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    HUMOBOOKS is a Risograph print house based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Is a experimental platform where contemporary argentinian young artists can connect with the publishing universe examining different formats, creating a new way to link with the public.
  • Ministerio de Cultura de la República Argentina
    The Ministerio de Cultura de la República Argentina is in charge of cultural policies along the country, bringing access to culture for all society and reinforcing the work of Argentinean artists and cultural promoters. The Ministry will send original artist exemplars and limited books editions.
  • Poema 20
    Since 2003 I have run my antiquarian bookshop in downtown Buenos Aires. While diversified in subject scope, we have specialized in rare and collective photography books, mainly out-of-print and produced in Latin America. The publishing of The Latin American Photobook bibliography in 2011 placed a lot of collector interest in the books we offer. We have presented them in Paris Photo in 2012-2015 and would like to do a similar exercise at the NYABF. Our objective is to present a sample of mainly Argentine, Chilean, Brazilian and Mexican photobooks and prints, including some recent but hard to find.


  • Heavytime Books
    Artist books and multiples. Based in Melbourne Australia and New York, USA.
  • Knowledge Editions
    KNOWLEDGE EDITIONS is a Melbourne based publisher and design studio that works with local and international artists and designers to producing autonomous publications that explore the role of the archive by: cataloguing, collecting, documenting, and seriality.
    PAMBOOK is the publishing arm of Perks And Mini. True to the nature and concept of P.A.M. their catalog of books stems from a love of collaboration, creativity and discovery. Past titles have included Ari Marcopoulos, Tood James, Barry McGee, Albert Oehlen, Joseph Szabo and Nick Waplington and others. NYBF2017 will see the launch of their new book, an unseen archive of the shenanigans at William Burroughs’ Bunker in NY in the late 70’s early 80’s.
  • Perimeter Books
    Perimeter is a specialised bookstore, distribution house, publisher and platform for various programming and curatorial endeavours in Melbourne, Australia. At at NYABF, Perimeter will be showcasing books from its Perimeter Editions imprint.


  • Camera Austria International
    Published since 1980, the magazine Camera Austria International has assumed a unique and internationally acclaimed position in the realm of discourse on photography—as a medium and practice of contemporary art, but also as a cultural technique for producing visibilities and knowledge. Explorative questions—posited between aesthetic and social practice, between photography as document and discourse, between politics and imagery—figure in the contributions to the magazine, which has thus come to represent an extraordinary archive of contemporary photography.
  • Rural Ranga
    Sex, humor and satire are what artist Rural Ranga loves. Growing up in country Australia, he hustled his way to NYC to work at MoMA. His book "Wank Bank" is playful documentation of human behaviour and is now turned into a multi award winning interactive show which he tours globally.


  • Almine Rech Gallery
    The Shop at Almine Rech Gallery presents catalogues and editions in connection with the gallery's program, featuring a broad collection of new and rare books. By incorporating monographic and institutional publications alongside the gallery's own publications, The Shop forms an extensive resource on each of our artists. The Shop is based in Brussels, however, our catalogs and select items can also be found at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, London and New York. All of our catalogues are limited editions of maximum 1,000 copies each.
  • Art Paper Editions
    APE (Art Paper Editions) is an independent publishing platform. APE was founded in 2010 by Jurgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche and focusses on the book as an exhibition space. APE works with artists and institutions.
    GAGARIN is a new ground breaking periodical, entirely dedicated to artist’s writings (a/o Camille Henrot, Paul Chan, Paul McCarthy, Anri Sala, Alfredo Jaar, Matt Mullican, Richard Serra, Harmony Korine, Rosa Barba, Ascar Murillo & many others…). The complete GAGARIN oeuvre is now available in a limited edition “collection box” documenting the first decade(s) of this century.
  • Triangle Books
    Triangle Books is an independent publisher of artist books founded in 2013 and based in Brussels, Belgium. Our current books and limited editions include Harold Ancart, Jacques André, Saâdane Afif, Thomas Bayrle, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Sebastian Black, Aline Bouvy/John Gillis, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Robert Heinecken, Caitlin Keogh, Calvin Marcus, Eddie Martinez, Julien Meert, Sam Moyer, Marina Pinsky, Silvia Prada, Rob Pruitt and David de Tscharner & Benoît Platéus.


  • DesapÊ
    DesapÊ is very proud for the opportunity to show for the first time in New York City a rare collection of Brazilian concrete poetry books and some of the most important publications done by Noigandres magazine poets as such Augusto and Haroldo de Campos and Décio Pignatari. Also we will be showing emblematic works done by the visual artist Julio Plaza with Augusto de Campos, like Poemóbiles, Re-Duchamp and Caixa Preta which connect the concrete poems with the '70s and ‘80s art scene.
  • Galeria Jaqueline Martins
    At the fair, Galeria Jaqueline Martins will present never before seen works by Hudinilson Jr. – including xerox art, collages and books from the 70's/80's; others works by represented artists (3Nós3, Martha Araújo and Regina Vater), mail art from Mexican artist Ulisses Carrion; and rare first editions of artist books from the Arte Povera and Brazilian Concrete Poetry movements.
    Plana is the Brazilian Art Book Fair and this year we are planning to get together with portuguese publishers to organize an portuguese skpeakers selected books Brazil x Portugal.


  • Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe
    Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe is a Toronto based one woman operation consisting of collage, screenprinted wallpaper and installation, fine art prints, bookworks, posters and a growing collection of found oddities. She also works collaboratively with Eunice Luk, of Slow Editions.
  • Art Metropole
    Art Metropole is an internationally renowned artist-run centre that promotes the appreciation of artist-initiated publishing in any media, especially those formats predisposed to sharing and circulation. Art Metropole specializes in the contextualization and distribution of artist’s books, multiples, and related materials, including innovative formats and emergent technologies.
  • Bywater Bros. Editions
    Bywater Bros. Editions has been publishing contemporary artworks in limited and unlimited editions since 2000. Based outside of Toronto, Bywater Bros. actively works in collaboration with established and emerging artists to create original artworks for all levels of the collecting community.
  • Colour Code
    Colour Code is an independent print studio and publishing platform based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in high quality risograph printing, thermography and screenprinting to produce works on paper and fabric. We also publish and distribute short-run artist books, comics, posters and other printed matter.
  • Halifax INK
    Halifax INK is a consortium comprising the Anna Leonowens Gallery (NSCAD University), Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT), Dalhousie Art Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Saint Mary's University Art Gallery. Based in Nova Scotia, Halifax INK publishes scholarly texts, exhibition catalogues and artists' books.
  • HEX Editions
    HEX Editions is an ongoing multiple book project by Toronto based artist Flavio Trevisan. Each book has a distinct topic that contributes to the proposition of the entire set. The books contain drawings, found images and/or brief texts.
  • Perish Publishing
    A publishing venture based in Toronto, Canada with a focus on original works in book form and adventurous, quality printing. Publish or perish. Make books or die.


  • Ediciones Daga
    Independent publishing house started in Santiago Chile in 2010. Ediciones Daga releases books, magazines and projects from contemporary artists
  • Microeditorial Amistad
    We are a collaborative and feminist micropress from Latin America that wants to do great things with small formats. We seek to highlight the interaction of color in different techniques of printing and the use of paper as a way of communicating critical discourses of local contemporary culture. Small fanzines and economic postcards on food, walks and self-portraits; Essays on contemporary popular culture; Artist’s books; feminism; and poetry. Works with young Chileans artists from different disciplines reunited by the love for paper and the possibility of working with it as a flexible media.


  • Lik Ink
    Lik Ink is a Hong Kong based online store and archive that deals in artist books and artist editions with an emphasis on work originating in and around Asia. Lik Ink also regularly publishes interviews with book artists and/or related articles about artist editions, book art archives, stores and exhibitions.
  • Same Paper
    Same Paper is a Shanghai-based self-publishing studio, founded by photographer Xiaopeng Yuan and graphic designer Yijun Wang (Evan) in 2013. Since then, the studio has published 9 photobooks with several photographers and organized events & exhibitions revolved on photography and self publishing from time to time.


  • Lodret Vandret
    Lodret Vandret ({adj.} vertical, {adj.} horizontal) is a collaborative platform for independent publishing and exhibition making based between Copenhagen and Berlin. Collaboration is at the very core of our practice both when working with individual artists and on group projects. Our publications have been represented at NY and LA Art Book Fairs, Offprint Paris and London, exhibited at the MoMA Library and short listed for Aperture’s First Photobook Award. Several of our publications were shown at the 2013 ICP Triennial and as part of the 10×10 American Photobooks project. We host the One Thousand Books Art Book Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. An event conceived around the ambition to enable and cultivate community around independent and self publishing. Lodret Vandret was founded in 2010 by artists Flemming Ove Bech and Johan Rosenmunthe and operates not-for-profit.
  • V1 Gallery
    V1 Gallery was founded in 2002 as a platform for contemporary art in Copenhagen, Denmark. The gallery represents a select group of emerging and established artists and is committed to introducing art, in all media, to an international audience. V1 Gallery also publishes, books, zines, prints and various editions.


  • Lugemik
    Lugemik is a small independent publishing initiative in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2010 by graphic designer Indrek Sirkel and artist Anu Vahtra. Lugemik publishes books and other printed matter, working closely together with artists, writers, designers, printers in every step of the publishing process. In 2013 Lugemik opened a bookshop on the premises on Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM).


  • Almine Rech Gallery
    The Shop at Almine Rech Gallery presents catalogues and editions in connection with the gallery's program, featuring a broad collection of new and rare books. By incorporating monographic and institutional publications alongside the gallery's own publications, The Shop forms an extensive resource on each of our artists. The Shop is based in Brussels, however, our catalogs and select items can also be found at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, London and New York. All of our catalogues are limited editions of maximum 1,000 copies each.
  • Anarchive
    Anarchive is a French non profit organization which produces and publishes a series of hybrid books and digital archives on contemporary art. Each title, under the direction of the artist, is a monograph, at the same time a research and an artwork exploring new media such as DVD-Roms and now Augmented Reality combined with a book.
  • antoine lefebvre editions
    antoine lefebvre editions is the publishing structure and nom de plume of artist publisher Antoine Lefebvre. Lefebvre holds a Phd in Fine Arts from the Sorbonne in Paris where he teaches. He created La Bibliotheque Fantastique (2009-2014), a publishing structure for artists' books that was exhibited as an artwork in several countries. Lefebvre curates and publishes for a small number of emerging artists from around the world and contributes to make their work visible.
  • CLASSIC Paris
    CLASSIC is a label covering book publishing, art curation and consulting. Since 2010, we have published art books and curated several exhibitions connecting the creative scenes worldwide and bridging various environment such as art, design, music or fashion, one project after the other. And in 2016 we’ve opened a bookstore in Paris to give a window to the artists, brands & things with cross path with.
  • Études Books
    Études Books is an independent publisher founded in 2012 based in Paris, and a will to present a new photographic and artistic scene with each publication. Its choices are always the fruit of close collaborations between the artists and publishers. Études Books is a project of Études, a multidisciplinary brand which works as a collective in the fields of fashion, publishing and art.
  • Jean Boîte Éditions
    We publish books at a digital age. In the fields of arts, humanities and poetics. With international artists and authors. For a worldwide distribution.
  • Le Stampographer Sardon
    Le Stampographer Vincent Sardon is a Parisian artist who makes an entirely new kind of rubber stamp in his workshop near the Père Lachaise cemetery.
  • Lendroit Éditions
    Lendroit Éditions is an independent publishing nonprofit organisation. Founded and based in Rennes since 2013, it's run by publisher and artist Mathieu Renard. Our publishing program focuses on contemporary art, drawings and experimental prints: posters, books, silkscreens, dvd's, stickers and so on. Lendroit Éditions organizes each year various exhibitions and events in order to promote printmaking and artists's editions. Lendroit is also a resource center (which offers advices about printmaking to professional artists) and a library dedicated to artists's editions.
  • onestar press
    onestar press — strictly unedited by the publisher — is dedicated to the production of books, movies, and multiples by artists.
    Photography & Art books publisher, Poursuite publish 6-8 new titles a year, distributed by Antenne Books / London.
  • RVB Books
    RVB BOOK is a publishing house based in Paris. Books by Laurence Aëgerter, Olivier Cablat, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Maurice van Es, Marina Gadonneix, Noémie Goudal, Alexandre Guirkinger, Erik Kessels, Óscar Monzón, Thomas Mailaender, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine, Baptiste Ra- bichon, Augustin Rebetez, Lotte Reimann, Tomoko Sawada, Stéphanie Solinas, Penelope Umbrico, among Other
  • Sebastien GIRARD
    Sébastien Girard (b.1970) is an artist based in Toulouse, France.
  • Siam’s Guy Books
    Siam’s Guy Books is the publishing platform for all artist books, publications and special editions of French visual artist Tiane Doan na Champassak.
  • Th-ink Dept / Villa Arson
    Th-ink Dept. / Villa Arson is the experimental editorial design program headed by Susanna Shannon at La Villa Arson, the National School of Art in Nice, France. The students in the program put out "Pierre-Jo", a weekly publication, which is sold at Printed Matter, along with "Zelly", its web counterpart. During the Fair, the members of the Th-Ink program will be putting out an in situ daily publication. They also represent the Frac-Paca during the Rebel-Rebel fanzine festival which is hosted annually in Marseille, and during which they put out a daily publication.


    Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite was founded in 2011 by Manuel Raeder and Manuel Goller in Berlin, solely run by Studio Manuel Raeder since 2013. The small publishing house is specialized in high quality artist books that are conceived as an integral part of an art work or as the art work itself that, often, plays with the format of the book and reflects its medium. The books of Bom Dia are produced in close collaboration with a group of fellow artists, among others Henning Bohl, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Mariana Castillo Deball, Haegue Yang, Leonor Antunes, Abraham Cruzvillegas.
    Colorama is a risoprinting studio and publishing house based in Berlin - dedicated to the collaboration, the observation and the production. The publications feature the works of current comic-artists and an ongoing research about the means of cartography and storytelling.
  • Drittel Books
    Drittel Books is a Berlin-based, independent publisher of photography books. The name, German for 'one third', is inspired by our belief that no artwork can truly exist alone, and books need at least three elements: an artist, a publisher and a reader.
  • Gloria Glitzer
    Founded in 2007 Gloria Glitzer is a Berlin based small press run by the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke. Gloria Glitzer also runs the risograph printing and design studio, and hosts the »Herbarium Riso«, a library on riso printed artists’ books.
  • Joachim Schmid
    Joachim Schmid is a Berlin-based artist who has been working with found photographs and texts since the early 1980s. He published numerous artist's books. His work has been exhibited internationally and is included in numerous collections.
  • Michalis Pichler
    Conceptual bookworks located on both sides of the imaginary border between art and literature (with occasional political overtones). Published with Printed Matter, Inc (NY), Revolver (Frankfurt), cneai (Chatou), Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E (Ljubljana), Agra (Athens), Ed. Daviet-Thery (Paris), Lubok Verlag (Leipzig), “greatest hits” (Berlin) and others. Founder of, together with argobooks and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.
  • Motto Distribution
    Books, magazines, artists' publications and editions + events and exhibitions.
  • Outer Space Press
    Outer Space Press is an artist run book design and print studio found by printmaker Magdalena Wysocka and publisher Claudio Pfeifer, based in Berlin, Germany. Predominantly focused on Risography, we mix various printing techniques to produce unique artist publications, multiples and editions. “We are animals on a rock in space” — Steve Roggenbuck
  • PogoBooks
    PogoBooks is an independent publishing company focused on affordable limited edition art books, catalogues, editions and zines in small print runs. We believe in a future printed on paper, and conceive the printed artwork as a unique artform. PogoBooks is a platform, an archive and collective for contemporary arts and photography. The Berlin-based publishing-house was founded by Claudio Pfeifer in 2010.
  • Sergej Vutuc
    Since the mid 1990s Sergej Vutuc has been engaged in the punk and skateboarding community, creating zines as communication and expression medium of sharp and accessible way. Handmade with the question about the meaning of print in clashed with modern time and meaning of media, institutions and corporations in form of product and marketing. His publications float into new form, playfulness melting with his photography - process between chemical reactions, moments, scratching and other interferences, into never ending process.
  • Spector Books
    Spector’s publishing practice is settled squarely in the intersection of art, theory, and design. Based in Leipzig Germany, our publishing house explores the possibilities offered by an active exchange between all parties involved in the book production process: artists, authors, book designers, lithographers, printers and bookbinders. The book as medium is turned into a stage, a site of encounter for productive exchange. Finding innovative approaches to the medium today calls for a well considered interplay between the content, design, and materiality of a book.
  • Stefan Marx
    Zines and books, editions and original drawings.
  • Sternberg Press
    Sternberg Press grew out of the small publishing house known as Lukas & Sternberg, founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider. Dedicated to an expanded notion of writing on art, Sternberg Press has created a formidable platform in which practitioners from the fields of art and culture (architecture, design, film, politics, literature, and philosophy) can engage in a critical discourse. Each book is a special object celebrating creative publishing at its best. Through both commissioned and translated works, Sternberg Press seeks out the blind spots within contemporary discourse and offers a timely response to the related debates.
  • Supportico Lopez / Archivio Conz
    Since July 2017 Supportico Lopez represents Archivio Conz. Francesco Conz (1935 - 2010, Verona – Italy) was a publisher and a collector of neo-avantgardes: Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, Zaj, Lettrism, concrete poetry, sound poetry and Gorgona. Archivio Conz consists in original works from Conz’s personal collection and the precious multiples produced for the Edizioni Conz, from 1971 until 2010.
  • Texte zur Kunst
    Founded in Cologne in 1990 and based in Berlin since 2000, Texte zur Kunst features debate-shaping contributions by internationally renowned scholars, critics, and artists on contemporary art and cultural politics. Each issue of the quarterly journal is organized around a dedicated theme addressed by in depth essays (in German and English) and accompanied by selected reviews (original language).


  • OMMU
    OMMU is a bookstore & publisher based in Athens, Greece. We stock a range of rare and historic publications, posters, and objects. OMMU Headquarters is located in a newly renovated space from the fifties in uptown Athens.


  • REDFOXPRESS + Antic-Ham
    Francis Van Maele and Antic-Ham run Redfoxpress in Achill Island, Ireland since 2002. They make own artist’s books using all possible techniques: collage, photography, laserprinting, solvent transfer, monoprints, stencils, rubberstamping, drawing, frottages, found objects, ephemera.


  • Artport Tel Aviv
    Artport is a non-profit art organization fostering contemporary Israeli art. Through activities such as its leading visual art residency, exhibitions, workshops and Artport's Art Bookfair, among others, Artport advances the dialogue between art and society. Located in Tel Aviv, Artport was founded in 2012 by the Ted Arison Family Foundation.


  • BlisterZine
    blisterZine is an art project by NASTYNASTY©. It is a publishing project focused on art and photography, promoting artist's book in limited edition, hand numbered or totally handmade. It works also on commission for art galleries in Italy and abroad.
  • Cesura Publish
    CESURA PUBLISH is a publishing house established in 2010 by Cesura, a group of independent photographers. Only limited edition books and fanzines of the work produced by internal group-members come out of here; by self producing its own projects, Cesura promotes itself through photography projects, clinging to key principles which it's based on: independence, autonomy and whole control of the productive process.
  • Danilo Montanari Editore
    Danilo Montanari Editore in Ravenna (Italy), has been operating steadily since 1980, has published about 800 titles in the field of contemporary art. In addition to established authors (Alighiero Boetti, Maurizio Cattelan, Giulio Paolini, Sol Lewitt, Bill Viola, a.o.), the catalogue also includes new artists, such as Paolo Ventura, James Pfaff, Andrea Botto. In this edition of the fair we would like to present "Operation Olympiad" an artist book around the Olympic games in Tokyo, 1940 , that never happened. and a special project about Fluxus Movement and Joseph Beuys.
  • Edizioni Corraini
    Corraini Edizioni is a publishing workshop open to Italian and International artists, illustrators and designers: a sort of space where tailor-made books and projects see the light. Among them, Bruno Munari’s works stand out. The eclectic Italian artist and designer with whom Corraini set up a long lasting collaboration created a sort of workshop open to creativity and fantasy.
  • Kaleidoscope
    Founded in 2009 in Milan and distributed worldwide on a seasonal basis, KALEIDOSCOPE is an international art magazine defined by its curatorial and interdisciplinary attitude towards visual culture.
  • L’Artiere
    L’Artiere is an independent publishing house specialised in photography books characterised by the high quality of its products.
  • Mousse Publishing
    Mousse Publishing is an independent publishing house founded in 2006. Born as a spin-off of Mousse, the contemporary art magazine, Mousse Publishing makes books with artists, writers, public and private institutions, galleries, and other art and cultural initiatives. Our focus is on artist monographs and artist books. Mousse Publishing also releases online contents, printed ephemera, and editions.
  • NERO
    NERO is a publishing house and cultural agency working in the fields of arts, criticism, research, consultation and event production. Under both the publishing umbrella and in the field of cultural production, NERO operates as a multi-platform liaison between languages, formats and knowledge across fields – from visual arts to music, from art direction to theoretical reflection.
  • RawRaw
    RAWRAW edizioni is an editorial project run by Massimiliano Bomba, focused on contemporary culture. We design and print fanzine, art books and produced art object in limited edition. Since 2006 we have published more then forty titles, amongst collaborations and splits, trying as much as we can to keep our eyes fixed on what we consider to be contemporary. If I had to choose what represents us today, I would say that we are working by subtraction, focusing our decisions on solid and well structured editorial projects. 99{7f46af04fe633d153c96bd64cd6cd6e6aa683d7c22d8d81fafc1310556c1a444} of our production originates from the direct relation with the artist and his own work.
  • Rorhof
    Rorhof is a studio producing books, exhibitions and workshops around photography. We are based in an old farm in the city of Bolzano Bozen in the north of Italy. Our books are produced and printed in collaboration with Longo AG.
    Skinnerboox is a small independent publishing house established in February 2013 and based in Italy. Our focus is contemporary photography in its various forms. We love to work in close collaboration with photographers, designers, curators, and galleries.


  • Akio Nagasawa
    Akio Nagasawa is a Ginza Tokyo based gallery and publishing company. We have been introducing mainly photographers such as William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Eikoh Hosoe, Issei Suda, Toshio Shibata, and more. We have been receiving good feedback from various parts of the world about photobooks we have published.
  • Commune
    We “commune” have since closed our gallery in Tokyo in order to concentrate on publishing art zines and books from own label called “commune Press” and curating shows so as to stay true to out primary goal, introducing undiscovered and promising artists to as many people as possible all around the world. in 2016, we opened small store specialized to zines and art books in Tokyo.
  • edition.nord
    edition.nord is a publisher based in Niigata, the heavy snowfall area of Japan. One of the characteristics of products from edition.nord is the sophistication in the reproduction of photograph as object. Another is the free from of printed matter in the spirit of no constraint. In late years edition.nord has published some museum catalogues of Japanese well-known artists and artist book.
    GOLIGA publishes limited edition artist books by photographers. We produce and publish reference books about Japanese photography. Additionally, we produce photography-based events, performances, exhibitions, and symposia.
  • Hiroshi Takizawa
    Hiroshi Takizawa (b.1983) is a Japanese artist with a background in psychological studies. Often featuring stone, rock, and concrete as motifs, Takizawa combines techniques such as scanning and re-photographing to bring physical and contextual layers into his works. His recent works additionally focuses on transforming photographs into three-dimensional objects.
  • Komiyama Tokyo
    Since 1939, Komiyama Tokyo has succeeded to its tradition of selling varieties of vintage books and artworks in the town of Jimbocho, central Tokyo. Our store has focused particularly on vintage books of photography, Tokyo subculture, contemporary and urban art, as well as wide array of rare photo prints.
    PEPPER’S PROJECT has continued YOUNG ARTISTS 'BOOKS PROJECT from 2006.One of the program is JAPANESE YOUNG ARTISTS 'BOOKS FAIR. JAPANESE YOUNG ARTISTS' BOOKS FAIR was held every year March linked at 3~4 bookstores include Printed Matter from 2007 for 11 years in NY. Also we have participated in NY ART BOOK FAIR from 2012 to 2014 as Pepper’s Gallery,and 2014~2016 as PEPPER’S PROJECT. Most of books are handmaid works of Japanese young artists.
  • Slow Editions
    Slow Editions is an independent publisher working between Japan and Canada since 2014. Slow Editions is committed to collaborating with artists and printers to produce and distribute compelling artist books and multiples.
    Based in Tokyo and Kamakura, SUPER LABO is an independent publishing house working closely with artists to design and produce quality photobooks.
    XMAGAZINE is a DIY magazine for open design of bags. Through the magazine, we have workshops and bag sales to widen the joy of bag creation. EINSTEIN STUDIO is a group promoting and discovering talented Japanese photographers under the slogan, “introducing Japanese photographers to the world” through JAPAN PHOTO AWARD


  • Datz Press
    Datz Press is publisher of artist books specialized in photography. We run Datz Museum of Art and Magazine Gitz. Datz Press is based in Seoul, South Korea.


  • &editions
    ​&editions offers exclusive artists' limited edition prints, books and zines by established and emerging artists from Baltic region. It is a unique initiative in this region that supports artists and engages with local art institutions. So far, &editions have collaborated with Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, National Gallery of Art in Vilnius and kim? in Riga. By producing and promoting limited editions, &editions has a long-term goal to help the artists develop their work and reach new audiences across the world. At NYABF we will be presenting exclusive editions by Jonas Mekas, Deimantas Narkevicius, Egyboy and Julija Goyd among others.
  • Kaunas Photography Gallery
    Kaunas photography gallery/publishing house mostly represent Lithuanian photographers. During past two years as a publisher we participated at main photography book festivals and fairs in Europe. Monograph of Vitas Luckus got main Historical book award in Arles last year, and Vytautas V. Stanionis book ‘Photographs for documents’ among other important prizes got special mention in ParisPhoto and Aperture fondation book awards in 2014. 4-5 new publications coming this year will be presented in NY for the first time along other books published during past three years.
  • NoRoutine Books
    NoRoutine Books is an independent publishing initiative dedicated to designing and printing unique fine arts books. All publications are strictly limited to 99 copies (+ some AP) with some unique elements included. The post-printing processes are finalized in NoRoutine Books studio . NoRoutine Books was founded by two artists Vilma Samulionyte and Gytis Skudzinskas in the summer of 2014.


  • Gato Negro
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  • Boekie Woekie
    For 30 plus years Boekie Woekie has been a bookshop for publications by artists in the city centre of Amsterdam and a very small scale-publisher. Run by 3 artists, about 7000 books as well as audio and video works are offered. Most of them are self-published or small press products. The authors are not selected by their degree of fame. Boekie Woekie is open 7 days a week from 12 to 6 (and often longer). The frequently updated website lists the items for sale. At fairs, we show our own publications but usually take along also some (antiquarian) tidbits.
  • CaSco
    CasCo was founded in 1990 in Utrecht as a platform for experimental art. Since 1996, CasCo has developed a critical programme that explores art in its physical, social, and political environment. CasCo’s projects take the form of publications, discussions, workshops, or exhibitions. CasCo has also sporadically published its own magazine, CasCo Issues.
  • Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers
    Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers (DIABP) is a collective of small independent Dutch publishers specialized in art, photography and artist books. Members are: Bas Fontein (BASBOEK), Esther Krop (Alauda Publications), Jan Dirk van der Burg, Mémé Bartels (Sequence Publishers) and Louis Reith (Jordskred).
  • Elisabeth Tonnard
    Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet. She has published over forty books which often mash up found photography and literature. The works range in scale and method from a book that is completely invisible to a book that is a swimming pool. New books include 'The Death of the Poet', an impossible tale sampled from a range of literary biographies, 'The Plan', based on East German propaganda books from the 1980s, and 'An Empty Field', a transcript of President Trump’s address to employees of the CIA the day after his inauguration, served in twitterable bits.
  • Fw:Books
    Fw:Books is an independent publisher with a focus on photography and related topics. Photography is a unique medium; it doesn’t have a fixed way of revealing itself. It can be a screen, a c-print, a slide projection, or a book. We see the choice to make a book as a choice to make a new work. Fw:Books is based in Amsterdam (NL) and was founded in 2008 by Hans Gremmen.
  • Girls Like Us
    GIRLS LIKE US is a bi-annual independent journal turning the spotlight on international expanding community of women from all breeds and gender within arts, culture and activism. Through personal stories, essays and vanguard visuals GIRLS LIKE US unfolds feminist legacies in a playful radical way. Mixing politics with pleasure, the magazine is mapping new routes towards a post-gender future.
  • Idea Books
    Founded in 1976, Idea Books is a specialist wholesaler and distributor of books, exhibition catalogues, and DVDs on contemporary architecture, art, photography, design, fashion, and film. Our scope is international. We act as agents for publishers and institutions from many countries, and offer their books throughout the world.
  • Knust / Extrapool
    Knust in artist run organisation Extrapool is specialized in stencil printed matter since 1984, also known as Riso. The workspace is founded by and for artists and has it's history in the squat movement. We make posters, (maga)zines: A3 ( 50 colors) or A2. In commission, DIY (AGALAB) or within residencies
  • Onomatopee
    Producing discourse inspired experiential dialogue, Onomatopee is a DIY-attitude public gallery and publisher that, at its core, initiates transdisciplinary projects, while simultaneously contributing to coproductions and accepting commissions that stimulate visual forming in the experience economy. Onomatopee collaborates with progressive individuals and artist-run and institutional organisations. #criticaldesign #visualliteracy #culturalpolitics
  • Roma Publications
    Amsterdam based art publisher, founded in 1998 by graphic designer Roger Willems and artists Mark Manders and Marc Nagtzaam. It is used as a platform to produce and distribute autonomous publications made in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution, varying from house to house papers to exclusive books.
  • supersupersupersuper
    supersupersupersuper is a label, a distributor, a showcaser, a selector, an enabler (…) based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Valiz
    Valiz is an independent international publisher on contemporary art, theory, critique, design, typography and urban affairs. Our books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-economic questions. We publish these books out of our commitment to their content, to social issues and to the artists, designers and authors. Our programme consists of two components: - Theory and texts on art and culture - Books that are conceived and elaborated in close collaboration with artists, designers and art institutes Apart from publishing Valiz organizes cultural projects in which certain topics in contemporary art are investigated.
  • Werkplaats Typografie
    EXTRA! EXTRA! Werkplaats Typografie is in the basement launching a new paper company that produces and distributes a personified and self-described coated(er) paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life. WT Pap(i)er is now available for reading, feeling, turning, discussing, and (over)printing. The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), a part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a paper company and multifaceted anomaly (previously known and occasionally operating as a two-year graduate program in graphic design, as well as a (summer) school, studio, meeting place, (facsimile) library, bar, living room, cinema, publisher, distributor, buchmesse, perambulating bookshop, art institution, printer/copy-shop/bindery, nightclub, workshop, archive, office, garden, brewery, restaurant, gift shop, (phantom) radio station, secret society, band, qigong club, basketball team, and website) based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The program is centered on practical assignments and self-initiated projects with lectures, workshops, seminars, meetings and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and research.
  • Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
    As with our approach to exhibition making, Witte de With sustains a curatorial position devoted to the production of publications. These become archives of the activity of writers, artists, curators, and designers alike. Witte de With’s publications range from catalogues to artists’ books, editions, readers, and the online platform WdW Revie.


  • Fukt Magazine
    FUKT Magazine is dedicated wholly to contemporary drawing. Established in Norway in 1999 but later settled in Berlin, this international publication has been archiving exquisite collections of drawing based artwork. Featured with interviews, essays and put together in unrestricted layouts, this yearly periodical has become something to look forward to.
  • Kurt Johannessen
    Johannessen works within performance, artist’s books and installations since the early eighties. His work is minimalist, poetic and with humour. He is his own publisher and has produced more than 90 books. The books vary from just one sentence to short stories or just pictures. He has created 300 different performances, presented all over the world.
  • Multinational Enterprises
    Multinational Enterprises is based in Oslo, Norway and run by the artist and self-publisher Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson. His practice involves photography in the expanded field, curated projects and printed matter in no particular order. Since 2011 he has published a dozen artist’s books and editions.
  • Rogaland Kunstsenter
    Rogaland Kunstsenter is a regional center for contemporary arts and crafts located in Stavanger, on the west-coast of Norway. The Kunstsenter was founded in 1978 by two artist organizations, BKFR and NKVN-R. In addition to our gallery program we have a unique contemporary art library and an Independent Study Program that runs every summer. We will feature recent publications including Collective Good/Collaborative Efforts, co-edited by Geir Haraldseth and Michael Birchall, Positive Tension (Curating Kit) by Apparatus 22, and editions and posters by artists we have recently worked with. In addition we would present some rare publications by artists such as Yngve Holen.
  • Teknisk Industri
    Teknisk Industri is an independent publisher based in Oslo, Norway. Since the company’s conception as an art book publisher in 2008, Teknisk Industri has gained a reputation for publishing high quality art books, artists' books and photo books, working in close collaboration with artists and art institutions.
  • Torpedo Press
    Founded in 2005, Torpedo is a non-profit Bookshop and Publisher devoted to the promotion and production of artists' books, art theory and critical readers in contemporary art. Torpedo hosts and organize discursive activities, exhibitions and events related to book launches and the process of publishing.
  • Uten Tittel
    Uten Tittel/ Not Yet Titled Press, based in Norway, publishes museum catalouges, essays, and books taking its point of departure from the broader visual field. Working with institutions as the Munch Museum to individual artist, from the historic to the contemporary, Uten Tittel shows a broad spectrum of Norwegian art.


  • Dik Fagazine
    DIK Fagazine is the first and, so far, the only art magazine from Central and Eastern Europe concentrated on homosexuality and masculinity. It combines queer archival research with contemporary art contributions. Founded in 2005 by artist Karol Radziszewski.

    Puerto Rico

    EMBAJADA, founded in October 2015 by artist Christopher Rivera and Manuela Paz, is a project/gallery space located in San Juan PR, serving as a platform for the synthesis of international and Puerto Rican dialogue through exhibitions.


  • Russian Independent Selfpublished
    Russian Independent SelfPublished was founded in 2015 by Natalia Baluta, Alla Mirovskaya, Elena Kholkina to represent photobooks by independent Russian authors. Awareness of the photobook medium in Russia is low and RIS is involved in its development while participation in international festivals allows to get much broader exposure. RIS represents 15 authors, catalogue includes 50+ book titles, as an independent publisher RIS took part in many international festivals, including Offprint Paris, Vienna Photobook, Unseen Amsterdam, LA Art Book Fair, always with consistent interest from audience.


