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Snöar Press

  • 2018. Carlo Quispe exhibiting with World War 3 Illustrated in the Friendly Fire section of the NY Art Book Fair. Photo by Charlie Rubin
  • 2018. A History of Zines, curated by 8-Ball Community & Johan Kugelberg/Boo-Hooray, and presented by Printed Matter, Inc. Photo by Megan Mack.
  • 2018. Press Press in the MoMA PS1 Courtyard. Photo by Charlie Rubin.
  • 2018. Exhibitors Biel Books and unbag. Photo by Megan Mack.
  • 2018. Notebooks by Dan Asher, presented by Martos Gallery. Photo by Charlie Rubin.
  • 2018. Visitors at the Kayrock Screenprinting table. Photo by Megan Mack.
THE NY ART BOOK FAIR is generously supported by:


Sonel Breslav, Director of Fairs & Editions
Emmy Catedral, Fairs & Editions Coordinator
Hannah Myall, Fair Administrator
Kevin Devine, Head of Visitor Services
Lillian Wilkie, Head of Exhibitor Services
Nick Klein, Head of Installation
Garrick Gott, Designer

The NY Art Book Fair is organized by Printed Matter

For exhibitor and media inquiries, write to: