this continued series, LTO invites another fabulous roster of New York artists and writers to contribute very limited edition printed materials, and attendees then curate their own magazine or booklet content, and B-Y-O-creative-vision. Paying homage to the histories of literature, art, book-art, found art, flea markets, and book fairs, MAD-LIB[rary] provides an alternative from the glossy, pre-packaged culture of mass media. LTO partner Feminist Press will also have a selection of graphic and artist books available for purchase.
  • Louis M. Schmidt
    Louis M Schmidt > makes drawings > installations > artist books > photographs > and has an upcoming show at Park Life in San Francisco <> he also > curates exhibitions > writes > reads books > travels > rides skateboards > lives life > in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Marc Bell / Amy Lockhart / Justin Gordon
    Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart and Justin Gordon present various booklets as well as animations and some original works and prints. Titles include: Dirty Dishes, Belly WotLeaflet, Trash Day, Cowabunga Schnauzer, Walk for Walk and much more. We will also feature the work of some surprise guests. Look for Rudy.
  • Martine Workman
    Martine Workman is a DC-based artist making books, drawings and animation. She has been participating in small press fairs across the country since 2004.
  • Miniature Garden
    Miniature Garden is a publishing project that focuses on collaboration.
  • New Observations
    The seminal periodical, started in the early 1980s art scene of downtown New York, is beginning its’ 3rd incarnation. New Observations has 128 back issues on the shelves at Printed Matter bookstore. Back in the hands of artists, the publication continues scouting guest editors and contributors covering today's viewpoints!
    NOWORK make anonymous, collaborative publications relating to New York City. We focus on photographic material taken or found in public space.
  • Packet Biweekly
    Packet is a biweekly publication printed in Brooklyn.
  • Paper Pusher
    Paper Pusher is the experimental Risograph print and design studio of Jp King. More than just a publishing house, it is a publication research lab, living classroom, and collaborative platform. Paper Pusher seeks to push the limits of format and our material relationships with paper-based objects.
    PAPER WORK NYC provides collectors of art with a legitimate voice. We offer inspiration in the world of rare zines and prints. We collaborate with independent artists to bring you the stuff that moves us. PAPER WORK NYC prides itself on openness and innovation from the Artist to the collector.
  • Pau Wau Publications
    Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing collective dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications of contemporary photography.
    PICPUS is a quarterly arts journal set up by Charles Asprey and Simon Grant in 2010. PICPUS is an eclectic celebration of art and artists, story-telling and pictures. We print on a sheet of A2, folded to A6. We choose to have no web presence.
  • PIN-UP
    Magazine for Architectural Entertainment.
  • Prairie Fortress
    Prairie Fortress is a publishing house based in the heart of America dedicated to the creation and distribution of works by artists including books, performances, 3D prints and multiples.
  • Public School Editions
    Public school is a non-profit publication founded in 2007, aiming to expose and preserve past and current cultural movements. Pax Israeliana is a Public School project aimed at cataloging forgotten minimalistic occurrences from the golden age of modern Israel. A time when modernist ideas were adopted by Israeli artists, architects, designers and musicians in an effort to be a branch of the global community in the middle east and portray Israel as a peace seeking country.
  • Rollo Press
    Rollo Press is a Zurich-based publishing house that was established by Urs Lehni in early 2008 and has published roughly 40 artists' books, editions and childrens' book ever since.
  • Scott Blake
    I make flipbooks.
  • Showpaper
    Showpaper is a nonprofit, volunteer-run newsprint publication that promotes upcoming all-ages music events in the Tri-State Area, encompassing the exploding underground and DIY show scene. In addition, each issue features full-color artwork, doubling as a fold-out poster, as well as an informational object. Showpaper will be roaming the fair putting on specials, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Stephen McClintock
    Riding the train, a older couple sits across from me. The man peeks under a seat, notices a bag. Picks it up and unwraps it. It was a machete. Looks at me holding it and says "this was ment for someone". Shop lifters Unite and Senior Prom. Dont Get Caught and a voyeuristic approach to sexual encounters.
  • Swill Children
    Swill Children is an umbrella encompassing many projects. In addition to facilitating a small press and record label, projects include _ Quarterly, an obsolescence-themed publication, and Paperweight, a collective website dedicated to hosting a critical dialogue on, and providing resources for, independent publishing.
  • Tomota Ikawa + Yunmi Nam
    Tomota Ikawa is a filmmaker and photographer, working in Tokyo and New York City, where he resides. Capturing candid moments of everyday daily life, his emphasis is focused on the youthful essence of today’s culture. His on the spot, instant approach of documenting life, portrays a subtle sense of humor. Yunmi Nam is a fashion designer and artisan, based in New York City. Inspired by indefinite natural images, her work captures spontaneous moments in life such as reflections of sunlight through water and casts of unshaped shadows. A collaboration of her photographs and mixtures of vintage materials are translated into her designs.
  • The Worst Magazine Ever
    “The Worst Magazine Ever” is a self-published art periodical of absurd and grotesque character, founded and run by artist Maryna Tomaszewska. Each issue has a different theme and format. Contributors to the magazine are Polish and international artists, critics, journalists. The magazine has been shown at art book fairs in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.