  • Look Back and Laugh
    Look Back and Laugh is a small publishing house based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The primary focus of LBAL is to publish our own work as well as work we respect and like.
  • Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.
    Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is independant non-profit cultural producer and publisher, operating for the past 17 years in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2004 we launch a new program focused on artist books and editions and recently collaborate with known local and international artist and artist groups as: Sanja Iveković, OHO Group, Mladen Stilinović, Temporary Services, Jasper Fabricious, Dan Perjovschi, Jenny Perlin, Tadej Pogačar, Dejan Habicht, Rone84 and many more. Artist book program is focused on education, presentation and new production of artist books and artist editions.


  • Libraryman
    Libraryman, established in 2008 by creative director Tony Cederteg, produces and publishes contemporary photo books and is based in Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden.


  • Boabooks
    Boabooks are high end, high quality, industrial and/or hand produced formats, which present a unique research process into the book form. Boabooks project develops as a new story, engaging with the artist’s personal expression of their understanding of printed matter and opening up dialogue between questions of content and form. Once created, each book takes on its own identity, referring the reader to countless disciplines, experiences, subjects and themes. Going beyond such postmodernist conceptions of the book format however, Boabooks exists as a distinctive diving board for critical thinking.
  • ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne)
    Enjoying international renown and featuring regularly among the world’s top ten universities of art and design, ECAL publishes about ten books every year through ECAL Editions or in collaboration with famous publishing houses such as JRP/Ringier, Lars Müller Publishers or RVB Books. Over the past year, ECAL has particularly strengthened its position in this field with the launch of its new Masters in Photography and in Type Design.
  • edition fink
    edition fink is an independent publishing house for contemporary art, founded by Georg Rutishauser in 1994 and based in Zürich, concentrating on producing artists’ books and art catalogues. What distinguishes edition fink is its close collaborations with the artists on the design and production of the publications.
  • Edition Patrick Frey
    Starting in 1986, Edition Patrick Frey has published more than 200 books until today. Collaborating closely with mainly Swiss but also international artists, the publishing house focuses on unique projects and produces books in small print runs. With an output of up to 25 books per year, the publisher focuses mainly on photography, art and projects dealing with everyday and popular culture.
  • Grilli Type
    Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry. We offer original retail and custom typefaces, high quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition. This tradition is reflected in the visual but also the technical standard of our fonts and our service.
  • Innen
    Innen is an independent publisher promoting Swiss and international contemporary artists, offering unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary trends. Founded by Aaron Fabian in 2006 in Budapest later in 2012 moved to Geneva, Switzerland.Innen has gradually gained prestige with its uniquely charming Zines and Books. In 2010 Innen launched Zug Magazine, a biannual collection of selected contemporary artworks.Zug proved to be a great bridge builder between Swiss and foreign artists, and continually widens its audience by raising attention to novelty trends. Innen appreciates artistic freedom above all, that’s why each publication is a momentary picture book of personal, subjective depictions of our culture.
  • Jungle Books
    Jungle Books is an independent publisher specializing in contemporary visual arts. It focuses on Swiss art and architecture as well as conveying knowledge about these subjects in Switzerland and internationally. The group aims to create new works in close cooperation with artists, designers, authors, and publishers.
  • Kodoji Press
    Kodoji Press is an independent art publishing project, founded in 2007 by designer Winfried Heininger. In close collaboration with a growing number of artists, writers, designers and institutions, Kodoji Press’ main objective is to offer non-commercial projects a communicative platform.
  • Nieves
    Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves’ focus is on publishing Artists’ Books and Zines.
  • Spheres Publication
    SPHERES is the creative documentation of a close collaboration between an artist and the editor, graphic designer Philippe Karrer. Each issue is dedicated to a young artist, exploring character, surroundings, everyday life, inspirations and ideas, using unconventional and innovative formats to create a visual approach and an understanding of the artist and his or her work. The focus lies on what is important to the artist at the time of the collaboration, hereby capturing a certain essence of the artist's work at that very moment. How the artist chooses to present things in the publication gives the reader an idea of his or her whole artistic sphere.


  • nos:books
    nos:books is an independent publisher founded by artist Son Ni in 2008 in Taipei. Hong Kong artist Chihoi has been a partner at nos:books since 2014. We strive to realize artists' ideas and concepts in unique book forms. Our books are limited edition works by artists from Taiwan and abroad. We also run an online store and attend book fairs.

    United Arab Emirates

  • Brownbook
    Brownbook is the essential guide to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa focusing on design, travel, and culture. Dedicated to exploring subjects across the entire region – from the music of Kuwaiti pearl divers to the Iranian diaspora of L.A. – the ten-year-old, bi-monthly magazine features photography, in-depth stories, and interviews.

    United Kingdom

  • Akina Books
    AKINA is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary and challenging photography, with a particular care for experimenting with editing, binding techniques, paper combinations and structures of visual narrative. AKINA produces photobooks in limited edition, often handmade, as objects to crease, love, collect.
  • Almine Rech Gallery
    The Shop at Almine Rech Gallery presents catalogues and editions in connection with the gallery's program, featuring a broad collection of new and rare books. By incorporating monographic and institutional publications alongside the gallery's own publications, The Shop forms an extensive resource on each of our artists. The Shop is based in Brussels, however, our catalogs and select items can also be found at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, London and New York. All of our catalogues are limited editions of maximum 1,000 copies each.
  • AMBruno
    AMBruno is a coalition of artists, each with their own diverse practices, brought together by a common interest in the medium of the book. Over the last eight years of activity participating artists have produced new work on a given theme to show at exhibitions or specialist fairs. As distinctive as the books are in structure, print technique and visual content, a formal and conceptual thread connects each of them.
  • Bemojake
    Bemojake publishes limited edition photography books by young and emerging artists. Our books are the result of an close collaboration between artist, designer and editor.
  • Brie Moreno
  • Bronze Age Editions
    Bronze Age Editions began as an international publishing platform in 2011, with the aim of realising exciting new projects from a younger generation of artists through means of collaboration.
  • Browns Editions
    Founded in 2005 by the British artist Jonathan Ellery, Browns Editions is an independent publisher specialising in photography, art and conceptual art books. In today’s world, as the pleasures of print are becoming harder to come by, Browns Editions offers a precious enclave of resistance.
  • Expanding the Field of Architectural Publishing
    EF—AP is an open platform for the dissemination and amplification of discourse on architectural publishing, its different meanings and implications. It aims to gather an array of practices and views of the discipline that push forward its boundaries and establish discussions with adjacent and transversal fields of practice.
  • Hato Press
    Hato Press is an independent printing and publishing house based in London. Established in 2009, Hato is thought of as an autonomous experimental space to encourage collaborators to develop ideas and facilitate both the production and distribution of new content.
  • Loose Joints
    Loose Joints is a a London based publisher and design studio dedicated to exploring progressive approaches to image making in book form. Founded by Lewis Chaplin & Sarah Piegay Espenon. our books are close collaborations on edit, sequence and design with artists, and range from hand-made fanzines to high-end hardcover monographs.
  • MACK
    Books with artists, writers and curators.
  • Marcus Campbell Art Books
    Bookshop in London. Rare books, out of print art reference artist books, posters, we build specialist art libraries. Located next to Tate Modern.
  • Mark Pawson
    I'm a self-confessed image junkie, photocopier fetishist, semi-retired International Postal Art Superstar and aficionado of accessible, affordable, low-tech hi-fi printing methods, my favourite toys/tools are rubberstamps, photocopiers and the Print Gocco. Since 1987 I've created a constant stream of artists books, postcards, badges, multiples and other essential ephemera, my books fit in somewhere between zines and artists books, they often focus on collections or ephemera and usually have hand-printed elements.
  • Mörel Books
    Mörel Books is a London-based independent publisher specializing in affordable limited edition art books and zines. Working with established artists alongside new and upcoming talents, our books are made in close collaboration with the artist, reducing the distance between the artist’s vision and that of the viewer. Many of our books can be purchased with limited edition prints.
  • Mrs Patersons Press
    Mrs Paterson’ Press is a dedicated space for disseminating the work of artists and writers who are preoccupied with a personal archeology, makers who are far from employing any mechanistic and empirical means of witnessing. It is our wish to embolden an approach to, and understanding of, a type of form or image, which can be directly deciphered from the raw material that rises from the unconscious. To investigate the customs and ceremonies involved in the prosaic acts of daily life, and identify the rituals and catalysts that surround indicative experiences and artistic production.
  • rope press
    Rope Press is an artist led risograph and digital printing and publishing press, based in Birmingham, UK. We are passionate about print and use our proceeds to fund our artist publishing programme to support artist around the world.
  • Sims Reed
    Sims Reed: Rare book dealer based in London specializing in major illustrated books of the twentieth century, livres d'artistes, artist books, contemporary books, ephemera, editions and prints.
  • Snöar Press
    Born on the cold north British tarmac but raised on the streets of London. Snöar Press is the street lights that guide you home, the bags under your eyes from too much of a good time, the coin super glued to the floor that you try to pick up. Snöar Press is for the ugly, the beautiful, the scumbags, those regrettable shags. Snöar Press is for those blue-eyed boys, those brown-eyed girls and those green-eyed monsters
  • SPBH Editions
    Self Publish, Be Happy is an organization dedicated to shaping contemporary photography and visual culture through publishing, online and offline events, and education programmes. Its publishing house SPBH Editions challenges the traditional boundaries of bookmaking to realize exceptional artist projects in the form of limited edition publications, multiples, artefacts, prints and posters.
  • Tenderbooks
    Tenderbooks is a bookshop space for artist publishing in London. The shop stages regular happenings and exhibitions focussing on the book work of a featured artist or press as well as rare avant garde material. Events to date have featured book works by AA Bronson and General Idea, Aktionsraum, Atelier E.B, Joseph Beuys, Chris Marker, Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace Library, Cady Noland and Stephen Willats. Tenderbooks frequently commissions publications and limited editions, working closely with artists to support experimental publishing.
    Punk publishing. DIY art books for the poor kids. Based in London but originally from the north of England where the weather is cold and grey and the people are warm and grey. Snöar makes books by the weirdos and the outsiders for the weirdos and the outsiders at prices everyone can afford. The Photocopy Club exhibitions feature photocopied/xerox photography from photographers around the world. what we are hoping to achieve with this project is to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back into the hands of the public.
  • The White Review
    The White Review is a London-based arts and literary journal, conceived as a platform for innovative voices in art and literature, and publishes essays, reportage, poetry, fiction, artwork, photography, and long transcribed interviews with artists and writers, both in print and online. The White Review is a registered charity.
  • Trolley Books
    Trolley Books is an independent publishing house in the UK. We publish books of a diverse range of subjects, told through photography, photojournalism, contemporary art and fiction.

United States


  • Adam Villacin
    Adam Villacin is a Los Angeles based artist who creates zines that collect his illustrations and studies of subcultural signifiers, presented in an often humorous and encyclopedic manner. Villacin creates work that explores various aesthetics ranging from his interests in the subcultural and organized sports to mythological archetypes.
  • Applesauce Industries
    A group of native Southern Californians, Applesauce Industries represents a broad range of the varied subcultures and scenes of Los Angeles and Orange counties. The group has created works ranging from photography, traditional paintings and illustrations to printmaking, Xerox art, zines and graffiti. Their broad range of mediums and styles provides something interesting for all.
  • Basement
    Basement is a San Francisco based art collective whose practice span drawing, painting, printmaking, bootlegging, drawing, and collage.
  • Cash Machine
    Cash Machine publishes short run artist monographs, zines, and newsprint publications. We also install pop ups and conceptual exhibitions in the front of our Los Angeles storefront space.
    CASSANDRA is a brand new publishing project by Taylor Doran, Kandis Williams, and Jordan Nassar, producing lo-fi activist and academic texts, flyers, posters, pamphlets and readers, in hopes of spreading ideas and sharing perspectives, promoting dialogue, and inspiring further and wider-spread political and social activism. Find us at @cassandra_press on instagram!
  • Coloured Publishing
    Coloured Publishing is an LA-based publisher of art books, zines, prints, and more, founded by artist Devin Troy Strother and designer Yuri Ogita. We make shit you wanna keep.
  • Colpa
    Colpa is a a publishing and design company based in San Francisco, California that specializes hand-made art books and limited edition prints.
  • Dale Wittig
    Beyond their ostensible subjects, these books are intended to disrupt the socioeconomic hierarchies of the Art World and its markets. Their themes reflect the Politics of Art and Sexuality, but deal with specific matters, ranging from Imperialist Programs of our Era to the Love one may find on the Internet.
  • Deadbeat Club
    Deadbeat Club is an independent publishing group dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications rooted in contemporary photography.
  • East of Borneo
    East of Borneo is an online magazine of contemporary art and its history as considered from Los Angeles. We also publish books.
  • Emma Kohlmann
    Emma Kohlmann, born in NYC, based in Western Massachusetts, mostly works in erotic and symbolic watercolor. Kohlmann will be exhibiting her newest zines, prints, tshirts, scarves and collaborations. Her latest newsprint zine, that doubles as wallpaper and a 200 page compilation of Zines from 2012-2015. In addition to sharing a table with the talented Heather Benjamin, she will include works of Alexis Gross,Gideon Jacobs, and more to be announced.
  • Fillip / New Documents
    New Documents is a Los Angeles based art book publisher. New books for 2017 include those by/about Maria Fusco, Ruth van Beek, and Bas Jan Ader. Fillip is a Vancouver-based arts publishing organization formed in 2004 to expand spaces for critical discussions on contemporary art.
  • Hamburger Eyes
    Hamburger Eyes is a publication dedicated to b/w photography. Based in California.
  • Hesse Press
    A Los Angeles-based publishing house founded by artists Clare Kelly and John Wiese, Hesse Press focuses on making LA’s rich art scene accessible through a series of artist monographs published each fall and spring season. Hesse Press grew out of conversations between Kelly and Wiese about the need for tangible financial and logistical support for artists in Los Angeles. The Press achieves its goal by providing partners with front-end financial support through a micro-granting system, as well as strategic and creative support for the design and publication of art books.
  • Jennifer Shear
    Jen Shear is a collage artist living in Northern California. She creates work that often reflects self-identity and cultural fragmentation.
  • Little Big Man Books
    Little Big Man is a Los Angeles based publishing house specializing in the creation of unique and strictly controlled editions of artist books and projects. From shorter experimental editions to fully formed publications, Little Big Man is dedicated to exploring the intersection where photography and contemporary art meet.
  • Modern Women
    Modern Women is the moniker of queer feminist artist Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. Modern Women has created feminist gear and apparel, spiritual workbooks, zines, and other duplicates, since 2007. Gottesdiener is committed to creating accessible, wearable and useful artworks, apparel, and books that celebrate and center queers, feminists, witches, and weirdos.
  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga is a shop in Los Angeles specializing in independently-produced artist books, music, design, artwork, and clothing. Since 2004 we have hosted many events, launches, concerts, and projects in our space such as the Reading Room at the Swiss Institute NYC, Nieves library exhibition, and Secondary Market with Art Since the Summer of '69. In 2009 we also created an online database of art book printers as a free resource to independent publishers, which can be accessed at:
  • Rand Paul
    Rand Paul is Rand Renfrow and Paul Windle, two artists that make zines, art books and prints, among other things.
  • RE/Search/ Search and Destroy
    In 1977 with $100 each from Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, V. Vale founded Search & Destroy (and then RE/Search, 1980), published at City Lights Bookstore. Vale continues dispersing countercultural ideas through books/zines/podcasts/personal appearances. New publications: Jello Biafra on Trump-ocalypse, "Punk" philosophy, J.G. Ballard zine, Bruce Conner interview book.
  • Silent Sound
    Silent Sound was started in late 2014 by artist Coley Brown in Los Angeles. It’s aim is to release experimental books and projects from contemporary artists and photographers from around the world.
  • Tan & Loose Press
    Tan & Loose Press is an independent publisher of limited edition artists prints and zines based in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on producing medium quality, Riso printed ephemera for the tasteless art collector.
  • TBW Books
    TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company founded by Paul Schiek in 2005. Based in Oakland CA, the company is run on a direct to customer model and is known for its annual Subscription Series, as well as its elaborately crafted and designed limited editions. TBW Books offers its customers a range of titles from artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Jim Goldberg, Mike Brodie and many others.
    The Ice Plant is a publisher of fine, illustrated books and other printed matter, with an emphasis on photography. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept, to design, to tangible object. Specializing in small print run artists’ books, we also produce the popular 5 Year Diary (in conjunction with Tamara Shopsin).
  • Tiny Splendor
    Tiny Splendor is a collective publishing press running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. It was founded on the idea of finding a way to share our friends' artwork, while satisfying our obsession with and love of ink on paper.
  • Unity Press
    Unity Press is a publishing collective of artists from Oakland, California. We primarily focus on limited edition zines, artist books, prints, cassette tapes and other analog forms of media. We strive to work with artists in the queer, POC, and DIY communities.
  • Vacancy Projects
    Founded in 2013 by artist & designer duo Kristofferson San Pablo & Mary Vu, Vacancy Projects is a Los Angeles based creative studio specializing in artist-made goods & services reflective of their love of art, humor, counter-culture & Southern California roots.
  • Visible Publications
    Visible Publications is the imprint of visual artist Matt Borruso. Producing books and prints. Based in San Francisco, CA.
  • X Artists’ Books
    Established in 2017, X Artists’ Books publishes high-quality, artist-centered books that fit within and between genres. Our books are artworks, portals to imagined worlds, treasured companions, the fabric of a community. We love the same things about them as we do about our friends: generosity, open-heartedness, intelligence, mystery, and style.


  • Extra Vitamins
    Extra Vitamins is the Denver-based multi-disciplinary design studio of Julia Belamarich and Kyle Warfield. They create experimental clothing, books, and exhibit work in the form of interactive installations, murals, and pop-up shops. Their work explores the inner kid, primitive expression, visual synchronicities, and the misuse of tools.


  • Draw Down Books
    Draw Down Books is a designer-run publishing platform based in New England, producing small and unique books with a focus on graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, and architecture.
  • Yale University Press
    As one of the world’s top publishers of art and architecture books, Yale University Press has much to offer the general reader, scholar, collector, and student. Our publishing program includes beautiful exhibition catalogues issuing from the world’s finest museums, important and diverse monographs, critical anthologies, catalogues raisonnés, and much more.


  • Half Letter Press / Temporary Services
    Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services (Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer). We have published booklets and books as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to us.
  • Lainey Waugh
    Lainey Waugh manipulates original, found, and conjured images into prints, zines and books. She is currently based in the Midwest.
  • Other Forms
    Other Forms is an ongoing research project into new aesthetic and material forms of experimentally militant communication. Other Forms is deliberately ad-hoc in its publishing program, mobilizing contexts of display and circulation from the academy to the art world to self-organized political spaces. In every publication, both self-initiated and commissioned, Other Forms investigates the implicit mutuality and asymmetries of aesthetics, media, and politics.
  • Samuel
  • Soberscove Press
    Soberscove Press seeks to make available art-related materials that fill a gap in the literature or are difficult to access. We also work with artists on the production of books that resonate with our growing list.
  • The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago
    The Renaissance Society is an independent, non-collecting museum that is committed to supporting ambitious artistic expression, frequently in the form of newly commissioned exhibitions. Publishing has long formed an essential part of our activity: documenting the relatively brief exhibitions, contextualizing artists’ presentations through scholarly essays, and disseminating them widely. Our available publications feature titles from the 1970s to the present, ranging from exhibition catalogues and monographs to artist books.


  • Brian Cassidy Bookseller
  • Press Press
    Press Press is an interdisciplinary publishing initiative based in Baltimore City. Press Press uses the form of publications (defined as any action which makes an object, situation or relationship public) to give form to works which would otherwise be inaccesible. At the NY Art Book Fair, Press Press will exhibit the remnants of our on-going public projects; publications produced by refugee youth in collaboration with Baltimore-based artists and activists; and our If I Ruled The World series, a publication based on the Nas classic, which gives insight into Baltimore's struggle for equity.
  • True Laurels
    True Laurels is a quarterly print magazine dedicated to highlighting Baltimore City's most captivating musical and visual artists while integrating that often-overlooked talent with coverage of national and international creatives.


  • MIT Press
    The MIT Press publishes books in contemporary art, architecture, photography, new media and cultural studies.
  • The Song Cave
    The Song Cave is dedicated to recovering a lost sensibility and creating a new one by publishing books of poetry, translations, art criticism, and making art prints and other related materials.


  • Issue Press
    Issue Press is an independent publisher and printer of artists books, print editions, and multiples based in Grand Rapids, MI.


  • Casey Deming
    Interdisciplinary artist whose work explores printmaking, publications, curation, sound art, and packaging design. For NYABF, Casey will debut new screen printed books with support from the McKnight Foundation, as well as risograph printed zines, small art prints, and textile-based work.

    New Jersey

  • bookdummypress
    An independent publishing company and a bookstore / project space that specializes in artist publications.
  • Christopher Clary
    Christopher Clary is an artist and author whose work explores language, communication, sexuality, and identity using poor media. His most recent book series FkN JPGs was published by Troll Thread.
  • Conveyor Editions
    Conveyor Arts is a production house and publishing imprint that specializes in small run editions of artists’ books, zines, and other printed matter related to photography. Under the imprint Conveyor Editions, we commission and publish several new projects annually that re-imagine the form and function of the contemporary photo book.
  • IIIII Columns
    IIIII Columns is framework to develop & distribute expanded notions of architectural thought & practice beyond venerations of novelty, order & power. It is about discourse, current course & collaboration, so say hello.
    Matt Crabe illustrates books of sex crazed Goddesses destroying many lives, and creating a few too.

    New York

  • For over 50 years, Artforum has remained the world's most influential art magazine, exploring contemporary visual culture by the best contributors of our times. Bookforum offers incisive reviews of the latest current affairs, fiction and art titles.
  • +KGP
    +KGP collaborates with artists to create limited edition publications and archival prints, focusing on contemporary photography and works on paper. As of 2017, we will focus all of our publications on current world issues including, but not limited to race, policy, social awareness, feminism, culture, and wealth.
  • 303inPrint
    303inPrint is pleased to announce the release of REVERSIBLE SURFACE, a new signed limited edition artist's book by Nick Mauss. 303inPrint publishes artist's books and other printed materials in collaboration with 303 Gallery artists.
  • 8 Ball Zines
    8 Ball Zines began as an independent art book fair in June 2012 at the Grand Billiard (R.I.P.) in Brooklyn. The fair, curated by Lele Saveri, now takes place twice a year (June and December) in New York City, relocating to a different billiard hall for every edition. Celebrating independent book publishers as well as self-publshed books on pool tables for one day, during which the fair is open and free to the public. The main table at the fair is the "drop-off" table, where anyone can bring their own self-made zines, posters, t-shirts, and patches to sell (and we sell them free of charge). For every edition of the fair, 8-Ball curates a set of zines together with a new publisher each time. Since April 2013, 8-Ball Crew started producing more books, zines, mix tapes, events, shops, zine libraries and the Newsstand, the first ever art-bookstore and project space existed in the underground system of NYC.
  • Aaron Krach
    Aaron Krach saves rocks from oblivion, bottles vodka, paints with frogs, and puts wheels on books. He worries about history, time, and dying before things get better.
  • ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative]
    ABC [Artistsʼ Books Cooperative] is an international group of artists seeking to create, engage, and communicate on issues concerning self-publishing. Group interactions are centered on book fairs, exhibitions, and our online forum, where we discuss all aspects of making and proliferating work.
  • Aidan Koch
    Aidan Koch is an artist primarily working with narrative structures through drawing, comics, writing, and objects. Much of her work has been released as full graphic novels and zines.
  • Anartist
    Anartist specializes in books on 20th century art, photography, architecture and design with an emphasis on the post 1945 avant-garde including: Artist Books, Conceptual Art, Pop, Minimalism, Fluxus, Performance, Video, Exhibition Catalogs, Journals and Ephemera. Collections wanted. Open by appointment only.
  • Andrew Roth / PPP Editions
  • Anthology Editions
    An independent Brooklyn-based book publisher, Anthology Editions uncovers and fashions cultural narratives as books, music collections, online experiences, and exhibitions. Stories of every caliber and color communicate and resonate within the new canon Anthology Editions seeks to establish.
  • Anthony Malone
    The For Everard zine series chronicles the 1977 fire at New York's Everard Baths, combining archival research with imagined narratives to re-focus attention to obscured histories. The series explores the media coverage of the subsequent investigation of the fire, and the lives of the nine men who perished. The zines bring together photographic images with primary news sources, as well as personal anecdotes collected from eyewitness testimonials. As 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the fire, the entire series of zines (2013-present) will be exhibited and two new titles will launched.
  • Aperture Foundation
    Aperture, a not-for-profit foundation, connects the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other — in print, in person, and online.
  • Arcangel Surfware
    Debuted in 2014, Arcangel Surfware is a publishing and information services company founded by fine artist Cory Arcangel.
  • Art Baby Girl
    Grace Miceli is an illustrator and curator. She runs the online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery and the clothing line Art Baby Girl.
  • ARTBOOK | D.A.P.
    ARTBOOK operates two permanent stores at MoMA PS1. The ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 bookstore features the city's deepest selection of art and theory titles; our international magazine store, located just inside the museum entrance, offers a wealth of hard-to-find periodicals.
  • Artforum / Bookforum
    For more than 50 years, Artforum has remained the world's leading contemporary art magazine. In addition to exploring contemporary art, Artforum covers fashion, film, photography, architecture, and more, lending a unique perspective to the broad range of today’s popular culture.A sister publication to Artforum, Bookforum reviews the best in fiction and critical current affairs, along with the arts; covering the breadth of the publishing industry.
  • Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare
    Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare, LLC is an independent dealer of books, manuscripts, archives and collections in all fields and genres, with particular emphasis on music and the visual arts, cultural movements, disruptive technologies and societies in conflict. Based in Brooklyn since September 2014, we welcome visitors by appointment.
  • Autonomedia
    Autonomedia is an autonomous zone for arts radicals in both old and new media. We publish books on radical media, politics and the arts that seek to transcend party lines, bottom lines and straight lines. We also maintain the Interactivist Info Exchange, an online forum for discourse and debate on themes relevant to the books we publish.
  • Badlands Unlimited
    Badlands Unlimited is a New York-based, artist-run independent publisher primarily publishing texts & works in collaboration with other artists. At NYABF,Badlands will premiere the first collection of writings by acclaimed painter Carroll Dunham alongside a special display recreating Badlands’ retail space in Chinatown, Y.P. 99¢ & Up.
  • Blum & Poe
    Founded in 1994, Blum & Poe represents an exhibition program with over forty international artists working in all media, presenting postwar and contemporary art manifested across generations, nationalities, race, and gender. Blum & Poe Press encompasses artists’ books, limited edition prints, and exhibition catalogues featuring original scholarship and formerly unpublished historical imagery.
  • BOMB Magazine
    BOMB is a quarterly print magazine, a daily online publication, and a digital archive of previously published content from 1981 onward. BOMB delivers the artist’s voice through in-depth interviews between artists working in all disciplines, which reveal their ideas, concerns, and creative processes, through carefully developed dialogue – now and for posterity.
  • Boo-Hooray
    Boo-Hooray is an exhibit space and publishing company dedicated to 20th/21st century counter-culture ephemera, photography, and book arts. We publish catalogues, books, artists' books, and LPs regularly, as well as arrange readings and performances. Our exhibits and publications stem from culturally significant archives that we excavate, organize, stabilize, and ultimately place with institutions. Boo-Hooray has placed collections with institutions such as Cornell University, Yale University, Columbia University, and Oxford University.
  • Books For All Press
    Books for All Press is a non-profit publisher working solely with artists with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities to publish artists' books.
  • Cakeboy Magazine
    Breeding ground for disruptive faggotry.
  • Capricious
    Capricious is a publisher in New York City.
    CASSANDRA is a brand new publishing project by Taylor Doran, Kandis Williams, and Jordan Nassar, producing lo-fi activist and academic texts, flyers, posters, pamphlets and readers, in hopes of spreading ideas and sharing perspectives, promoting dialogue, and inspiring further and wider-spread political and social activism. Find us at @cassandra_press on instagram!
  • Catalogue Library
    Catalogue Library is an independent publisher based between the UK and NYC. They publish work they believe in, in the forms of zines, magazines, books and apparel. Usually with a strong emphasis on aesthetic or humour. Work they publish is within the fields of design, photography, applied arts and illustration.
  • Center for Book Arts
    The Center for Book Arts promotes active explorations of both contemporary and traditional artistic practices related to the book as an art object through exhibitions, classes, public programming, literary presentations, opportunities for artists and writers, publications, and collecting. Founded in 1974, the Center was the first organization of its kind in the nation.
  • Center for Editions at Purchase College, SUNY
    The Center for Editions at Purchase College, SUNY, enables the creation of experimental publications and new print work/books by artists-in-residence, faculty, and students. Featured this year is The Archive Project, a recently produced collaborative project, as well as books by distinguished artists and designers Warren Lehrer, Cassandra Hooper, Matt Bollinger, Cynthia Lin, Hakan Topal, Janine Polak, among others. Additional collaborations include Nous avons Bon Goût, with Christian Gfeller and Anna Hellsgård, 70 Square Foot Living, with Gary Kachadourian and Let America be America Again, a tribute to woodcut master, Antonio Frasconi.
  • Cheim & Read
    Cheim & Read was founded in 1997 by John Cheim and Howard Read. The gallery is known for critical monographic exhibitions by artists such as Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, William Eggleston and Joan Mitchell. Cheim & Read’s publications complement our exhibition program and are designed by John Cheim.
  • Cinders Gallery
    Cinders is an artist-run non profit organization based in Brooklyn. Since 2004, Cinders has curated hundreds of exhibitions and have maintained a strong program of artist books and prints that focus on handmade, unique, and small editions.
  • Cody DeFranco
    Artist Living and Working in New York.
  • Common Satisfactory Standard
    Common Satisfactory Standard is a Risograph print and design studio in Brooklyn, New York. The aim of the studio is to facilitate those who are interested in printing and self publishing with a superb yet low-cost printing alternative. The studio additionally publishes books and occasionally hosts workshops.
  • Cooperative Editions
    Cooperative Editions is a name under which N. Weltyk offers friends, artists, and authors assistance in the conceptual development, graphic design, production, and publication of books and printed matter. Since its commencement at the end of 2013, Co-Ed has published roughly fifteen titles and participated in the realization of numerous others.
  • Dan Walsh
    A selection of books and prints handmade by the artist over the past five years
  • Dancing Foxes Press
    The Dancing Foxes are on a mission to develop publications driven by the singularity of their content in close collaboration with artists and writers.
  • Dashwood Books
    Dashwood Books is New York City’s only independent bookstore devoted entirely to photography.
  • David Zwirner Books
    David Zwirner Books was founded in 2014 as the stand-alone publishing house of David Zwirner, a contemporary art gallery with locations in New York and London. The imprint publishes exhibition catalogues, monographs, historical surveys, zines, and literary texts. This year, David Zwirner Books is proud to present Tell Me Something Good, a collection of sixty interviews with contemporary artists from the Brooklyn Rail. This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the legendary artist-run publication, whose interviews with artists have come to define the genre and shape contemporary discourse in New York City and abroad. Accompanied by portraits of the artists, drawn by the Rail’s founder, legendary critic and writer Phong Bui, this book is the definitive record of the Rail’s unique achievement. Our booth will showcase first copies of the book along with a selection of portraits.
  • Desert Island
    Desert Island imports comics and illustrated books from around the world through our retail store in Brooklyn. We also publish the free art tabloid Smoke Signal and organize the free annual Comic Arts Brooklyn festival, coming up on November 11th at the Pratt Institute with guests Chris Ware, Emil Ferris and Jules Feiffer.
  • Dia Art Foundation
    A nonprofit founded in 1974, Dia Art Foundati_on is committed to advancing, realizing, and preseJving the vision of artists. Dia fulfills its mission by commissioning single artist projects, organizing exhibitions, realizing site­specific installations, and collecting in-depth the work of a focused group of artists of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Diagonal Press
    Est. 2013 Tauba Auerbach Publications in open editions. Nothing signed or numbered.
  • EAI (Electronic Arts Intermix)
    Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is a New York-based nonprofit organization that fosters the creation, exhibition, distribution, and preservation of moving image art. An international resource for media art and artists, EAI holds a major collection of over 3,500 new and historical media artworks. EAI services include viewing access, educational initiatives, online resources, technical facilities, and public programs such as artists’ talks, screenings, and multi-media performances.
    Ediciones Popolet is an independent editorial based in Chile that seeks to promote books and objects that capture the new art scene of Santiago. This editorial project hopes to expand the traditional graphic language and thus set out to create new forms of diffusion that have an intimate relationship with the work of art itself. It's important that the editorial object must be a work of art on its own. Following that line, Popolet creates posters, books, vinyls, zines, boxes, t-shirts and other non-traditional formats
  • Endless Editions
    Endless Editions is a printing and publishing project devoted to producing material by & for artists.
  • Eric Elms / AndPress
  • Fire Island Artist Residency
  • Flat Fix
    Flat Fix is collaborative by nature, with a rotating cast of characters getting involved and making books and projects.
  • Franklin Furnace
    Franklin Furnace was founded in 1976 by artist Martha Wilson to champion ephemeral forms neglected by mainstream arts institutions. Franklin Furnace’s mission is to present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and advocate on behalf of avant-garde art, especially forms that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, their ephemeral nature, or politically unpopular content.
  • Frenemies
    In Frenemies 5: King Of Queens, artists Paul Shortt and Matthew Scott Gualco will compete in this five year anniversary to see who can sell more products during the fair but this year with a twist! The winner will pick the middle name of thier 3rd child born! Gualco’s works include That Lemonade book, Art Bae fanny packs and sooo more. Shortt will be selling a new book called How To Be Paul Shortt and 3 new artist sign editions.
  • Gagosian
    Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present FLASH FLASH FLASH, an exhibition as tattoo parlor. Devendra Banhart, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Douglas Gordon, Kim Gordon, Max Hooper Schneider, and Richard Wright have each created original flash art designs for the occasion. Fernando Lions and Gill Goldstein of Brooklyn's Flyrite Tattoo will be tattooing these specially commissioned designs inside the booth for the duration of the fair. The tattoos will be hand-numbered on the bodies of the purchasers, and once six people have a tattoo, the design will be retired forever. In addition to their permanence on patrons’ bodies, each original flash artwork has been produced as a limited print by Brooklyn master printer Deb Chaney in an edition of six. Brian Roettinger has designed a special-edition book and relics acknowledging the authenticity of each tattoo for the project. The tattoos, prints, and books will all be available for sale on-site at the fair.
  • Gratuitous Type
    Gratuitous Type is an occasional pamphlet of typographic smut. Celebrating the letter in all its forms, the magazine highlights exceptional contemporary design and art from around the world, offering a voyeuristic look into the practices of our favorite makers through interviews, studio visits, and exclusive artist projects.
  • Gregory R. Miller & Co.
    Gregory R. Miller & Co. publishes high quality books about contemporary art and artists.
  • Guerrilla Girls
    We're a bunch of anonymous females who take the names of dead women artists as pseudonyms and appear in public wearing gorilla masks. We have produced posters, stickers, books, printed projects, and actions that expose sexism and racism in politics, the art world, film and the culture at large. We use humor to convey information, provoke discussion, and show that feminists can be funny. We wear gorilla masks to focus on the issues rather than our personalities. Dubbing ourselves the conscience of culture, we declare ourselves feminist counterparts to the mostly male tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Batman, and the Lone Ranger.
  • Hardworking Goodlooking
    Since 2010, The Office of Culture and Design has functioned as a platform for artists, designers, writers and projects that investigate solutions for (primarily) developing world issues via The Philippines. In 2013, we opened Hardworking Goodlooking, a publishing arm and design studio, to consolidate the results of our experiments—and the experiments of others—in print and other formats.
  • Harper’s Books
    Harper’s Books is a rare book store and art gallery, with locations in East Hampton and Manhattan. We specialize in rare photography, art, and literary books, with particular emphasis on association copies, landmark items in exceptional condition, and unique examples of work personalized by artists and writers. In addition, we handle artist archives and other ephemeral material.
  • Hassla
    Hassla is a New York-based publishing project by artist David Schoerner; founded in 2007 with a focus on artists' books and catalogues.
    A table full of books meditating on dreams, drugs, death, woe, vice, poetry and the ever present tense.
  • Hole, The
    The Hole is a contemporary art gallery run by Kathy Grayson. Opened July of 2010, our 3800 sq. ft. storefront on the Bowery borders the Lower East Side and NoLIta neighborhoods of Manhattan. The Hole presents monthly solo and group exhibitions with a focus on emerging art and thematic group exhibitions. We represent more than fifteen artists from America and abroad, and have exhibited over 200 more. Often two exhibitions run simultaneously in our space while works by gallery artists are available in our rear showroom.
    Created by Brooklyn artist J. Morrison in 2010, HOMOCATS is a visual art project appropriating the modern popularity of the feline. We aim to fight phobias, propose equal rights, combat cultural stereotypes, challenge social norms, and resist Trump.
  • ICP / Bard MFA Program
    The ICP/Bard MPA is a two year graduate program that helps artists transform their lives and the art world and institutions around them. The diverse international student body creates challenging studio work, organizes conferences, curates shows, writes and creates publications, and works from archives.
  • Image Text Ithaca
    Image Text Ithaca publishes innovative works at the intersection of writing and photography. Launched in 2015, ITI Press will have published seven books and four poster editions by September 2017, including the Arles and Aperture award shortlisted Dark Archives by Andre Bradley. At the 2017 NYABF we will launch Blue Pool, by Emma Kemp with images by Jo Ann Walters and Malevolance by Christine Hume.
  • Interference Archive
  • Inventory Press
    Inventory Press publishes books on topics in art, architecture, design, and music, with an emphasis on subcultures, minor histories, and the sociopolitical aspects of material culture. New Titles include Museum of Capitalism, Midnight: The Tempest Essays by Molly Nesbit, and catalogs for artists Jiro Takamatsu, Mary Corse, and Shih Chieh Huang.
  • j. morrison
    Brooklyn based artist's new screenprints, multiples, and ephemera.
  • Jason Polan
    Books, editions, drawings and other things..
  • Jennifer Calandra
