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The new Longines Elegant elegant blue-faced watch combines modern design with a new and stylish touch, while still retaining the elegant and timeless elegance of Longines.

Buy Audi’s designated car for a trip to Germany, as well as the opportunity to experience the test drive Audi R8, lucky winners can enjoy the driving pleasure of the R8 in the Audi Neuburg driving experience center in Germany.

Supermaster Racing Master Observatory Chronograph (Wang Yangming press conference wear style)

The model Shen Zonglin wears the Blazers’ big three-handed watch and recommends a price of NT $800,000.

Alpine Principal Philippe Sinault, Tissot Global President Tim Burbo and Alpine CEO Bernard rolex oyster deepsea sea dweller replica panerai fake Olivier took a group photo. real vs fake rolex iwc gst perpetual calendar replica high quality cartier replica watches gmt replica rolex

Mr. Juan-Carlos Torres said that the 260-year-old Vacheron Constantin is not only the world’s oldest and never-disrupted watchmaker, but the history of Vacheron Constantin is also a microcosm of the history of the development of Geneva watches.

In 1952, the Olympics entered the era of electronic timing

In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship, this watch certainly has a high degree of precision. The moon phase function mentioned above enjoys the reputation of “Astronomical Moon” with a fine gear transmission system. It needs to be adjusted once every 122 years, which is quite accurate. With the Mississippi crocodile leather strap, large square scales, and the surface of the seamless line, the delicate stitching technique can be seen. With the polished half Maltese cross-shaped clasp, the brand image of Vacheron Constantin is constantly emphasized in any detail. .

The diving watch is to wear it to swim in the water, but it should be able to become a close partner when you are flying, and should not become a heavy burden. The all-titanium lightweight case makes you feel that you can’t feel it when you’re spending a lot of water.

Calatrava No. 7122 “Timeless White” “Timeless White” women’s watch, 18K white gold or rose gold case, 33 mm diameter, bezel set with 47, 0.47 carat diamond, white lacquered face plate, time , minute, small seconds, Caliber 215 PS hand movement, Patek Philippe imprint, waterproof 30 meters, white crocodile leather strap.

The dial uses the techniques of stained glass, filled and curved stained glass enamel, miniature painting and foil inlays, and is matched with mother-of-pearl and various diamonds and gemstones to set off the beauty of the butterfly. Other articles you might be interested in reading:

This watch is more than 9 o’clock in the evening, the clerk called me to help me buy it. Cai boss said. At that time, the watch store salesperson turned the other watch purchased by the customer into a 16610LV warranty. The date was fixed and could not be changed. He had to call Cai Lao before the war, hoping that he would be quite right. When Cai’s boss promised on the phone, and he promised, he would never regret it. In this way, this green water ghost can appear in front of the author and become one of the most wanted stories that Cai boss wants to share. The other thing he wants to talk about is the gold Rolex of the model 116718. But this time it was not because of the inter-departure, but the big day that accompanied me to celebrate half a hundred lives. Interestingly, the people who didn’t love Rolex at the time have become players to be invited to share, and the two treasures that they have come out are actually Rolex. I believe this is the preference for playing a watch to a certain extent.

Bold and interesting cross-border art creation, Swatch will never be tired! This summer, Swatch teamed up with the Rijksmuseum, a museum that loves to challenge innovation, to reinject some of the classic paintings of the town’s treasures into an endless stream of ideas, launching the [World Tour – Cross-Border Classic Series] : “The goddess beauty shoot”, “romantic ladybug”, “cloud wave” three limited edition models subtly blend the classic style into the new generation of playful play, wearing a wrist instantly become the popular king of this summer! fake rolex gmt ceramic replica patek philippe ref 39701w price replica patek philippe 5056 replica

with four sets of escapement and five sets of differential RD101 movement is an extraordinary creation of Roger Dubuis, which can be completed in one minute by the general tourbillon. Differential adjustment. This movement was launched in 2013. Although it is not a new work, this year Roger Dubuis uses a new material cobalt-chromium case and re-emerges the charm of this movement in a completely different style. The preparation of cobalt-chromium alloy is more difficult than the general alloy; firstly, the molten metal must be converted into powder by high-pressure steam by a vacuum induction melting rolex oyster deepsea sea dweller replica panerai fake gas spray device, and then mixed and filtered into a sealed can for “hot isostatic pressing”. After solidification, it is processed into a hot rolled rod, and then processed to fake reach the final specification and used. The benefit of this approach is that it increases the density of the metal and makes it stronger. The cobalt-chromium alloy itself is also 100% biocompatible, meaning that it does not cause an allergic reaction, and it is very suitable as a case for direct contact with the wrist.

Another precious and unique work (G0A40607), with a miniature enamel on the dial, is carved into the splendid scenery of Registan Square. The flying eagle whizzes past and displays the most famous technology. The unique enamel painter Anita Porchet traces the colored enamel on the gold-plated chassis filled with white enamel, and the raptor’s majestic posture is sealed in the dial with brick red enamel. Its meticulously portrayed works of art have been sublimated into more vivid colors after repeated fires, reflecting the technological achievements of the Piaget watchmakers. The watch is driven by the world’s slimmest rectangular tourbillon mechanical movement, and its frame reveals exquisite movement under the perspective window at 12 o’clock, and the glare is like the starlight of the night sky.

The P.2005 manual winding mechanical movement equipped with the Panerai patented tourbillon debuted in the P.2005/T position. The movement is hollowed out and equipped with a lower density titanium bridge and splint to replace the commonly used brass with twice the density, making the movement weight 35% lighter than the P.2005/S skeleton. The ultimate lightness of the watch comes from the bridge plate, the splint and the barrel. The watch has a hollow design. The watch does not have a traditional dial. Instead, the elements originally placed on the dial are directly connected to the movement, and the time scale and other parts are displayed. To the outer edge. Through the small seconds at 9 o’clock, it displays a small internal display tourbillon operation; another small dial at 3 o’clock shows the day and night indicated by the central second time zone (GMT) pointer . The watch is equipped with a power reserve of up to 6 days and is powered by three connected barrels.

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