Fake Rolex Air King


Fake Rolex air king on the list of most well-known Rolex watches of all time, a model that deserves a specific appreciation resulting from its iconic status and distinguished history. Rolex has created and nonetheless produces several well-known collections, however the Air-King is its longest constantly manufactured series. The explanation for this is pretty easy. With such a timeless design and style, precise time telling capabilities and durability it's no wonder that replica watches enthusiasts are so drawn to it.


Fake Rolex air king

I've to say, out of all the present fake Rolex lineup I like the fake Rolex air king the least. Rolex is identified for keeping precisely the same fundamental item lines with minor refinements more than time, so why the radical alter with the fake Rolex air king?

The Rolex Air-King replica, for many of its quite lengthy history, was the simplest, least high-priced Rolex, but additionally in some strategies the purist's Rolex. With no date, a one hundred m water resistant case, screw-down crown, and chronometer certification, it had each essential attribute that tends to make a Rolex, with no distractions.

Historically the model has had either plain indices, or numerals at 3, six and 9 with plain baton "datejust-style" hands.

Some parameters



Domed Bezel

Sapphire Crystal

Self Winding

Water resistance 100m/330ft

The Specifics

The first correct Air-King was introduced in 1945 with the 4925. The 4925 was the follow-on towards the 4365 series of "Air" models. For the international marketplace the progression was from the 4925/4365 (sub-seconds), 4499, 6552, 5500, 14000, 14000m, then ultimately the super cased 114200. In 1958, on the other hand, a separate line evolved independently for specific markets. These integrated the Air-King-Date and also the 550X models for the Commonwealth industry. At the exact same time the 5504 Explorer 35mm case was used for the Air-King as well. This reference getting the only 35mm Air-King to date. To create matters more complex, the 5500 case was used for both the Air-King and Explorer.

The 14000 series gave strategy to the 1142XX in 2007. This reference series was a full face lift for the AirKing. New concentric dials were added, the case became thicker at the lugs, as well as a brand new machined Oyster bracelet replaced the 78350. The engine turned bezel was retained but dropped only a couple of years later. A white gold fluted bezel became an option for the first time. Also, the 1142XX was the first Air-King to acquire COSC certification. These alterations took the Air-King line firmly in to the modern Rolex range just before most of the more renowned Rolex cousins for instance the.


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