    Gender Queer erotic art with a focus on illustration, zine making, mask masking and sculpture.
  • Jo Rosenthal
  • Jonathan Campolo
    Jonathan Campolo is an artist living and working in Brooklyn.
    KARMA is a bookstore, gallery and publisher specializing in artists’ publications, located in the West Village of New York City. In addition to its own titles, KARMA stocks periodicals, artworks, artists’ editions, rare and out-of-print items and other in-print titles by noted publishers.
  • Kayrock Screenprinting
    We specialize in hand printed fine art editions, posters, cards, books, shirts, tote bags, graphic design, custom projects, micro registration and the metric system.
    Killer Acid is a maker of fine psychedelic ephemera and printed books.
  • Kingsboro Press
    The Kingsboro Press runs out of New York and Los Angeles, and is helmed by Daniel Wagner and Megan Plunkett. It focuses on raw art, theory, and literature. It is non-thematic and publishes unique, self-produced records, books, tapes, and journals, and exhibits internationally.
  • La Chamba Press
    La Chamba Press is an independent publishing collective based in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA. We are a creative family of different diasporas from Latin America to the Caribbean working in a variety of mediums, bringing forth our unique voices and cultural perspectives. Together we share our illustrations, designs, poetry, photography, music and more.
    LAZY MOM is a collaboration by New York-based artists Josie Keefe and Phyllis Ma focused on surreal and vibrant food photography. Releasing at the bookfair will be the second installment of a political postcard series called "Eat The Patriarchy" and a new zine.
  • Le Petit Versailles/Allied Productions, Inc.
    Allied is a not for profit multi purpose artist organization structured on collectivist values. Allied's most well known project is Le Petit Versailles, the Lower East Side community garden. The exhibition materials would include the premier of recent publications by associated artists such as Leslie Lowe, Lucia Minervini, Ethan Shoshan, and Kembra Pfahler; collectives and groups like QueerFist and DanceTube; LPV produced zines and related ephemera like Plots 1 &2; and small press, newsletters and ephemera produced under Allied's early sponsorship of ABC No Rio.
  • Library of the Printed Web
    Library of the Printed Web is a physical archive and publisher devoted to web-to-print artists’ books, zines and other printout matter.
  • Marian Goodman Gallery
    Marian Goodman Gallery was founded in 1977 in New York and has since expanded to include exhibition space in both Paris (1995) and London (2014). Goodman began publishing in 1965 as a founder of Multiples, Inc. and has since continued to produce important catalogues with international artists who are leaders of their generation.
    MASSIVE is a gay and queer manga inspired apparel and publishing house, specializing in fits for all body types, featuring artwork by gay Japanese comics artists.
  • Mast Books
    Mast Books is a bookstore specializing in used and rare 20th/21st century art, photography and design publications, alongside quality editions of post-WWII poetry and literature; with an emphasis on artists' books and ephemera relating to art, counterculture and the avant-garde.
  • Matt Leines & James Ulmer
    Matt Leines and James Ulmer are Brooklyn based artists working with a focus on painting and drawing. Leines has produced a steady flow of fine art to delight and confound viewers — drawings and paintings rich in color and detail — exploring the kaleidoscope of memory and outer zones of imagination. Ulmer's drawings harmonize the naivety associated with memories of childhood picture making with sophisticated compositional choices and mark making decisions. They will be presenting books, zines, assorted prints, t-shirts, and more.
  • Matthew Marks Gallery
    Matthew Marks Gallery has been publishing since 1991. In that time the gallery has released over ninety monographs, exhibition catalogues, and artist's books, all created in close collaboration with the artists and featuring contributions by critics and art historians including Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin Buchloh, and John Ashbery.
  • Mega Press
    MEGA PRESS is an evolving publishing platform dedicated to showcasing dynamic and unique content that looks towards the tides of the future while marinating the detritus of the past in the turbulence of our present moment.
  • Miniature Garden
    Miniature Garden is an independent publishing project that focuses on limited edition artist books.
  • Misaki Kawai
    New York-based Japanese artist Misaki Kawai creates playful books featuring drawings collected from her travels. Printed on colorful stock, the works incorporate 3D elements and decorative bindings including the liberal use of tassels and pom-poms. Childlike imagery and found objects are combined in whimsical collages that tell absurdist and endearing stories in a way all her own.
  • MoMA Library Council
    The Museum of Modern Art’s Library Council is a group of approximately one hundred members whose contributions benefit the historic and contemporary research collections in MoMA’s Library and Museum Archives. Acknowledged as one of the world’s most important scholarly resources, these collections are made available to an international community of scholars and readers in the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Center.
  • Mood NYC
    MOOD NYC produces skate hardware, apparel and accessories, collaborating with the very best in their respective industries – pulling from a carefully curated pool of artists and designers to push mediums and produce considered outcomes.
    NEWSPAPER is a 23x34" b&w no-word picture newspaper. It is a revival of Steve Lawrence's 'Newspaper' from 1969.
    NOAH LYON is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has been making zines and artist books for over two decades and has been a fixture at the NY Art Book Fair since its inception in 2006.
  • Open Projects Press
    Open Projects is a multifaceted platform that encompasses curatorial initiatives, an artist’s book imprint (Open Projects Press) and an exhibition artspace (ALPHA) in the Lower East Side NYC.
  • Oranbeg Press
    Oranbeg Press is an independent publisher based in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Oranbeg's books are a mixture of artist created zines, photobooks, online media, and collaborative works. Oranbeg Press will be releasing a new series of publications entitled "As of Late”. Each publication in this series features one photographer or writer showcasing in progress and recent work. Along with this, we plan to exhibit several zines and books from our catalog such as our Interleaves series and NET publications.
  • Paper Monument
    Paper Monument is a non-profit art press intent on presenting smart, serious writing that is accessible to a wide audience. Through our books and journal of contemporary art, we explore topics often overlooked by mainstream journalism. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Paper Monument is published by the n+1 Foundation and designed by Project Projects.
  • Pau Wau Publications
    Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing press dedicated to the production of limited edition books & zines of contemporary photography & art, founded in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY by photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath & designer Brian Paul Lamotte.
  • Pegacorn Press
    Pegacorn Press is a Brooklyn, New York, based feminist, queer, "total-art-freaker" publishing adventure run solely by artist Caroline Paquita. Formally started in 2011 after fifteen years of self publishing, Paquita uses Risograph stencil duplicators and silkscreening to create unique and affordable editions, most of which are collaborations with fellow artists. Most recently highlighted in the solo exhibition, Womanimal: Zine Art by Caroline Paquita, at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (USA), Pegacorn Press titles are distributed, collected, and exhibited worldwide.
    Peradam is a publishing group specializing in small-run artist books. Each book is designed and produced in collaboration with the artist.
  • Petzel
    Since 1993, Petzel Gallery has been committed to developing its program upon the scope, diversity, and ambitions of the internationally renowned artists that it represents. We are delighted to support these efforts through independent publishing and our partnerships with world-class bookmakers such as Walther König, Mousse, Ridinghouse, and JRP|Ringier.
  • Pioneer Works
    Publishing is a central part of Pioneer Works vision as a place for the creation, synthesis and discussion of art, science and education. Pioneer Works Press provides a creative platform for thinkers and artists, and functions as a tool for collecting, archiving and disseminating these discussions.
  • Point of Contact
    Point of Contact is a New York-based arts organization in residence at Syracuse University in which Central New York communities, state-wide and international institutions collaborate in a cross-disciplinary forum where artists, writers, scholars and students actively engage in the production of publications, art exhibitions and events to enrich our culture.
    Pre-Echo Press is an artist run press started by Matt Connors, publishing artist books, monographs, ephemera, as well as music and sound art on LP.
  • Primary Information
    Primary Information was founded in 2006 to publish affordable artists’ books and artists’ writings. The organization’s mission is two-fold: (1) to publish out-of-print books that remain vital to ongoing conversations around artistic practice and (2) to publish contemporary books by emerging, mid-career, and established artists.
  • Primitive Language
  • Princeton Architectural Press
    Princeton Architectural Press is a world leader in art, architecture, and design publishing. Featuring a backlist of over 1,000 titles, the company specializes in books that—in subject matter and design—defy easy categorization. With each new season’s offerings, Princeton Architectural Press continues to surprise, inspire, and inform those curious about the visual world.
  • Printed Matter, Inc.
    Printed Matter, Inc is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1976 by artists and art workers with the mission to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists' books and related publications. In addition to maintaining an inventory of 15,000 books which are sold on behalf of book artists and independent publishers, Printed Matter is a dynamic hub of services and activities offered in support of artists including: regular exhibitions, lectures and talks, book launches, publishing projects, as well as hosting the NY Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair.
  • Research and Destroy New York City
    A radical collective positioned at the intersection of zines and hating cops
  • RITA
    RITA will be exhibiting five different artist books, and an assortment of Risograph print editions.
    ROMAN NVMERALS was established in MMXV as an accessible platform for artists to publish high-quality, simple books, manufactured in the United States by Meridian Printing.
  • Scott Hug
    Scott Hug’s work explores surface and consumption, investigating our obsession with media and our current dependency on technology. He is the founder of K48 (2000–2010)—a multi-media collaborative artist-run publication
  • Sean Maung
    Photography based on realism and photojournalism. Photozines that depict urban culture and subcultures such as Barbershops, Peep Shows, Youth and much more. The photos are predominately centered in NY and LA.
  • Shana Sadeghi-Ray
    Shana Sadeghi-Ray is a Brooklyn based artist exploring the topic of worship through her renditions of the celebrity tabloid and the common prayer pamphlet.
  • siglio
    Siglio is an independent press in Los Angeles dedicated to publishing uncommon books that live at the intersection of art and literature. We produce trade and limited editions, artist multiples and small collections of ephemera. Artists and writers we publish include Joe Brainard, Sophie Calle, Karen Green Dorothy Iannone, Jess, Ray Johnson, Richard Kraft and Robert Seydel.
  • SIlent Face Projects
    Silent Face Projects is an artist run publishing collective based in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2014, Silent Face's focus is on publishing limited edition books, zines and other printed matter.
  • Slow Youth
    Slow Youth is curated by Anthony Cudahy and Ian Lewandowski, and focuses on publishing themed group zines as well as individual artist books.
  • Small Editions
    Small Editions has been playing with the associations surrounding small press artists books since 2012. An artists book production space and gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Small Editions collaborates through studio visits and conversations with artists to publish limited edition, contemporary artists books.
  • Small Press
    A playful independent publisher of artist’s books, works in translation and lost classics. Small Press makes object editions as penses betes, remembering old times. This winter comes a never before translated partial of Francis Picabia’s 1924 novel Caravansérail accompanied by both his published and unpublished covers for Litterature magazine.
  • Soft City Printing
    Soft City Printing is a risograph-based publishing imprint and printing press founded in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY. Soft City Printing publishes artist's books and prints by emerging artists, giving artists a platform to expand their practice and explore new interests.
  • Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
    Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects is a gallery on the Lower East Side.
  • STH Editions
    Limited and unlimited publications by S.T.H. contributors and comrades. Featuring: the debut of Michael Economy's "Pansy Beat" compilation, a limited edition album of Danny Fields' hustler Polaroid photos, and Slava Mogutin's latest book "Bros & Brosephines".
    Small editions by New York City-based artist + designer Stuart Matz.
  • S_U_N_
    S_U_N_ is a New York City based publisher featuring a range of books, prints and multiples with a focus on photography based works. S_U_N_ works directly with artists to create works that expand the field of images as printed objects in editions large and small.
    TARTARS is a press based in Brooklyn NY. Founded in 2012 by Ryan Foerster.
  • Teleidoscope
    We are an collective of archivists and donors to libraries and collections. A few times a year, we sell books and ephemera that are interesting but not placeable in institutions. Last year we set up a table across the street and did very well selling art books and vintage gay erotica.
  • The Brother In Elysium
    The Brother In Elysium is a publishing imprint run by the artist Jon Beacham. The press issues books, artist editions, multiples and ephemera, using the forms of letterpress printing, hand bookbinding, collage and color photography.
  • Tim Byers Art Books
    Antiquarian dealer of artist's books, exhibition catalogues, invitations, announcements, posters, and related printed ephemera; all major aspects of late 20th century art: COBRA, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Performance Art, Land Art, Fluxus etc...
  • TIS books
    TIS books publishes unique photobooks and occasional literature. At NYABF 2017, we debut "Township,” by Raymond Meeks, Tim Carpenter, Adrianna Ault, and Brad Zellar, as well as the recently-released "TIS02," with contributions from Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, and Carl Wooley. We’ll also have catalog titles by John Gossage, Justine Kurland with John Yau, and Steven B. Smith.
  • Triple Canopy
    TUNICA, is a receptacle of international culture based in New York, which acts as a membrane to capture and showcase various talents; combining disciplines, and haring through ideas and styles. Inspired by desire to assemble a publication that curates talent across a variety of medium and practices. Even issue of TUNICA is masterminded by different art directors, guest editors, and an influential team of creative minds who advocate a different approach to publishing constantly renewing TUNICA's form and content.
  • TXTbooks
    TXTbooks is an artist-run independent publishing initiative in Brooklyn, NY. Our goal is both to self-publish the works of the collective and to facilitate small-scale projects with outside artists who would otherwise not consider formally presenting their work in book form, if at all. Our publications function as means to express errant thoughts, one-off jokes, and artistic experiments. The results span multiple genres including Photography, Illustration, Typography, Painting, and Collage (to name a few) and are generally filtered through the formal lens of Risograph printing. TXTbooks is Nichole Shinn, Thomas Colligan, Robert Blair, and Kurt Woerpel (Since 2014).
  • Ugly Duckling Presse
    Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists.
  • Upon
    Upon is a zine publishing studio intrigued by daily subjects. Coming from graphic design background, with silkscreen/risograph printing techniques, Upon zines document the unfolding of curiosity, and celebrate random interesting stuff.
    Vasta is an international seller specializing in the body, the nude and the erotic arts. Focus for the fair will be artist’s books, periodicals, ephemera, sexpapers and vintage books circa 1960s~2000s all in our areas of specialty. We are pleased to announce the New York launch of Babelon a limited edition artist’s book by Grace Lang and Simon Vasta, published by Vasta Editions, LLC.
    Founded in 2012 by Adam Lindemann, VENUS operates galleries in Los Angeles and New York. Dedicated to mounting exhibitions of work by emerging and established artists, the gallery often publishes catalogues in conjunction with its program.
  • Victory Journal
    Victory is the journal of sport and culture. Established in 2010, Victory produces a biannual, large-format magazine, as well as books, special editions and films.
  • Visual AIDS
    Visual AIDS is the only contemporary arts organization fully committed to HIV prevention and AIDS awareness through producing visual art projects and publications, while assisting artists living with HIV/AIDS. We are committed to preserving and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS and the artistic contributions of the AIDS movement.
  • VUU
    VUU is a Brooklyn-based studio that focuses on publishing new photography.
  • White Columns
    Founded in 1970 as 112 Greene Street, White Columns remains New York's oldest alternative art space.
  • World War 3 Illustrated
    World War 3 Illustrated is a political comic book founded in 1980 in response to the rise of Ronald Reagan. WW3 predicted America’s drift toward Fascism, called attention to police brutality, and satirized the presidents bellicose war mongering. WW3 artists actively engaged in the struggle against gentrification through the Lower East Side Squatter’s Movement. WW3 also pioneered the technique of using comics to create detailed first hand accounts of contemporary political situations which is now referred to as “graphic journalism”. WW3 never stopped. The magazine continues to this day as an artist run collective, producing one issue a year. Last years issue focused on global warming and the election. Immediately on the election of Trump, the WW3 collective produced a special edition’ HOW TO FIGHT BACK! which was handed out free at the counter inaugural protests. In November WW3 will release their FIGHT FASCISM issue. The struggle continues.
  • Yossi Milo
    Yossi Milo Gallery specializes in photographs and works on paper. At the NY Art Book Fair, the gallery will feature advance copies of Alison Rossiter’s first monograph, Expired Paper (co-published with Radius Books), and present an installation of the artist’s cameraless photoworks.
  • Zucker Art Books
    Irving Zucker Art Books, established in 1939 by Irving Zucker in New York, is a specialist in rare books selling to collectors, museums, and libraries. Joined by his grandson Matthew in 2002 the business expanded to include published projects with contemporary artists (Louise Bourgeois, Doug and Mike Starn, Jenny Holzer, and more in progress), Fine Art, and Editions. Furthermore, Matthew is a well respected expert in the work of Dieter Roth. We maintain a revolving inventory of Contemporary Artist Books, Modern Livre d'Artiste, Design, Architecture, Natural History, Photography, and Prints and Editions.

    North Carolina

  • UDLI Editions
    UDLI Editions is a new small press publishing venture founded by Jason S. Wright. Focusing on zines, artists’ books, and clothing UDLI uses DIY techniques, such as risograph, xerox, and screen-printing as a platform to exhibit their own artwork as well as artists from around the world promoting community outreach and collaborative practices amongst a diverse network of creatives. The zines we create not only explore publishing as an artistic medium, they exhibit the work of emerging Southern artists, along with established global artists while building connections between the two.


  • Gary Kachadourian
    Gary Kachadourian makes visual copies of things he walks by, drives by, or lives with and uses them to make books, posters, and building sets.


  • Andrew Jeffrey Wright
    I am a founding and current member of Philadelphia's art collective Space 1026. I have been creating zines, art books and comics for 30 years. Many of my zines combine photocopying and screen printing. I recently have had my work featured in Kramer's Ergot volume 9, published by Fantagraphics Books. My publications have an emphasis on drawing and photography.
  • J&L Books
    J&L Books is a non-profit Atlanta/New York-based publisher of artists' books.
  • Paradigm Publishing
    Paradigm is an independent publishing house that collaborates with artists to create original, tangible objects. We are interested in creating books that form awareness, raise challenging questions, and explore ideas within an ever-changing global landscape.j
  • Stephen Grebinski
    Stephen’s work is the tangling of queer bodies, architecture, and the persistent baroque impulses of desire. Existing somewhere between documentary and performance, these efforts are driven by an impulse to reveal and test the fractured, hidden world beneath our intentions and experiences.
  • Ulises
    Ulises is a bookshop and curatorial platform dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications.

    Rhode Island

  • Heather Benjamin
    Heather Benjamin, originally from New Jersey, is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. She has been self-publishing zines and books of her drawings since 2008. Benjamin has also had several collections of her work released by independent publishers. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. At the NYABF, Benjamin will be showing recent prints, publications, and drawings.
    RAW MEAT is a publishing group that releases pieces by current emerging Queer artists from all around the world within print and product. The group would premier five new artists and pieces in September for the NYABF, along with the launch of the publishing company. The last issue of my zine HANK will also be ending and released through RAW MEAT, with a box set of the series being produced for the fair.

    South Carolina

  • Melinda Melmoth
    Photographer, Illustrator, and Textile Artist born and raised in Portland, OR. Melinda has self-published 28 zines of drawings and three zines of photographs. She currently lives in Charleston, SC.


  • Actual Source
    Store with interests in publishing, typography, furniture, art and exhibitions. We publish our own products/projects as well as sell other select art, design, photography, etc books.


  • Bread & Puppet Press
    Graphic images created by founder Peter Schumann- chiseled into masonite, printed and painted on cloth, and paper- have been an integral part of Bread & Puppet Theater since the early sixties. Our emphasis is on utilitarian art, for such vital activities as celebration, decoration, information, argumentation, rumination - and puppetry!


  • GenderFail Press
    GenderFail is a publishing and curatorial project focusing on the perspectives of queer and trans people and people of color. Started in the summer of 2015, GenderFail is a press out of the studio of Brett Erich Suemnicht. Suemnicht invites artists to produce an original publication to support the creation of non-normative content. GenderFail looks to create connections between artists, writers, poets, and activists, by creating a network of creative projects that flourish outside heteronormativity.
    An independent press founded by Justin James Reed in the spring of 2017 that focuses on small edition handmade photography books. The press works with emerging artists to realize individual creative projects in book form. The first project will be with Joshua Tree, CA based artist and traditional folk medicine practitioner Rachel Burgos.